Welcome to Dark Dayz: VR Dawn, the first of six novels in the series.

This story is about being trapped in VR (virtual reality). If you die in game, you die in real life.
Now, I know this premise has been done before... With shows like Sword Art Online, and .Hack/Sign. But I didn't get the idea from those. When I was young I read a children's book with the same basic concept. However, I in no way intend to copy any of these stories.

Dark Dayz: VR Dawn, is a darker take, and has its own original characters, storylines, and situations.

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-Jake A. Strife


"Do not, repeat, do not plunge into the new virtual reality game, Dark Days." The female reporter stood in front of the Epic Possibilities Game Studio. "All one million players are being held hostage."

"Yeah, yeah." I leaned back in my gaming chair. "The game sold out in minutes; everyone was ecstatic to play the first immersive virtual reality MMORPG."

The reporter grimaced. "It was fun and games until a hacker known only as Z attacked the game's system. Players found themselves unable to log out, and there came a report of spiked difficulty; then communications ceased. One by one, players have died in real life. No one knows what is happening in the game, but it has taken the lives of thousands in just one week.

Today the president herself sent out a warning, "If you come into contact with Dark Days, and its VR headset, do not log into the game, or you will become trapped. The top cybersecurity experts are working non-stop to release the surviving players."

Although I didn't order it, I'd received the VR headset on launch day, addressed in my name. I decided it was a prize from a tournament. MMORPGs weren't my thing, so I didn't open it at first.

I picked up the box from my desk and tore off the tape. Inside, I found a copy of Dark Days along with the headset.

The reporter's voice droned. "Z has issued one demand; the top gamer in the world, whoever that may be, must complete the game. Only then will the nightmare end."

A grin crossed my face as I snapped the micro-game card out of its case and popped it into the side of the headset.

I turned to face my computer and looked at the email sitting on the screen. A letter to my girlfriend Michelle, explaining why I had to break up with her. I clicked send. The next email was for my mom, and grandma; I sent that one, too.

The news report replayed for the dozenth time. I was tired of hearing it, so I reached for the remote. The last words from the reporter; "One Million Players."

I kicked up the chair's leg rest and adjusted the headset. It was a snug fit. Within moments a black screen booted up with the simple login and password sections.

"Don't worry." I grinned. "I'm coming to save everyone, and mark my words, I will defeat Z."

It took only thoughts to enter a new username, Zycuh Hunpo, along with my typical password, SilentH21.

I stared hard at the login button. "One million and one."

With a mechanical click, I left my world behind, to which I might never return.