Prologue – Team Trinity

Azaroth District

The Azaroth District was one of six cities within the stronghold, Sentinel. It was filled with merchants trying to make a living and thieves trying to make a profit. Despite the danger that seemed to be lurking in this city, information was the number one attractor to people who needed to know what was going on.

A girl with a hood entered the food market area and went in front of a stand selling vegetables. She wasn't interested in any of the produce the merchant was selling, but instead, she was more attuned to the conversation she overheard between three guys. One guy wore a green shirt and had goggles on his head. He seemed to be a mechanic judging by the oil marks on his hands. The other two seemed a bit cleaner with one wearing a yellow t-shirt and the other wearing an orange with glasses on.

"Did you hear the news?" The guy with the goggles said.

"The news about what?" Replied the guy with glasses.

"About Strike Team Joker getting annihilated. I heard their bodies were found in some lake near Polyfair District."

"Really? I heard that they were chopped up and only their heads were discovered." Stated the last guy.

"That sounds a bit over the top, don't you think?"

"Yes, but it's what I heard."

The guy with the glasses wrapped his hands around himself and shivered, "Man that's brutal. To think that a strike team like Joker would get defeated."

The guy with goggles shook his head, "Those cultists don't play around."

"Damn savages."

The girl with the hood on, which covered her face and body continued to walk on. Her hands were balled into a fist after hearing what she heard about Team Joker. She couldn't grasp the thought of cultist, worshippers of the Divine whom humanity has been at war against for 75 years, savagely killing a strike team. Members of strike teams were stronger than average humans. These beings were nicknamed Soul Witches after being granted the gift to slay the minions of the Divine. As she continued her stride past the shopping area and into a park, she slowly lost her grip when she found the person she was looking for.

A man with a black trench coat stood tall waiting for her arrival. He leaned over a railing that prevented his fall into a stream. The girl stood beside him and he turned to her. "You're late."

"Something caught my attention."

He scratched his head, "Yeah well I got no information on Rye's whereabouts, but I did manage to get something worth your time."

She was a bit annoyed, but caved, "And that is?"

"There's been some word about a God causing mayhem around the Valkyrie area. It may or may not be your God, but I think it's worth looking into."

"Without knowing if it's Rye or not, I have no interest to act...but thank you for the information nonetheless."

The girl turned and began to take her leave. The guy quickly turned to her and grabbed her hand. She stopped and waited for him to speak.

"Aleyah...I sure hope you know what you're doing. Don't get yourself killed over revenge. It's a dark and lonely path."

He slowly released her hand expecting a response, but that is not what she gave him. Instead, she continued to walk on. The man gave out a sigh and continued to look at the stream he was gazing upon.

Sentinel Meet Room

A man walked down a hallway and made his way towards a meeting room where a couple of people awaited his arrival. The man had a brown cape with fur around the collar. He seemed to be in his mid 40s and had a goatee. He stopped by a door locked by a console. He entered the code to get in and the door opened. Entered Theon, the overseer of all Strike Teams. The door closed behind him as he made his way towards the table where both Vahlia and Cyn were waiting. They were meeting here to watch two matches between teams that applied to join Sentinel's Strike Force. On the screen in front of them said the names…

Paladin v. Octane
Trinity v. Delta

"Sorry I'm late; I was caught up with the recent event regarding Team Joker."

"So the rumors were true?" Cyn asked.

"Depends on what rumors you've heard Cyn."

Vahlia lifted her hand and they both turned her way. "No need to say anymore Theon. We were just about to start so you're fine."

He nodded, "Will Eiano not participate in this?"

"He's occupied at the moment." Cyn replied.

Theon chuckled and shook his head, "Not surprised. Alright then, let's get started. Who's up first?"

Cyn clicked a button and the screen changed to show an arena where the team would be fighting in. "Teams Paladin and Octane."

Trinity Locker Room

Meanwhile, two members of Team Trinity are waiting for their third teammate to arrive. Yuto, a boy with black hair and brown eyes wearing a gray and blue uniform, paces back and forth. While he is doing this, Aleyos, the other boy with brown hair and blue eyes wearing a similar uniform but with green instead of blue, watches him. Slowly, Aleyos began to grow annoyed and took a hold of Yuto's shoulder. "Pacing back and forth won't bring her here any sooner Yuto."

Yuto took Aleyos' hand off of his shoulder and took a seat. "I know, I just can't help it. She better not cost us the match."

"She won't."

Yuto looked up at Aleyos, "And how do you know? Twin intuition?"

"Something like that." He laughed. "Besides, we both know this is just as important to her as it is to us. Without her, we both probably wouldn't be here today."

Yuto gave out a sigh and looked down at his feet. "I hope you're right."

The screen in their locker room turned on and Aleyos turned to it. He saw both Team Paladin and Team Octane enter the arena.

"Hey look, the other bracket match is about to start."

Yuto stood and watched the match next to Aleyos.

Soul Witch Arena

The arena was symmetrical to benefit each team during the match. It also provided the audience to observe how well each member in a team fights alongside one another. In front of them was a barrier to protect them from an enemy's initial first attack. There were four rectangular blocks, two on the left and two on the right on each side that could easily be climbed for an upper advantage. Against the wall and pass the blocks were ramps connected by a bridge for an even higher view and above them were lamps that brightened up the room.

The members of Team Octane wore a uniform that was tan and each individual person had red, blue, or green with it. These three colors were used as an outline to distinguish between whose roles was what in each strike team. Team Paladin's uniform was orange with the three distinct colors for each person as well. They waited to hear the buzzer before beginning the match. Both teams were anxious to get this started. This match decided which team was best qualified to be a part of Sentinel's force of Soul Strike Teams.

Out of nowhere, the buzzer rang and each member from both teams shouted out their witch cry. The two with red in their uniform shouted, "Nova gate open" while the two with blue in their uniform cried, "Mythic gate open." The last two with green followed and yelled out, "Eclipse gate open." These shouts were the activation keys for their souls. Within each soul of these beings, a hidden power slept within them just waiting to be released. This hidden power was known as aura.

The Paladin leader, being the nova user, continued her shout and added the words Ember Soul. Her eclipse partner followed and shouted Armored Soul while the mythic partner said Cosmos Soul. Their uniforms changed and their clothing turned into something more suitable for the weapon they were now carrying. The outline of their bodies glowed the second color of their uniform indicating each person's aura class.

Team Octane's leader was an eclipse user with the Roaring Soul. The other two were the nova user with Berserk Soul and the mythic user with the Lunar Soul. They too wore different clothing and armor that suited well with their soul weapon.

After each team transformed fully, they finally started their match. After eight minutes, the match resulted in Team Paladin's victory. Both teams met in the middle of the arena and shook hands as a sign of respect and good attitude.

Trinity Locker Room

Both teams walked away and Yuto turned away from the screen. He buried his face in his hands with frustration. "Oh great, this is bad." Aleyos crossed his arms and nodded his head. "I don't know, I thought their match was pretty good."

In annoyance, he quickly turned to Aleyos and took him by the shoulder. He turned him around and Aleyos knew this wasn't a joking matter. "No, not that. Aleyah still isn't here. Where could she be?!"

A sound went off and both Yuto and Aleyos looked up. They were being summoned to their prep room along with the team they would have to fight against. Aleyos walked over to the door and entered and opened it. He turned back to Yuto who still seemed annoyed that Aleyah, their partner and team leader still wasn't there. "She'll make it Yuto." He carried on and although he was having trouble believing in that, Yuto followed.

Sentinel Meeting Room

As Vahlia, Cyn, and Theon gave their judgments on the match between Octane and Paladin, the door suddenly opened and walked in a soldier wearing a crest on left shoulder. It was of a knight in shining armor kneeling with a sword in front of the figure. A similar crest was on the shoulders of Vahlia, Cyn, and Theon as well. This was the crest of Sentinel that every member of its battalion must wear for it represented honor, courage, and the strength of humanity.

The soldier walked in and went straight toward Cyn. He whispered something in his ears which caught Theon's attention. Cyn's face was struck with worry. The soldier backed away and stood still awaiting his orders from Cyn.

"Well...that's a problem. You may go now."

The soldier bowed all while placing his right hand on his left arm where his crest was and putting his left arm behind his back. This was a respectful goodbye gesture for all common soldiers, not just in Sentinel, but in the other 3 strongholds as well. As the soldier took his leave, Theon questioned Cyn and asked him what was wrong.

"Apparently Team Trinity's is missing their nova user." Cyn replied.

"Cyn, pull up Trinity's file." Vahlia ordered.

Cyn walked over to a computer and accessed the file he had on Team Trinity. On the screen, Yuto, Aleyah, and Aleyos popped up in that order with their height, age, aura class, and other data that was necessary for them to join Sentinel. Vahlia focused on their nova user which was Aleyah, the girl who was running late.

Vahlia folded her hands together. "Aleyah Angelourus."

"What should we do?"

Cyn waited for a reply as did Theon. He was anxious to figure out Vahlia's decision, but also wondered what could be going through this person's head. Who would throw away their chance to be an official Soul Strike Team when they've made it this far? Was this Aleyah person worth counting on, not just as a strike leader, but also as a person to fight alongside with when it truly mattered.

She looked at Cyn, "Give her time. I believe she'll make it."

He nodded his head and switched the screen back to the arena. He went over to his spot at the table and waited with them for Aleyah's return so the match could start.

Arena Red Side Barracks

Once again, Yuto paced back and forth, but this time Aleyos wasn't phased. Instead, he was more worried about his performance in the arena. He went over in his head how things could go and if their plan worked smoothly as they discussed, they would have this match in the bag. However, his focus was suddenly cut short when Yuto punched the giant door they had to walk out of in the next 3 minutes.

"She's not going to make it." He repeated once again.

Aleyos took out a ring and placed it on his right ring finger. "Relax Yuto, she'll be here. Just get your head in the match."

Yuto stared at Aleyos as he gently slid the ring on his finger. "You brought it with you?"

Aleyos nodded, "Whenever I'm about to face something as big as this, I put it on for good luck."

"It was your mom's right?"

Aleyos' mood changed as he started to have memories of his mom's voice. "Yeah." He replied. Aleyos had no doubt in his mind that his sister would show up. He knew that out of the three of them, she wouldn't miss this for the world. This very moment was the kickstarter for her dream to one day kill the God that murdered their father and mother. With that in mind, he knew he would see Aleyah walking down the hall toward them and surprisingly, that is exactly what happened.

"Sorry I'm late!" Aleyah cried out. She stopped in front of Aleyos and Yuto. Her brown hair shined in the light and revealed her blue eyes that were lighter than Aleyos'. Yuto grabbed ahold of Aleyah's hands. "I'm so happy you're here!"

Aleyos began laughing and passed Aleyah a pair of gloves, "You're going to need this."

"Thanks." She took them and had put them on.

All three members of Team Trinity was prepared for this match and walked toward the door that led them to the arena. Aleyah tightened her gloves, "Are you both ready?"

"You bet." Yuto said with an eager look on his face.

"Let's do this." Aleyos replied.

The door opened and a bright white light shined on their face. They took their first steps into the arena, into their fate.

Soul Witch Arena

The members of Team Trinity and Team Delta walked on the platforms of their respective sides. All three members from each team was ready to face against the opposing side in order for them to join up with Sentinel. After months and months of training and studying, their efforts led them to this exact moment and with the sound of that buzzer, it was time to show it. The buzzer went off and the mythic user took the first move.

"Mythic Gate Open, Dusk Soul!" He cried. His whole body bursted in glow of blue light and his yellow uniform turned into a hood suited for mage or wizard. He wielded a staff with a crystal ball on top to complete his transformation. His other two members followed and shouted out their souls; the nova Solar and the eclipse Sagittarius. The nova user had two small shields that was attached to the sleeves of her arm allowing it to slide up and down. The eclipse user had a crossbow also attached to both arms that could reload by itself.

It was now Team Trinity's turn to transform and with such unity and power, all three of them shouted at once:

"Nova Gate Open..."

"Eclipse Gate Open..."

"Mythic Gate Open…"

Aleyah started to glow red, "Searing Soul!" Her gray uniform turned into an outfit suitable with her dual blades. Aleyos followed up with his Champion soul transforming his uniform into a glowing green outfit that worked best with a double-ended spear. Finally, Yuto concluded the transformation with his Awakened soul. He held a bow without arrows and wore new outfit as well.

The match finally started with Aleyah rushing in toward the Delta's side. Team Delta's eclipse user aimed his crossbows at her. "Sagittarius Soul, Archer's Stampede!" He shouted. A massive amount of green arrows shot out of his crossbow and went straight toward Aleyah, but she didn't stop. She grasped her blades and swung them in front of her, block each arrow that came her way.

Meanwhile, Aleyos and Yuto were still back at their starting post. Aleyos started to run and climb up the block that was to their right. "I'm taking the high ground!"

Without looking at Aleyos, Yuto nodded and strictly looked at the eclipse user that was shooting heavily at Aleyah. He took a deep breath and closed his eyes. He lifted his bow and with his right hand, he pulled back the string and a shining blue arrow started to draw itself. He opened his eyes and the arrow was complete.

"Awakened Soul, Eternal Arrow!" He released the arrow and it left a blue streak of light as it went toward Aleyah which was in front of the eclipse user. Knowing the arrow was coming, she jumped up and flipped forward in the air making sure that Yuto's attack was coming by surprise.

The eclipse user was indeed in shock and halted his shooting by crossing his arms in front of him, trying to block the impact of the arrow, but it was unnecessary. An orb surrounded him and protected him from the shot. It was their leader, the mythic user, that shielded his teammate from Yuto attack. The crystal of his staff was glowing and was aimed at the eclipse user. His attention then turned over to Aleyos who was running toward them from above on the blocks.

"Go after the eclipse guy on the block." He told his nova partner.

She gave him a nod and climbed their block to meet with Aleyos. He then look back in front of him, but couldn't spot Aleyah. Instead he saw Yuto aiming at his partner who just went up the block to clash with Aleyos. He pointed his staff at Yuto, "Dusk Soul, Clouded Judgment!" Yuto's vision became blurry while he pulled back the string of his bow. Without hesitation, he released the arrow and shot at Delta's nova user. The shields that were up on her shoulder, rolled down to her wrist.

Aleyos and her met at the ends of their blocks and jumped toward one another. He was above her and tried to stab her with his spear, but she blocked it with one shield while she also blocked Yuto's shot with the other. To get her balance, she twirled and slid on the block that Aleyos was once on facing the area she just came from. Aleyos used the other end of his spear to catch his footing.

"Thanks for the try Yuto."

"Sorry about that Aleyos. Their mythic user blinded me. How's the distraction coming Aleyah?"

"Push the eclipse user back more and I'll give you a distraction." She replied.

"On it." Yuto twisted his bow horizontally and placed two fingers on the string. He started to pull the string back and this time, two arrows appeared. "Awakened Soul, Storm Duet!" He released the two arrows and a spark of electricity followed behind them as they aimed for the eclipse user.

"I don't think so. Sagittarius Soul, Archer's Stampede!" The eclipse user cried out again. He aimed his crossbows at the electrified arrows and shot at them hoping that his mass amount of arrows would clash with Yuto's.

Yuto gave a smile and pushed out his arm. His hand glowed blue and was surrounded by lightning. He lifted his arm and the arrows followed. The glow allowed him to control the direction of his arrows. After dodging the barrage of green arrows, Yuto dropped his arm and the two lightning arrows he shot went directly down toward the eclipse user. The collision caused an explosion and knocked him off his feet.

"Go Aleyah!"

Aleyah jumped off the block she was on tried to slice the guy on the ground, but before she could eliminate him, he regained consciousness and blocked her two blades with one of his crossbows. Pushing her off of him, he aimed his other crossbow at her and shot multiple arrows to force her back. With every step she took, she blocked an arrow with her blades.

"I need back up over here!" The guy yelled.

"Yeah you do." Aleyah replied with a smirk on her face.

The leader of Delta looked over to his eclipse user. He waved his hand and it glowed blue. He then began to write a symbol in the air and when he was finished, it turned green. "Dusk Soul, Regeneration." The green symbol made its way toward the eclipse user and the closer it got, the smaller it became. When it reached him, a green glow popped off his body and his bruises and scratched disappeared. He got up and the mythic user walked next to him to help him against Aleyah.

Yuto takes note of Aleyah's situation and aims his bow at her area, "I got your back Aleyah." He shot an arrow back to back from each other so that he could hit both the eclipse and mythic user. Before they could make contact however, Delta's nova user rushed in and blocked both arrows with her shield.

"Time to return the favor, Solar Soul, Gleaming Torch." Her shields' started to light up and it brightened the field. Yuto covered his eyes and went behind the cover in front of him. "Your nova user is ours!" She cried out.

"Hey Aleyos, I can't assist Aleyah. You ready yet?" Yuto asked with a desperate tone.

"Just got there." Aleyos was above everyone with anyone noticing. He had made his way to the top of the arena and jumped from each lamp to get to the middle one. "Get ready guys, things are about to get a whole lot lighter."

Aleyos aimed his spear directly below him towards the ground. He aimed his focus directly at his spear as it began to charge with green electricity flowing around it. His eyes were closed and to him it felt like time had stopped. This was their trump card. He read analyzed the whole arena in just a second and was ready to make his move.

Opening his eyes, he yelled out. "Champion Soul, Universal Arena!" and tossed his spear down where he was aiming with such a force that it broke the sound barrier. Once it made contact with the ground, a magic circle appeared below it and stopped its movement. As it stopped, a green wave of energy came out of it and covered the whole arena.

Each one of Delta's members started to lift up in the air stopping all of their attacks in the process.

"What's going on?" Asked the team leader.

"Our victory, that's what's going on!" Aleyah stated.

They all looked across from them and saw Aleyah crouching on the wall as if she had been sticking to it. With her blades at her side, she pushed herself off of the wall and floated pass the leader. She sliced him with both swords and landed perfectly on the ground. Their leader gave out a shout of pain and his mythic armor disappeared. He had gone back to his normal form.

Both the eclipse and nova users watched as their leader gently landed on the floor weakened by Aleyah's attack. They then realized what Aleyos' move did. It had loosened the gravity in the arena causing the flow of attacks to change.

Yuto jumped backwards out of cover and landed feet first on the gate where they entered from. He looked up, which at the correct angle it would be straight, and aimed his bow at the nova user. "Awakened Soul, Enhanced!" He fires an arrow and after releasing, it opens a small gateway.

The nova user looked at Yuto and desperately tried to regain her balance while floating, but she couldn't. So instead, she lifted her arms across her body to protect her from any attack Yuto was going to do.

Yuto launched himself off the gate and entered the small gateway he created. A new gateway opened in front of the other gate on the other side and he flew out of it. This time he was behind the girl and because of this advantage, she couldn't block in time. With the speed was moving at, he elbowed her to the ground. She lost her solar form and returned back to normal as well.

Finally, the eclipse user was left and at this point he had got a hang of moving himself while floating in the air. He flipped upside to face both Yuto and Aleyah and aimed his crossbows at them. Before he could take a shot, Aleyos was already behind him with his spear poking at his back.

"You might want to give up." Aleyos suggested with sincerity.

The eclipse user gave out a sigh and changed back to his normal form concluding the match in Trinity's favor. Aleyos slammed his spear on the ground breaking the arena effect he had on. Both Aleyah and Yuto landed on the feet and gave each other a high five.

"We did it!" Yuto shouted.

Aleyah, Aleyos, and Yuto took their leave with smiles on their face.

Sentinel Meeting Room

Cyn and Theon turned to Vahlia whom was still staring at the screen as Team Delta got up and took their leave from the arena.

"That was quite the match." Cyn said with amusement.

"What do you think? Are they worth the effort?" Theon asked Vahlia as she glanced over to him.

Trinity Locker Room

Aleyos, Aleyah, and Yuto awaited a response from one of the four strongholds. With their win, they were sure they would be invited to either Orion or Valkyrie, but they never considered who came knocking on their door.

Three knocks came from the other side of their locker room's door. This was the moment they've been waiting for. After years of training, studying, and practicing, their efforts were finally going to pay off.

Aleyos responded back to the knocks, "Come in."

The door opened and walked in was a guy in a long white lab coat wearing goggles up on his head. He had curly orange hair and blue eyes that seemed very welcoming to team Trinity.

"Team Trinity that was a marvelous match." He stated as he stopped a little pass the door.

Aleyah stood up from her seat and Yuto walked away from his locker and stood next to the both of them.

"Thank you." Aleyos replied.

The guy took a bow, "My name is Lenos Sawano and I'm a representative from Sentinel. We're interested in having your team join our Strike Force."

Each of their faces lit up with amazement. They never thought that Sentinel Stronghold would ask their team to join them. Sentinel was well known for their amazing work on the field against the forces that fight against humanity.

Lenos tucked his hands into his pants pockets and gave them a smile. The light behind him made him shine and it seemed as if he was their everlasting guide taking them to a new world.

"So what do you say? Will you three join Sentinel?" He asked once more.

Yuto looked at Aleyos and they both looked over to Aleyah. She was their leader in Trinity so whatever she decided, they would follow. Lenos did the same and turned his focus to her as well. They all waited her decision.

Aleyah walked forward and she took a deep breath, "Team Trinity will gladly join Sentinel."

Both Yuto and Aleyos walked beside her and they stood as one. Lenos nodded and turned around. At that moment, each of their lives would change and the start of their new journey was just beginning.