in the dark

I'm sitting here,

In my room,


In the dark.

Thinking and thinking...

About nothing,

Trying to break free,

But can't.

My sense going numb:

I can't see, I can't feel,

I can't hear, I can't smell,

And I can't taste.

But, after awhile,

I began to lose all sense

In the world;

So none of that matters


Then, I felt somethin'


And then I realized why I

Was goin' faint.

I was losin' blood,

And I don't know why,

Then, I began to slowly

Hear my heart end.

And the reason why I

Began to disappear was...


I had no love in my heart,

Only hatred runs through

My veins,

And why my heart is


But that is a good

Thing 'cause then

I will be given a

New chance at

Love, peace,

Prosperity, hope,

A new life,

A second chance

And a new sense

In the world.

Instead of living in

Terminal darkness

Or in the

Eternal abyss.

Now I live with no

Fear and love is

Always in my heart.

No hatred,

No sorrow,

But love!