She comes at me wielding a needle.
I roll up my sleeves
exposing myself.

I need this drug
I want this drug.

She is not forceful
but gentle
taking the necessary precautions:
Sterile hyperdermic needle
Clean syringe

My skin cools as she wipes it with alcohol.
Best to be safe.
I feel a prick and out of the corner of my eye
see the plunger on the syringe slowy descend.

I feel nothing.

The effect is never instaneous
only gradual.

The needle is removed
a band-aide placed.

We wait.

Her head is lowered and all I can see
is the top of the baseball cap
the bill hiding her face.

She slowly raises her head and
I can feel the drug take effect
as my eyes lock on hers

A smile that lights up the world.
Blue eyes that shine.

She reaches a hand up and
brushes a strand of hair from my face.

Everything else in the world blurs and I see only her.

My whole world.
My everything.