Chapter One

In the Beginning

Love happens at the strangest times. It's almost like a physical being who doesn't care what's going on in life or if the person it seeks out is ready. It strikes when it wants. It seems though, no matter what, love always strikes us at the right time, even if it doesn't seem like it at first.

Our story begins in LAX in Los Angeles, California one fall morning. Two unsuspecting people find that Cupid has struck them with his arrow. Allie Stinfield and Kristie Cleaston were waiting for their flight to Boston, Massachusetts. They were barely 21 and off to medical school at Harvard. Allie and Kristie have been best friends their entire lives. They had never been separated and they weren't going to start now. They were getting anxious for their new lives as they waited for the plane to start boarding.

Meanwhile, two young men were racing to their flight terminal that was also leaving to Boston where they would be attending tech school for the military. The last passengers were boarding when they arrived. They had just barely made it. As they were passing first class to get the business section, one young man, Alex, saw Allie. They made eye contact and Alex felt a sort of electricity flow through his body. As he reached business class, he took one last look at her and knew he had to meet her.

Allie looked at that good looking man that was staring at her. She had this odd feeling, but she didn't know what it was.

"Did you see that guy?" Allie asked Kristie.

"Which one?" She replied.

"The cute one with brown hair," Allie described, "and kind, green eyes." Kristie replied as she read a magazine.

"I saw the one staring at you, but man did you see the guy he was with? Talk about hot." Allie ignored Kristie and stared off toward business class though she didn't know why.

"Did you see her?" Alex asked.

"Who? The girl you were staring at?" Alex's best friend, Jake, replied.

"Yeah, she was beautiful. There was something about her when I looked at her." Alex faded.

"Yeah, okay." Jake said as her looked at the papers about emergency exits and whatnot. Alex didn't know why, but he knew he had to see her again. He had to meet her, to talk to her. Hours later, when the plane had finally landed in Boston, Alex and Jake got off and headed to baggage claim. That's where he saw her again. He collected his courage and walked over to her.

Allie and Kristie were waiting for their bags on the carousel when she saw that man from the plane again. He was walking toward her. She had this sudden urge to walk toward him too. Kristie was on the phone with her mom when Allie began walking away.

"Hey where are you going?" Kristie called, but Allie didn't even hear her. Allie and Alex finally met in the middle and just stared at each other. Finally Alex spoke,

"Hi, my name is Alex." He held out his hand.

"I'm Allie." She replied taking his hand with a smile and shaking it.

"It nice to meet you Allie." Alex said smiling back.

"Yeah, it is nice." Allie replied slowly caught up in those emerald green eyes. They sat there in silence again just smiling at each other. It wasn't awkward at all, it was just nice.

"Allie, who's this?" Kristie asked coming up behind her breaking the peaceful silence. Allie paused a second.

"Mm, this is Alex. Alex this is my best friend Kristie." Alex smiled at her and shook her hand. "Alex, we got to go." Jake shouted from the carousel. Alex smiled.

"My friend Jake. Well I have to get going. Goodbye Kristie and it was a pleasure meeting you Allie." Alex said with a small smile. Allie felt a sudden panic.

"Will I see you again?" Allie blurted out before she could stop herself. She couldn't believe she just asked that. What was wrong with her? She felt her cheeks warm from blushing. Kristie raised her eyebrows at Allie. Alex smiled before he turned around.

"Maybe our paths will cross again and if they do, I'll get your number." Alex said.

"Well in case I don't see you again, goodbye Alex." Allie said. Alex waved as he walked back toward Jake.

"Well wasn't that awkward as hell." Kristie said as she walked away. Allie stood looking after Alex for a moment before following Kristie outside. They got a cab and headed toward the apartment they picked out months before. They had people come months before to put furniture in and get everything ready for their arrival, so when they got there, everything was ready for them.

"I'm just going to go to bed." Allie said as she walked toward her room.

"Hold on Allie. This is our first night living on our own, in our new apartment. We were supposed to break it in with a glass of wine." Kristie complained. Allie smiled as she turned around.

"Alright." Allie said.

Alex and Jake arrived to the base where they would be going through tech school. They went off to the dorms that were assigned to them. Jake and Alex were roommates. Alex laid on his bed staring at the ceiling thinking of Allie. He knew he would see her again. He didn't know when or how as he didn't know anything about her or where she might spend her time. All he knew was her first name and that she rode first class on plane rides. That wasn't a lot of information to go on.

"Are you thinking about that girl from the airport?" Jake came into the room asking. Alex looking at him.

"Yeah, I can't stop and I don't know why." He replied.

"Well we start classes tomorrow so you better get focused on that." Jake replied as he laid down in his own bed and turned out his bedside lamp. Alex did the same thing, but stared toward the ceiling even though he could see nothing but darkness.