She Said What To You?

By Shadowgate

13 year old Jeff Karack was flying from Atlanta Georgia to Wichita Kansas by himself. He was on his way up to the boarding gate when an airline official stopped him. The airline official at the boarding gate told him his Budweiser cap was offensive to other passengers.

Jeff asked "what's the problem? Who's offended?"

The ticket agent pointed out a man and a woman.

Jeff looked at them puzzled.

The man walked up to Jeff and the airline officials before saying "my name is Herbert Hanson and this is my wife Patricia and we don't like seeing children wearing inappropriate clothing."

Jeff responded "well this isn't school and my parents paid for my ticket so you have no right to tell me what to wear."

Herbert became angry and yelled "you don't speak to me like that young man."

Patricia yelled "if you're going to fly on an airplane with us that hat has to go little boy!"

Jeff was in shock and he replied "since when do you own the fucking airplane?"

Patricia yelled "that kid just cussed at me and he should be arrested for that!"

Jeff yelled "you cussed at me!"

The ticket checker ordered Jeff to put his hat in a bag or he couldn't get on the airplane.

15 minutes later everyone boarded the flight to Wichita Kansas.

Shortly before the flight took off Jeff told a stewardess to give his food to the couple in the row across from him because "they're entitled to have anything at my expense."

Patricia yelled "Goddamn it! Goddamn it do you think you're funny you little smart ass bastard!"

The stewardess told her to calm down but then she yelled "my husband was very offended because he had on a Budweiser baseball cap and so was I."

Jeff replied "so your husband has extra rights and he can tell people what to wear."

Patricia yelled "don't talk about my husband!"

The stewardess yelled "ma'am either you calm down or you'll be arrested

Herbert snapped "how dare you speak to my wife like that."

The stewardess told them both to calm down or they'd be arrested when the airplane landed and that was the final warning.

5 minutes later Jeff got out his IPAD and started playing the new Ice Cube album.

When he stopped it a little old lady said "oh you like rap music because you're a nigger loving son of a bitch."

Jeff yelled "what the fuck!"

The stewardess came up and asked "what's going on now?"

Jeff answered "that little old lady called me a nigger loving son of a bitch."

The stewardess yelled "she said what to you?"

Right after she yelled her question at Jeff she fainted.