Ancient Egypt

I am a Pharaoh.
A god.
I leave my palace in a morning
and wander my own tomb.
Every day I enter the different chambers
and learn new information.

There are so many graverobbers wandering
my tomb.
They try to steal from me.
Some of them call themselves "classmates" or "students".
Some of them call themselves "teachers" or "staff".
I call them thieves. Criminals.

During the daily feast
they sit there and drain my life away.
I am spoken to in a foreign tongue by
the thieves who clean the table
and I can do nothing but walk away.

I enter the chamber of wisdom
where I find many scrolls of information.
There is a passageway which I go through
to enter the small chamber dedicated to my kind.
Together we sit and open up our magic scrolls
to work or learn or play.

I leave my tomb and ride in my chariot, returning to my palace.
I look at my shelf of scrolls about the ancient world.
I teach myself to read an ancient language instead of doing my work.

But Apophis calls from my tomb.
He reminds me how much of a disgrace I am.
How much of a failure I am.
No Pharaoh or god should listen to such words,
but he is powerful.

Apophis asks me why I am interested in Egypt.
"Why Egypt?"

Because I am my own Pharaoh and I choose where my path takes me.