Tale #27: The Crazies

"Rouff! Rouff!"

Sorry I haven't been around in a while. It's almost summer again and we've been super busy.

Most things have been going okay, but my Mom and Dad have a serious case of the crazies. In fact, I think they may be even nuttier than those guys on TV. You know, the ones that go looking for turtles or ghosts or Bigfoots! Or is it Bigfeet? If I ever meet one, I've got to ask about that. I'm not sure but I sometimes thhink they may even crazier than those wacky duck guys!

What, you don't believe me? Okay…how about Mom setting up the Christmas forest inside the house in the winter time? Is she trying to grow firewood? And what about putting all those bright little plastic fruits all over all those trees? Why should she get mad at me when I want to sample some of those little fruits? I don't know why she's tries to grow them though. They're break up in little, tasteless pieces when I bite them.

Or, what about when Dad finds an empty popcorn bag and puts it in the little round holder for me to find? Oooh, it's got yummy butter stuff all in the paper! If he really doesn't want me to pull it, and ALL THAT OTHER STUFF, out of the holder a SECOND TIME, don't you think he'd have put it in the big trash can?

But, here's the real proof! A few nights ago, Dad makes Sister Janie and me wait a long time to go outside for our walk because…get this…it's raining! Raining? That's like having a ginormous sprinkler system for the whole neighborhood to play in rather than just getting to play in the hose stream or under the sprinkler in just one yard! It's so super! But what does Dad do when the rain slacks off and we FINALLY go out? He carries an umbrella and comes home completely dry! The crazies were obviously working overtime for him, so (since he obviously wasn't thinking straight for himself about how much fun we could be having) I decided to help him. I'm sure he didn't enjoy it quite as much as he would have enjoyed the real thing, but I made sure to shake all the water on my fur off RIGHT ON HIM!

~Jake Tales~