Something important to know before reading this chapter: This story is going to consist of arcs, each character having their own. There are 12 characters in total, one for each Zodiac Sign. I'm going to start with Aries and work my way through all of the Signs in order. I will indicate which arc a chapter is in its title. Enjoy!

At his office desk, which had stacks of papers, a few pens scattered about, and a solitary computer sat upon it, Mars was busy conducting a report for Sun, his boss. Typing away at the computer keyboard, he was interrupted by a knock at the door. He knew immediately that it must be his son, as he had called his son to come speak to him not long ago.

At Mars' "Come in," his son Aries opened the door and stepped in. At this time, Aries was a young Sign, having the appearance of a boy in his mid-teens. His hair was short-cut and dark red, almost maroon in color, and his eyes were a mesmerizing ruby shade of red. He was wearing a black button-down shirt and black slacks, with the medium-red tie being the only pop of color.

"Hello Father," Aries spoke up, bowing slightly in respect. Mars turned in his swivel chair to face his son, folding his hands in his lap. "Do you happen to have an idea of why I've called you here today, son?" Aries shook his head. "No, Father."

Mars smiled at his son. "I've decided that you are old enough to have your own weapon."

Trying not to bounce up and down in excitement, Aries smiled broadly. "I'm glad, Father."

Mars chuckled affectionately at his son. "I can tell," he replied. "As I've explained to you before, this is a tradition in our family. It is the societal norm to pass down a weapon to the oldest in the next generation. Seeing as you are my only son, that detail is irrelevant. Before I give you your weapon, I must make something very clear: this is not to be taken lightly. This is a very powerful weapon, and it should only be used when necessary. It is not a plaything, understood?" "Understood," Aries replied solemnly. "Very well, this is the weapon I've chosen for you." Mars extended his hand, palm facing upwards. A scarlet glow began emanating from it and stretched into what appeared to be a sword. As the glow faded, Aries' eyes widened; it was his father's sword.

The sword's hilt was dark brown and decorated with a carved signature that Aries didn't recognize. The blade was long and of a golden color, slightly curved. It also had markings on it, including one Aries did recognize; his father's symbol, a circle with an arrow connected to it, pointing towards the area that would signify northeast if it was a compass.

"You want to give me your sword, Father?"

"A replica of it, yes. This sword's design has been passed down through every generation of our family. It's your turn to wield it now."

The sword disappeared just as it had appeared, shrinking into Mars' palm. Before the glow dissipated, Mars took Aries' dominant hand and touched his glowing palm to his son's. Aries watched in awe as the light traveled up his arm, illuminating his veins, before fading moments later.

"Now you have the ability to summon that sword, but you must learn how, of course. I'm going to teach you starting tomorrow. You may be excused now."

"Yes, Father! Thank you!" Aries excitedly and hastily bowed to his father before scurrying out of the room.

Mars sighed as the door to his office closed, turning back to his desk. He wished that his son would attempt to take this more seriously. Shaking off the thought, he got back to work. He needed to prepare for tomorrow.