Chapter Four

Thanksgiving had come and Alex and Jake were getting ready to leave to Allie's house. Tech school would be ending soon and Alex didn't know what that would mean for his relationship with Allie. He didn't want to leave her, but he couldn't ask her to come with him. She was at Harvard for crying out loud. You don't leave a place like that to follow some guy in the military you've know for only months. Alex wasn't sure what to do, but he did have time. Tech school didn't end for a few weeks yet and he wouldn't be getting orders until after the holidays. He would spend as much time with her as he could before it was time to leave.

Allie and Kristie were busy preparing for Thanksgiving dinner. Everyone they were planning to invite couldn't come so it was just going to end up as an intimate double date Thanksgiving. That was perfectly fine with Allie. She knew Alex and Jake had a four day weekend for the holiday and hoped maybe he would stay the night. She wasn't sure she was ready for that next step in their relationship, but just because he stayed the night with her didn't mean they had to have sex. She supposed if they did, it wouldn't be the worst thing in the world either. Allie decided she would just see where the night took them.

Alex and Jake arrived early before any of the food was done. They knocked on the door and waited for an answer. All they heard was commotion so they let themselves in. Allie and Kristie were arguing about the right way to cook something.

"Hey, we knocked. No one answered so we let ourselves in." Jake said peering in. " We brought wine." He said holding the bottle up hoping to ease the tension he felt. Allie and Kristie stopped glaring at each other.

"Thank you Jake." Allie said smiling when she finally saw Alex.

"Is everything okay in here?" Alex asked.

"Oh splendid. Honestly neither Kristie or I can cook very well. We never really had the chance to learn growing up and we may have bit off more than we can chew hosting a Thanksgiving dinner. I'm just glad everyone else couldn't come." Allie admitted looking a little ashamed. Alex smiled.

"Great Jake and I are amazing cooks. We can help." Jake and Alex walked into the kitchen and washed their hands.

"We should start on the turkey. It'll take the longest to cook." Jake said putting the giant turkey into the cooking pan Kristie had bought for the occasion. Alex and Jake began prepping different things. Alex explained things to Kristie and Allie as they went so everyone could help.

Everything was prepped and ready to go. They would have to wait a few hours to cook the sides because the turkey would take the longest. After they cleaned up and did the dishes, they decided to break out a board game to pass the time. Jake passed around glasses of wine. They began playing
Life and Monopoly. The Monopoly game lasted long enough that is was time to put the sides into bake and for them to set the table.

After what seemed like an eternity, they had the table set and all the food in serving dishes on the table. Kristie and Jake sat together across from Alex and Allie.

"Are there any Thanksgiving traditions your families have?" Jake asked before we began eating. Allie and Kristie's parents usually had a big party so their wasn't time for actual traditions. They didn't eat as a family really.

"Not really." Allie replied.

"Do you guys have any?" Kristie asked.

"We usually just go around the table and say what we are most thankful for this year." Jake replied.

"We do the same thing and usually watching the football game with my dad." Alex said smiling.

"Sorry it's too late for football. We can do what Jake suggested. Who wants to go first." Allie asked.

"I'll go. I am thankful for the amazing opportunities that have come out way this year. Living in Boston has been every bit as amazing as I thought it would be." Kristie said.

"I'm thankful for meeting Alex at Basic and being able to go to Tech School with you as well. You've been a great friend to me. I'll always be thankful for that." Jake said raising his glass in Alex's direction. Alex smiled and got up to hug Jake.

"I'm also thankful for meeting you Jake. I don't think I would have gotten through everything without you. I think I'm most thankful for seeing you at the airport. It has started one of the most amazing things of my life." Alex said looking at Allie with a loving expression. She smiled.

"I am most thankful for you this year. I have had a lot of amazing things happen to me, but you are by far the most amazing. You are making me do things I have never done, making me be spontaneous. I like that you are pushing me out of my comfort zone. I will always be thankful for you." Allie said smiling at Alex.

"Well I feel like a dick now." Kristie said laughing. Everyone joined in the laughter before serving themselves and passed the food around. The dinner was the best Thanksgiving dinner Allie had ever had. It was intimate instead of a big party with people she barely knew. It was full of laughter instead of awkward small talk. It was casual instead of black tie. It was everything Allie would want out of the holiday and she had a brief picture in her head of the four of them through the years multiplying with kids and eventually with grand kids doing the same things year after year. Smiles, laughter, and family.

After dinner, Kristie and Jake cleared off the table and put the left overs in containers while Allie and Alex washed and dried the dishes. When the chores of the day were done, they ended the night with a movie. It was a new one. They curled up on opposite ends of the couch and watched. When the movie was over, we all stood.

"It's kind of late. You guys are welcome to stay here for the night." Allie said. Alex and Jake agreed. Allie led Alex to her bedroom. She had a queen sized bed.

"I can sleep on the couch." Alex said.

"Don't be ridiculous. My bed is more than big enough for the both of us." Allie replied. She was feeling kind of nervous. She didn't know what tonight would bring. She went to her bathroom to change into some shorts and a tank top to sleep in. Alex was already undressing down to his boxers and t-shirt.

Suddenly, Allie no longer felt nervous. She just felt this is what she wanted to do. She had slept with only one guy before when she was in college. It was one of the few times she had had too much to drink. It was regretful and Allie wished it hadn't happened. This time though, she was absolutely sure. She walked slowly up to Alex and ran her fingers lightly down his face. She smiled at him and rose to her tip toes to kiss him. He kissed her back gently, but soon the intensity grew and his arms slipped around her waist and he pulled her close. Allie had her arms around his neck and one hand on the back of his head pulling him closer to her. Allie felt like they could not be close enough to each other.

They had never been closer to each other as they were that first night. Allie laid next to Alex idly playing with his chest hair. Alex's fingertips slowly worked their way up and down her arm.

"Do you want to come to California with me for Christmas?" Allie asked as she listened to his heartbeat. Alex kissed the top of her head.

"You want me to meet your parents?" He asked and Allie smiled as she felt his heart speed a bit.

"I want my parents to meet you." She replied. Alex was about to give his answer, but Allie continued before he could.

"Before you decide, I need to tell you something."

"Okay." Alex said and waited. Allie took in a deep breath.

"I come from a really wealthy family. They live in a mansion basically. They throw big parties for all holidays with rich, snobby people. We have to dress in evening clothes before dinner every night. It's a lot." Allie finished. It was a lot to take in for Alex. He had come from a very different world. He wanted to spend Christmas with her, but he didn't want her to be embarrassed of him. He knew he wouldn't fit into her world.

"I don't want you to be embarrassed of me." He said simply. She scoffed.

"I'm not embarrassed by you. If anyone took the time to get to know you, they would find you are an incredibly kind person with a great sense of humor. I'm worried my parents will embarrass me." Allie admitted. Alex laughed. He knew it had only been a few months, but he could tell he was falling for her. She was so contradictory. She comes from a wealthy family, but she tries so hard to earn was she has. She's kind when a lot of people in her position would feel entitled. He was falling deeper in love with her everyday. How could he miss the chance to spend the holidays for her. He would be uncomfortable if it meant she would be with him.

"I would love to spend the holidays with you." He replied. It was late. He pulled the covers over her back and cuddled more deeply with her. She lifted her face to his to get one more kiss before falling asleep. Alex wondered now, as he often would in the future, how he got so incredibly lucky when the world brought them together. He knew Allie would also be his greatest gift.