I sat in the court, knowing exactly where this is going to be leading. If you're wondering who i am, i'm Jennifer Monroe. I'm a professor of physics. A few weeks ago i was recruited by a military supplier called AMS. Short for American Military supplies. America's biggest arms supplier. My life wasn't exactly going that well then, i was barely keeping myself alive. My parents were CEOs of a big global technology company that went bankrupt and was dissolved not too long ago. My parents also died shortly afterwards. My life's been going downhills ever since. Then a job offer with salaries like that came, why would i say no? So i went there, and the days after that was a bit of a blur. An accident happened, and i was involved. And somehow, i'm taking the blame. The 2 most powerful companies in all of America are blaming me for it. But they know. They know it's not me. The chances of me walking out of this clean is basically none. And what can i do? Nothing.

"...i have evidence supporting the AMS's statement." said someone. I sighed and looked up blankly. I was so tired after all these days. I wish they could just get over with it. Kill me if they need to. Just hurry up. Several statements from them latter, i was finally sentenced.

"...the military court sentences Ms Jennifer Monroe to exile."

I abruptly looked up. Exile? That's not what i expected. According to Haworth i was going to be executed. I slowly followed the filing crowd out of the court room.

"Professor Monroe," somebody called from behind me. I turned around. A man in his mid-twenties with ginger brown hair and golden whisky eyes stood in front of me with a warm smile. He also wore the judges uniform. So another judge then. "Steven Hoggart. I'm here to discuss to you about your exile." he put his hand out for me to shake. Unlike all the other judges, there was something different about him. All the others were the serious and dull type that would do whatever they're told without questioning it. Him? He looked so simple with that smile. So relaxed. But yet in the most unnoticeable part, you could see the bravery, the ambition, the fire burning inside of him. It was obvious to me that he thinks he's not reaching his full potential in this job. I shook his hand and pulled my face into a smile. "hey."

"would you mind coming with me?" i gave a slight nod and followed him along the long identical corridors. this must be a really easy place to get lost in I thought. As if reading my thoughts, he replied with a "it is a really easy place to get lost in. I got so lost when i first got here." I smiled in response. If i wasn't being exiled, i would've liked to get to know him better. Maybe i could ask him out for coffee latter? There might be a few days between now and the day i get deported. He pushed the door of one of the rooms open. There were also several other people in the room. People i didn't know. He offered me a seat at the end of the table and left. Shame he wasn't staying.

"hey" i said, sitting down.

"hello, professor. As you probably know already, we're here to discuss about your exile."

"yes" i said clearing my throat. "the guy, um Steve, told me." i replied. "so where am I being deported to?"

"Planet PI2164. Parallel universe." replied the person in a a-matter-of-fact tone

"I'm sorrry? I think I must be a bit drowsy after these few days. Didn't think i heard you correctly." i laughed. Did i really just heard the words parallel universe? I must be going mad.

"You heard me, professor. Planet PI2164. it's a parallel universe."

"What?" i yelled, a bit too loudly. "but parallel universes are just theoretical places right? There aren't any scientific proof that they exist." i stuttered. But i was uncertain about the fact that they didn't exist. I was working on a project that never got finished on multiple universes before i left.

"you'd be surprised how many things are kept from you, professor Monroe." replied another with a smug smile.

"But how would you send me there? Surely building a rocket would be too expensive?"

"you are right. But it's not too much of a problem with the inter-dimensional shuttle." said another. "oh don't worry," he said upon seeing my expression. "it's perfectly safe. You're not the first one to be sent up there. Although you are the first criminal to be exiled there."

The word criminal lasted in my head. Is this what i have become now? A criminal, a prisoner? "When am i being sent there?"

"Today. Actually we were just about to take you to the shuttle station."

"Today?" there goes that cup of coffee with Steve. "why today? I don't even have the time to pack and everything. Can't it be rearranged to tomorrow?" i would've still liked to visit several people before i got sent off to a weird planet in another universe. Otherwise they'd never know what happened to me. I still needed to arrange Iron man ,my cat, to his new family!

"i'm afraid that can't be rearranged. We were also given strict orders to follow, and you are coming with us to the center today." the woman replied, looking down at her watch. "it's about time we get moving too, professor Monroe."

They all stood up, intending to leave. I sat there, thinking. So this is it then. A page being turned. A new life, a new planet. I didn't even get the chance to say goodbye to anyone. What would they think of me if i just disappeared like this? I still wanted to talk to Matt before i left. There's so many things i want to do and so many words i want to say. But these things are never going to happen again. 'Cause I'm leaving, and i'm not coming back.