Something wasn't right; the sound of the rain hitting the ground around him should have been soothing and helping him relax. Instead he felt on edge and he wasn't the only one his wolf was pacing inside his head, pushing against him mind. Telling him danger, problem was no matter how many times he looked around; he couldn't spot what had them both on edge.

He had lived in this town about 7 months and he had his routine, tonight he had messed it all up. His boss offered over time and being short on money he took it. Breaking his one of his rules, he was strict about his rules because he already knew the area and people and knew that if wouldn't come across any other wolfs during his everyday move moments.

He sighed and turned to scan the area again.

Maybe that was what was bothering him, the change, maybe He was being paranoid.

After all it was just after midnight and he was sitting alone at an empty bus stop. Totally cliché horror movie opening, he laughed a little, imagine the wolf being the victim in a bad horror movie.

Being on edge was casing his wolf to push forward. It wanted to sniff and check the area; it needed to know it was safe. Working double time had been a bad idea now he was exhausted and his control was slipping, he knew if anyone could see his eyes right now they would have a slight glow of yellow as his wolf enhanced his eyes to see better in the dark.

He relaxed a little when he saw the bus coming down the street, one red light left and he would be off this creepy ass bus stop. He stood up.

Just as the light turned green he heard a whimper from across the street. His head snapped away from the oncoming bus towards that sound. He knew a scared shifter when he heard one.

It was stupid he knew, he should just ignore it and get on his bus and get as far away as he could. But he couldn't; not if someone was hurt.

He cursed and darted across the street.

Whoever was hurt was trying their hardest to remain hidden and he was afraid to call out to them in case whoever hurt them was still around. He stayed in the shadows' letting his wolf guide him. It didn't take him long to find a small bundle hiding behind a dumpster.

"Hello?" He whispered slowly lowering himself to the ground, by placing himself on his knees he was showing he wasn't a threat.

The small bundle, he had thought was someone in their animal form, turned out to be a scared little girl.

He breath caught and her smell hit him, omega and hurt.

She tried to back away from him, but the dumpster was blocker her.

"Hey, it's okay. I'm not going to hurt you." He held up his hands and scooted back giving her a little more space. He felt his stomach roll, her eyes were bloodshot probably from crying and she was shaking. He couldn't see where she was hurt but there was no mistaking the smell coming off her.

All his instincts were telling him to help her. To rush to her and hold her, stop her from shaking but he knew that would just scare her more, so he shoved them all down. He looked at the terrified girl and made up his mind.

Slowly he brought his wrist to his mouth and licked at his wrist; then slowly took his shirt and rubbed at his skin. It took a couple tries but slowly his scent blockers washed away, and he knew when his scent reached the girl because she tilted her head and her eye's widened.

"My name is Charlie," he said as she studied him.

"You're like me?" She asked slowly reaching for his wrist. He let the child grab ahold and pulling him towards her. Once she seemed satisfied that it was really his scent she jumped to her feet and rushed into his arms, sobbing into his chest.

He tightened his arms around her, omegas craved being touched. He knew that being held would comfort her and if he was being honest it had been some long since he had been around one of his own it comforted him a little too.

"When need to get out of here, okay?" The small head against his should just nodded and he pushed himself to his feet and looked around. It was after midnight; no more buses would be coming tell morning.

He shifted her around in his arms until he had her in a spot where they were both comfortable and started walking, without the bus it would take him a half hour to reach his small apartment.

By the time he reached his door both his arm and the young girl were asleep. It took some work but he got his door open and his lights on. He carefully placed her on his couch and rushed into his room to find something dry to give her to change into.

Not that he really had anything for a kid, but he grabbed a couple shirts and a pair of his pajamas, he figured he could cut them into something smaller, and a pair of his shorts, leaving her a few options.

Setting them on the coffee table he again left the room to find extra blankets so once she was changed and looked over, she could go back to sleep.

Once he was happy that he had everything he might need, he shook her awake. She grunted and tried borrowing into his cushions. It would have been adorable if he wasn't worried about her.

"Hey, you gotta wake up, just for few minutes okay." He tried to keep his voice low and shook her again.

This time she rolled over and looked at him, he could see she was confused as her eyes quickly shot around the room. Then her whole body sagged and he knew she remembered what was going on.

"I got you some clothes, so you can change. I'll wash yours and you can have them back when they are dry, there" He said pointing to his small bathroom. "Is a place you can change? There is always shampoo and soap if you want to take a shower." The little girl just nodded. But she didn't move from the couch.

"Are you hurt?" The smell from before had faded, so whatever was causing her pain had probably already healed or started to. She lowered her head and shook it.

"Hey what is your name? And…" Charlie hesitated; he was hiding from his own family. Could that have been who hurt her? He swallowed around the lump in his throat and prayed that her parents weren't as fucked up as his, "Is there someone I can call?"

Now the girl was staring at him, she seemed unsure. He understood, he really did, but he had no idea what do to with her. Normally he would take her to the nearest pack or to a wolf he trusted but he didn't know any wolves here, he spent the better part of his life avoiding them. And he wasn't even sure if there was a pact nearby. He had picked the city because it was less likely to have wolves.

She didn't answer him, just picked up the clothes and ran into the bathroom.

Once she closed the door he let his head drop, he was so tired and confused. He would have to call into work tomorrow even though he couldn't afford it. He had no idea what to do with the girl but he knew she couldn't stay with him, it wouldn't take long for people to start asking questions and he didn't need to end up in jail for kidnapping.

He heard his shower turn on and sighed.

She would stay tonight and in the morning hopefully he could get some information out of her.

It didn't take long for him to cover his couch in spare blankets and pillows. Once her bed was made, he went into the kitchen and made a couple sandwiches. He made sure to put an apple and chips on her plate and placed in the table in front of the couch.

Then it was his turn to get out of wet clothes.