Pronunciation guide;

Circiensis- Sir-Sense
Montibus- Monty-bus
Alas- All-us
Pacis- Kust-Odey-bus Pass-is

Penna Vulpes would be visiting Circiensis tomorrow, and it was causing Agustin Rupp, the crown prince of Circiensis more stress than he would care to admit. His father, the King, had given him the role of preparing for her visit. Albeit he had been warned of this visit two months ago, perhaps he should have started planning then.

Now if this were any normal female he could do very little planning, and then just flirt his way through the visit. However, this would not be the case with Penna, because Penna was not any ordinary female. Of course, no member of the Montibus Alas royal court could be considered ordinary, but he may be thinking that simply because he had the genes descendant from a long dead race, called humans.

The humans had been forced to pick up and move everything from their planet when the sun that had long warmed their bones, had started to die. Like all stars, it had swollen to a larger size than ever before, then it blew up incinerating the human's former planet. Many Humans had been hopeful that the planet could be saved and had waited till the last minute to leave, due to that, a third of their population had been incinerated along with their planet. They had been unsure if there would be any other life forms in the galaxy, and there had. The Custodibus Pacis had interrupted their aimless floating through space and after many talks, with the leaders of Earth, the dead planet's people were allowed into the treaty between the galaxy's other species. Though this treaty at the time would do nothing more than prevent the others that roamed the galaxy from harming the remaining Humans or face the penalty of death. After a further year of wandering through space, they managed to find an uninhabited planet close enough to earth that met all of their standards. This planet would come to be known as Circiensis.

Unfortunately, during the time it had taken to finally establish a life equal to what they had once had on earth on Circiensis, the population had dwindled to dismal numbers and civil war broke out among the remaining population. The previously existing countries fought among themselves until each leader was killed and only one countries leader remained. Which country was left standing at the end of it all had long been lost to history.

Now nearly 200,000 years later the planet was run very differently than how it had been on earth. Instead of many countries ruled by many different people the whole world was ruled by a single royal family, all of whom were descendants from the one ruler who had been left standing at the end of Circiensis' civil war.

The new planet had many geographical differences to their previous planet, Earth. Which was another reason why one royal family was better suited than many different rulers, unlike Earth where vast oceans had separated most of the countries, in Circiensis while there were large bodies of water there was nothing that could compare to the large treacherous depths that had raged on Earth. How anyone could have enjoyed Earth the crown prince did not know. Every time he had been out to the fishing areas of his planet on official Ass-Kissing duties to keep the peoples faith in the monarchy. He had hated the salty smell and waves that lapped at the shore.

Without his near constant travelling the people would start wanting the dukes, lords, ladies and duchesses to weigh in on the important issues, and while they may keep order in each of the cities not all of them were good people.

Oh, and there was the fact that a large majority of their kids were horrendous. The young Nobels desperately wishing to gain a position of power before their parents keeled over and died, or the young ladies who wished to marry their way into power. Or just wanted to share his bed for a few hours.

Not that Agustin blamed them. The same genes that marked him of Human descent also happened to have blessed him with many good features. A thick head of blond hair that curls at the ends, pale green eyes, tanned skin and a strong jaw combined with a leanly muscled body.

His father was his polar opposite. Turning eighty in a months time, his already sparse brown hair was rapidly receding and flecking with grey, His eyes slightly bluer than Agustin's own, are far larger than most and combined with his naturally thin eyebrows, he looks permanently surprised. Being on the short side of average height he often looked quite out of place among the nobility whenever court was held. Though he was loved not for his looks nor his opinions on the happenings of the rest of the galaxy, but for his humour and personality, the proof of his years of smiling could be seen in the smile lines on his face and crows feet at the edges of his eyes. He only ever did what was needed of him according to the treaty, never extending his planets armies services to others. While this wasn't always the way others in Parliament wanted it, but good-natured jokes always won him back the favour of his people and kept his court in order.

His mother had been seven years younger than his father when they married after a mere month of dating, he thought they had been pushed to marry as soon as possible given his father had already been thirty at the time. Probably by his dear grandmother whom he had loved dearly. It was his mother who he got he got the golden curls from as well as the tan skin and height, and if he were being honest it was his mother who he took after in the department of personality. His mother takes argumentative to a whole other level. It was from her who he got his love for banter and debate, he certainly didn't get it from his pushover, non-confrontational father.

Standing from where he had been previously been sat at his desk. He began pacing throughout his bedroom, how he was ever going to plan the next two weeks he did not know. Penna Vulpes, infamous among the young leaders of the galaxy. The jewel of the Bellator and princess of the Montibus Alas people.

The Bellator are Montibus Alas' special forces and are trained to be experts in every form of combat and have the best knowledge of weapons out of almost every race in the galaxy. Chosen at birth to fulfil their roles they make his own planets regulations on training look like nothing.

The Montibus Alas people are different to Agustin's own, very, very different. They have wings. Wings large enough to allow them flight. His father found it brilliant, his mother thought that the array of wing types and colours to be dazzling and loved watching the warrior race zip past in flight whenever they had visited the mountainous planet. Agustin found it to be abominable that there were such differences between the races, and that they flaunted it in front of others was disgraceful, how they could so gladly be abnormal in front of others was unfathomable to him.

Deciding that he would just do what could be considered as a bare necessities tour. Start with the palace, work their way out to the bush before heading to the coast. If they still had time left, he would show her his favourite places in the cities, some of the tea parlours and nice greenhouses.

His planet had made a name for themselves as fine crafters, while they may not be as technologically advanced as some of the other planets in the galaxy, they made up for it in their fine workmanship that they had brought with them from earth, it was a whole new variety of furniture and building materials. Circiensis' beaches have very fine sand with quartz deposits underneath, as well as many other components that make it into the best glass seen in the galaxy.

Architecture made out of his planets glass was strong and durable and when the sun rose or set, colours that had been melted into the glass in the early stages throw themselves across the earth. These colourful displays that take place all over his planet had earned it a nickname among the other planets populous, 'The planet of glass and light'.

Ceasing his pacing he checked his watch for notifications. None from his parents or any other Noble requesting a meeting, but there was one from the kitchen staff warning that dinner would be served in five minutes, he let out a sharp sigh through his nose. It'd take him nearly three minutes to get across to the other side of the castle where dinner would be held, and another minute or two that he would need to get ready for dinner, what he was wearing now was far too casual for dinner with his family and quite possibly the other Nobility. Better to be overdressed than under dressed.

Just as he finished doing up the buttons on his dress shirt, a flustered young member of the palace's staff came flying through his door. Curtsying deeply and mumbling apologies, the words tripping over each other as they flew out of her mouth.

The prince gave her a quick once over that made the words shutter to a stop. Taking a deep breath in she started again.

'Sorry to burst in your highness, but, well, Princess Penna is here early, and she's demanding that her guide come and escort her to dinner.'

'Well fuck.'

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