Tale #20: The SUPERMOON!

Since there was a "supermoon" earlier this week, this Jake Tale from a couple of years ago seemed appropriate for this week.

~Jake Tales~

"Rouff! Rouff!"

I've been very busy for the past few months training my new little sister, Janie, so I haven't had time to record very many of our adventures. She's a little bigger now and doesn't pee on the floor as much, so I have a little time to write since Mom and Dad are making her take a nap right now to give all of the rest of us a break.

Speaking of Mom and Dad, they took us for an early morning run-walk this morning. Well, Mom and Janie did most of the running part. We turned left out of our driveway and the first thing we saw was that schizophrenic Venus lady in the sky. Dad says she's not really a lady, but she changes her mind so much that I suspect he may be wrong. Mom says he's good at that. Anyway, Venus: evening, morning, evening, morning...she can't decide which and keeps changing her mind. It's almost enough to make a poor guy dizzy!

When we finally got to the end of our street (just how many times does Janie have to stop and pee, anyway?), we turned back and that was when I saw it: the SUPERMOON!

Maybe I really shouldn't be using capital letters. Mom and Dad said it looked really huge, but to be perfectly honest, I couldn't tell that it was all that much different than normal. I can still cover the whole thing up with my nose!

Dad says it's bigger now because it's at perigree, which is opposite when it's at a- ap- apology. I'm not sure what it did to be sorry about but it must be pretty bad for everyone to be making such a big deal about it. He also said that it has something to do with traveling in an oval-like shape called an e- el- elephant. Now, I'm not sure what the elephant did to get a cool shape named after himself, but it was really disappointing to learn that he had one and that we dogs, who are so much cooler than elephants, don't. In fact, it hurt my feeling so much that I thought about writing that Webster kid to see if he could change something in his great big book so we could have one, too.

It turned out that I didn't have to write him. I heard Dad practicing his Spanish words and that's when I realized that we actually do have a shape named after us. In Spanish, the word for DOG is PERRO and there's this really cool shape called a perro-lel-o-gram! It has sides that are perro-lel to each other!

~Jake Tales~

Dad's follow-up: Jake, perigree is where the moon comes closest to the Earth, and apogee is when it is furthest from Earth. The moon travels in an ellipitical path that is very similar to a true ellipse.

Dad's note to readers: Jake was so excited about it, I didn't have the heart to tell him that it's actually a parallelogram.

~Jake Tales~

Tale #21: Forbidden Fruit


When we do our run-walk in the morning, we always wait until after we get back to eat breakfast. It's one of my favorite times of day, and, as it turns out, one of Janie's favorite times, too. I really don't see how she can eat that fast; maybe she's just trying to get done quick so she can go pee again.

Dad said that with Fall being here, all of the vegetables from the fields and the fruits from the trees have been or are being harvested. In additon to our early morning run-walks, we've been out a lot recently hiking in the woods and the park since the weather is so nice. We've seen lots of trees with pretty leaves, and Dad often points out some of the tree types to Buddy. In addition to all of the typical forest trees, we've seen several fruit trees, including pear trees, apple trees, and even cherry trees. However, I'm still looking for the cherry Pop-Tart trees. I think they must grow down in Florida with the orange trees.

Yes, Buddy loves Pop-Tarts for breakfast and can eat them almost as fast as Janie eats her food. Sometimes he'll give me a bite if he has anything left. He'll eat cherry Pop-Tarts, but he really prefers the chocolate ones. Now, Mom and Dad say I'm not supposed to have chocolate Pop-Tarts because they can make me sick, but I think they're just teasing me. After all, I've eaten part of Buddy's chocolate Pop-Tarts a few times and they haven't made me the least bit sick. In addition, they just taste so good!

Besides, if they were really so bad for me, why would God have made all those chocolate Pop-Tart trees down in Central America?

~Jake Tales~