He went to her, to get his stuff back. He rang the bell, her foot steps were clearly audible, both were there facing each other, the barrier was the only door. The moment she opened the door, he said, "I am here to get my stuff back, I am going".
She was sleepy looking at him and then, in a sleepy voice, very softly, asked "going, going where?".

Silence occupied the space, he was looking at her, wanted that moment to be frozen forever but, he knows that its just not possible, at least for that moment and then, he said, "open the door, i will get it myself".She opened the door, as he was behind her, moving unbalanced, about to fall, he shouted "careful".

She went in, he opened the next door to get his stuff back from the places it used to be, he switched on the lights and was looking around, the things were there as it was, as he left behind the last time.
He did not pick anything which belonged to both of them. He closed the door, she was standing there, looking at him,
wanted to say a lot of things, wanted him to look into her eyes, wanted him to read her eyes, read those unspoken words which she always wanted him to hear, but as always was not able to utter a single word and he was not able to make an eye contact simply, because, this time he does not want to be weak, does not want to burst out in front of her.

He was looking something around, something, which was close to his heart, something which reminds him of the precious and unforgetable moments, spend with her, something related to both of them and then the search ends, ends with the pair of t-shirts which he bought for both of them.

Took the one, which was for him and left behind her's, his eyes were then looking for his books and she interrupts, "they all are mine", he firmly replied, "no mine one is here too" and gets back at his work. She was sleepy, not in a good mood, on her worst days, she grabbed his t-shirt and pushed him away, a bond was about to end with all these mishaps.

He loved her, his love was eternal, he wanted to save the bond between them, but could no longer hold it. For the first time, he spoke, he rebuked, putting himself together, "let me have a look", she knew the things which he was looking for was there, but does not want him to take away, his memories of her's. Lost in her thoughts, "see i told you, see its here", the words come from front. She handed him over all the stuff, which he was looking for and said, "take all of these, go take it with you" he took only his and said, "leave me, I can not fight you" and without making an eye contact or without looking back he moved forward, the sound of the slamming door was clearly audible, but this time he did not turn back. Along with the two, the nature witnessed the sky in tears that night, as they were parting their ways forever.