Chapter 7: Beaten

It was the soft drop, drop, drop of the rain on his cheek that woke him. Then it was the flash of pain down his back when he tried to move. He was confused at first at where he was and why he was in so much pain. But when he put his hand out and tried to push off the freezing cold wet ground under him that he remembered the ally and the wolves jumping him.

He groaned and opened his eyes. His left eye opened easily but his right seemed to have forgotten how it worked. He was light headed and weak but there was feeling of importance that pushed him to pull his wolf forward and let it give him some strength. It wasn't much, probably do to that fact he was already started to heal some of the damage done to his chest and ribs.

He used his hands to drag himself along the ground only distantly aware of them getting number as he moved. He pulled himself along until he felt the wall, then he used it to push him into a seated position. He cried out as he sat up then started coughing. When he finally got the coughing under control his mouth had the taste of copper and blood. He gathered as much as he could spit it out. The small movement caused his ears to ring.

He tried to take a couple deep breaths to center himself but each breath caused a sharp pain down his side, he flinched and brought his hand under his shirt. Then he carefully and slowly ran his hand down his chest and sides looking for damage. He hissed out a curse when his numb fingers brushed across a broken rib sticking out of his skin. He debated pushing it back it but he wasn't sure if his body could handle trying to heal it at the moment, so he tried to ignore it and continued his search. His fingers barely moved when he felt yet another protruding rib. He sink his teeth into his lip to stop him from crying out again.

Slowly he pulled his hand away from his chest. He let his head fall back against the wall ignoring the sharp pain the pressure caused. Maybe if he just rested for a couple minutes he would gather his remaining strength to get up off the ground.

He had closed his eyes and started to drift, when he remembered what had been so important. 'The pack!' He jerked and opened his eyes again. He ignored the pain that coursed through him as he searched his pockets for his phone. Once his fingers hit plastic he let out a silent pray to whatever gods there were to let it work and that he still had the Alpha's phone number.

The screen was creaked all to hell, but when he hit the button on the side it lit up. His hands where so numb that holding on to the phone was difficult and trying to get his fingers to scroll through his recent calls was frustrating. They just didn't want to cooperate and it took multiple tries to get the names to scroll across the screen.

Then he finally found the number and pressed down, the screen gave an unhappy creak and he pray his phone held together long enough to make this call.

Once the call connected and he heard it start to ring, he again let himself fall back and rest against the wall. His sore body and exhaustion making it had to remain up right on his own.

"Hello?" The Alpha's voice rang though his ears and he winced and moved the phone away from his ear.

"Zach?" He asked, setting him body off into another coughing fit.

"Charlie?" The other wolf asked sounding concerned. He tried to answer but the coughing was making hard to breath and even harder to talk.

"Charlie? Where are you? Tell me What happened?" The man demanded. The tone caused Charlie to shiver and the power behind it; even if the Alpha didn't realize what he had done, was enough for Charlie's wolf to take control and stop the coughing.

"Trouble." Charlie chocked out, "Men…." He hissed in pain, "Your house. Tonight." His vision started to darken again, his body giving in to his injuries. "Emily." He forced out. As his phone slipped out from his useless fingers he could hear Zach shouting. Somewhere in his fading consciousness he prayed the man understood and that he was ordering his park to get ready for a fight.

For the second time that night, the rain brought him back to land of the awake. However, this time there was a sound. Something just off in the distance but still close enough for his ears to pick up. He opened his eyes, trying to find the source of the sound but his vision was blurry and he couldn't make out much but the dark fuzzy ally around him. Then he heard a man's voice and he tried to cry out to get attention but all his body did was shake. The amount of energy used to try to heal its self and the amount of damage caused by the beating had left him weak. Letting the freezing cold rain water seeped into his clothes and body, leaving him shivering uncontrollably. He didn't even have the strength to kick out his legs or bang his hands on the ground.

He wanted to scream, from the angry, the pain, and the frustration of this whole situation. Mostly he just wanted to make enough noise to be heard.

"Charlie!" Someone shouted nearby.

He gasped, grateful that someone was looking for him. He heard his name a few more times before he finally had enough strength the let out a cry. It wasn't too loud but judging from the pounding feet and shouts headed his way. Someone had heard him and they were coming to help.

There was a moment of overwhelming relief that washed over him. He was going to be okay.

That feeling lasted until the smell of wolf hit him, he jerked to the side and focused his eyes on the people coming at him. He heard one of the gasp when they finally saw him.

A face he didn't recognized reached for him and the wall that kept his wolf safely hide away shattered. He closed his eyes and tried frantically to pull his wolf back, but it was stronger than him, and just as the he felt the man's hand was about to touch his face, his wolf surged forwards and opened their eyes.

The men gasped and as one took a step back.

Somewhere in the back of his mind, half buried under the control of his wolf Charlie knew his eyes where all wolf and that his secret was out.