This is the story of how a sixteen year-old kid did not shoot himself in the head.

On December 15th, 2016, this kid did not walk from his high school to the park after an early release at noon, and he did not have a gun in his backpack. He didn't have a gun in his backpack, because his uncle wasn't suffering from chronic suicidal depression, and he hadn't left the gun with the kid's parents as a safety measure.

Instead, the kid walked home after a short day at his high school, heated up some hot pockets, and waited for his mom to get home. The next day, they flew up to meet his dad and his sister in Washington, where they had a tense family vacation full of derision and frustration. The kid was not doing very well in school, and this made his family feel like they had the right to make him feel worthless.

When they got home, his dad spent every night yelling at him to be better, and his sister took every opportunity to mock him. He has spent a lot of time begging and reasoning with her to stop, but nothing has worked and he was past the point of trying anymore. His mother tried to help, but she didn't know how, and ultimately, it wasn't enough.

His name was Matty, and maybe he should've shot himself in the head.