Sitting in the cafe,
Looking at her friends,
Phoebe asked Chandler
"Wanna hang out?"

Chandler said "No.
Work is very busy".

So Phoebe asked the others,
But they all said the same.

One day she called Chandler.
"I don't get out very much," she confessed.
"Why don't we just hang out one day?"

Wouldn't that be lovely?
To finally get to know a friend
Who you don't speak to often
Because you're in a group?

But when Chandler gave his answer,
Phoebe's heart indeed did shatter.

"I'm lying to you, Phoebe," he said.
"You are not my friend. I don't
Want to hang out with you."

Phoebe, with tears, asked:
"And what of the others?"

Chandler said solemnly:
"Our group doesn't enjoy your company".

And Phoebe reflected on her life,
Looking back at all of her fond memories.
The memories of her and her

They had always been lying to her.