"I think I'm going to call you strawberry cream puff."

He turned to her, a toothy grin on his face. His hands were resting behind his head. She flushed. She knew how much he loved strawberry cream puffs, seeing as how she remembered him gobbling them down on her sixth birthday like he would never taste another cream puff in a thousand years.

"Seeing as how you're just as sweet as one," he smiled. "And your puffs-"

He didn't say anything after that as his words were stopped by a single slap across his face.


They were in high school now, their last year.

She was expectant, she got asked out by a lot of boys her friends would die for but her answer was no, she wanted him and him alone. Her heart panged when she saw him and other girls' lockers and even though he wasn't that much of a looker, her heart still yearned for him.

And there he came, the same dumb grin on his face. Trying so hard to hide the bundle of flowers behind his back but still she could see their vibrant petals sticking out. Wearing nothing but a blazer that was a little too big for him, a hat and sweatpants, he bowed down, a smirk on his face.

"May we go to the prom my strawberry cream puff?"

She didn't hesitate in saying yes.


It was their wedding, by the stage, tapping his feet impatiently. The pastor tapped his shoulder and he turned, looking as dashing as ever in a suit. The music started.

She climbed up the steps, he grabbed her hand and pulled her up. Removing the veil, his eyes widened. "You look beautiful," he muttered.

The pastor went on with the rites, after which he asked, "Do you take him to be your lawfully wedded husband?"

She nodded, she was too excited to speak.

"And do you take her to be your lawfully wedded wife."

"I do," he said without hesitation.

And then a pause, "You may now kiss the bride."


He was back home after a long day of work. He stood slouched over by the door, his face grey, his eyes droopy. It seemed like the world was bearing down upon him, wiping the color off his face. As soon as she opened the door, his face brightened, it seemed like the sun was shining down upon him.

"Hello my strawberry cream puff!" He exclaimed.


Their daughter ran past her and leaped up in the air, he grabbed her and spun around with her.

She placed her hands on her hips.

"Oh, and you." He winked.


He was in bed now, thin wires in his hand. His hair was a curly mop of white hair, wrinkles lined his face.

But he still smiled when he saw her.

She couldn't bear to see him like this, her once energetic husband was now old and... she closed her eyes, she couldn't bear to think about it.

He took a deep breath, a relived sigh. A smile spread across his face when he saw her. She couldn't help but smile back though her eyes were tearing up.

"Hello my strawberry cream puff," he said in a raspy voice.


She stood by his grave. Rain gently pouring down her, the raindrops bouncing off her black umbrella.

She placed the cream puffs on his grave, homebaked and still warm.

"Hello my strawberry cream puff," she said.