Here in my house I walk
And see nothing but boxes for miles.
From toys to books, wherever I look,
A box holds what makes me smile.

It's over, it's over,
Switzerland is over.
Two years have passed;
My return draws closer.

It's weird to see a house of boxes
Instead of a house of mine.
Slowly the furniture is packed or sold,
And the sight of the changes makes me feel so old.

But England is where my heart has always been,
And my friends back there await me.
So despite what I'll miss, I'm happy to go;
I'll return to society.

No longer am I lost and no longer am I a teen,
Since now I have hit the age of eighteen.
Out here I made friends and lost them all.
Some of them said they were friends but lied.
Another, which hurts, went to the lake and died.

I will look back to these two years
With my eyes filled with tears,
But I'll smile and remember
The few good things here,
And I'll remember everything I missed
While I was away.
England, I am coming to stay.