A/N: I was told that publishing my story on here would help me to get Authors to reach out, so I decided to give it a try with the book I am writing about growing up with a sister with Down Syndrome. When I get it published it wouold be called something else, and will have a lot more chapters, but this is what I am going to share for now. I hope you understand this is written from the heart...

Halee's Heart: Memories from a Big Sister

What's Down Syndrome?

Down Syndrome, Down's Syndrome, DS, Downs, also even called trisomy twenty-one.

DS is a genetic disorder where the person is born with an extra chromosome. The people

who have DS, sometimes have physical growth delays, certain facial features: flat noses,

almond shaped eyes, and sometimes mild, or moderate intellectual disabilities. They

sometimes have a low IQ, but doesn't mean they aren't smart.

Alright, so now that I finished quoting what doctors have explained in the past, let me

tell you my experience with my sister, who was born Rock'n her 21st chromosome.

My sister was one of the most loving, caring, bravest, and determined people I had ever

known. She was in-and-out of hospitals a lot of her life, but thanks to our parents, it

didn't mean they made the hospital the only thing my sister knew. She lived a real life,

by meeting new people, and just enjoying everything that life had to offer.

She had holes in her heart, some of which the doctors weren't able to patch, and would

occasionally get seizures. The second half of her life, she was on oxygen. Which didn't

stop her from doing what any child would do, she would just do it at her own pace.

She was friends with her doctors, and nurses, never seeing them as a threat, because she

knew they were there to take care of her. She loved them all, even when she had to get

shots from them, she would still greet them with a smile. It took a couple of nurses to

hold her down, but when the shot was over, I was able to hear her from the hallway,

outside the blood bank area.

"Yaye, good girl," She would exclaimed. A teary smile always appeared on her face,

acting as if she hadn't just been held in her seat, and poked with a needle. She was

braver than I use to be back than.

She had a smile for anyone she met, and sometimes even a hug, if the person was lucky.

Yes sometimes it scared me when I took her for walks around our condos, and she would

say hello to some seemingly scary looking people, who ended up not being as bad as my

imagination made them to be.

She did learn at her own pace, but she had an eidetic memory, when it came to

remembering scenes, and words, from all her favorite shows. People with DS, are

known for learning at a slower pace, but that doesn't make them dumb. Because the key

word is 'learn', and to me as long as your mind is able, and willing to learn new things

than no one is dumb. There is never a reason to let others call you names, or for you to

call anyone else any names, just because they don't learn at the same level as you.

My sister, along with others with DS, don't have a judgmental bone in there body. They

have emotions just like all of us, if there mad they let you know, and usually after

cooling off are back to there happy selves. Unlike some of us, who could hold a grudge

for a long time. They have hobbies, and interest just like everyone else.

Halee loved to sing, dance, play dress up, watch movies, color, and play computer

games that taught her new things. She had a great laugh, and the ability to make others

laugh along with her, even when they were feeling down.

She never let her oxygen, or being in a wheel chair when she went out, ruin the fun she

was always ready to have with her loved ones.

So what I think DS is to me, is a super power, which few are lucky enough to witness. It

is chosen for those, who God knows, is able to handle the awesomeness. So if you are

ever lucky enough to meet someone, with an extra chromosome, than make sure you

make the best of the experience.

This story is going to highlight, some of the highs, and lows (if there are any) memories,

of having a sister who was rock'n her 21st chromosome.

Please enjoy this book, and make yourself comfortable, because that is what my sister

would want.