Stages of Rebekah's writing process

1. Pregnancy- The story only exists in my head. It exists solely to entertain me, myself, and I. It may be written down in a notebook with pencil and/or ink, but it's not meant for anyone else to look at.

2. It's my baby, it must be perfect- My rapid writing stage where I basically want to read the story but it has to come out of my fingers first. I show the stories to others, but if criticized too much at this point, it will die in the cradle as I cry in the corner. If well loved and encouraged, I'll write even more even faster.

3. Teenage changes- When the story has been on the shelf too long, it suddenly become ugly. Whether this is because I realized I left a plot hole that I try to fill that entirely changes the story or because I simply don't like my own writing depends on the story. This is the point where I seek criticism and start to hate my own writing, which is why it's dangerous to bring too short of a story to this phase. If the rewrites are big enough, it may go back to stage 2.

4. It's an adult… I failed it…- Only Liberation has ever reached this stage. I go back and read it with a red pen in hand and can't get very far in before I feel like throwing up. The worst part? I can't change a single thing because 1) it's published and 2) I don't think it can be recovered.

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