Bright light shined everywhere. Nothing could be heard not even a whisper. Nobody was there except one-sol man. He wore a Black suit with a white shirt and red tie, with black pants and black shoes. He was dressed like he was the leader of a board of directors.

He started to walk down a cold hallway. As the light shined brighter. He made it to a door at the very end. He put his hand on a scanner as a green light passed over it. It was like no one was allowed in the room but this man and only him.

As a lock mechanism started to sound the door slid open slowly. Inside were burned files. Book Case was fallen over, glass was broken. The man seemed very calm about this. He walked slowly towards all of the burned files and the destroyed computers. He took a small cylinder from his pocket. He knocked all of the stuff off his desk as he placed the cylinder down. A screen appeared on his table as a keyboard as well.

He had backup files. Inside were pictures of 12 teenagers. For 11 of them their pictures showed the green lettering for captured. But one was left blank. The man looked at the picture.

The Man spoke he had a deep voice sounding like a man you never wanted to mess with no matter what. "Where are you."

Like on cue two scientist walked in. They were both wearing lab coats as if they had finally discovered something important. They looked around seeing the destruction.

"Ignore the mess he thought I only had these files but. I always have this with me just in case." The man said.

"In case of what sir?" One of the scientist asked.

"In case of someone betraying me." The man answered looking at the two scientist.

"Now. I hope you have found something interesting?"

"We have sir. We have found him. Ryan Cooley. Codename Zeus."

The man looked up with a smile on his face. He started to let out a light chuckle that went into a loud laugh.

"We finally found the punk." The man replied.

"Dr. Jones, should we send a team to go and capture him?" the second scientist asked.

"No. I want to see what he does first. When Im satisfied then will capture him." Dr. Jones replied. He looked up at the celling as he started to laugh again.

"A Blessing from the gods. But I won't be needing them anymore. I created my own." Dr. Jones finished as he got up from his desk and brushed pass the two scientist only leaving his loud footsteps as he walked down the hall.