Descend into darkness

'T was a sleepless night for her
She was lost deep in her thoughts.
They were about her dreams, her life,
How a commoner could turn into a special one, they screamed,
Leaving the inevitable reality of the world aside.

Day by day, she somehow grew into a darker person,
Thus, burdened with expectations and responsibilities,
She cried and cursed.
But nobody could change one's destiny;
Oh, so it was destined.

And then came the night,
when she died 'cause of her burdens,
Lightning struck, storms raged,
The skies cried for her,
For it lost one of its dearest stars.

It wasn't her fault; she was just a big dreamer,
Making a world of fantasies 'round her,
But the reality was way different,
Way dreadful,
Way uglier,
And a fateful night, so it was...

(A/N: And hi guys, this is my first poem here, and I'm originally a writer, so I guess I'll be publishing a story here very soon. Thanks for reading!

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