The hum of the engine rocks George gently back and forth as the bus travels down the freeway. It's the only noise you can hear, as most people are fast asleep. But of course, George is not. His mind is wandering far beyond this Greyhound, to what the future might bring for him. Things certainly haven't been turning out the way he had planned.

Wrapped beneath his arm in the window seat, Megan is dead asleep. In the dim light of a tunnel, George can make out her facial features. She looks so peaceful, which gives him a sense of hope, too. Maybe, with her beside him, everything will turn out alright.

She feels warm against his side, zipped into his faded blue hoodie. He'd given it to her hours ago when they were waiting at the bus stop; she'd been shivering so he selflessly wrapped her up. He'd do anything for her and the child that's now inside her.

He sighs softly. He's not exactly sure what they're going to find in this new city, far far away from his parents. But he knows that they can figure it out together. They'll settle down somewhere and raise their baby in an environment they can fill with love instead of the control and resentment his parents fed him.

He knows they'll return someday, probably in a matter of a few months. But they needed to get away. They needed to be alone. He had to cut off his parents before their anger spiraled out of control.

He looks back down at Megan: her swollen stomach pushing against his sweatshirt, her chest rising up and down steadily with every breath that she takes, her messy and wind-blown hair. God, he loves this woman. He just wishes he didn't have to constantly be fighting the forces of nature and take off in a bus in the middle of the night for people to realize that.

It's the middle of the night, and Megan is asleep in George's arms on a Greyhound bus. They're headed for a new life, the future before them unwritten.