During the nightmare crisis Zachary's were dying in the hundreds. The darkness from the mazes gave little to no visibility. Ambushes happened on a regular basis. Then the shapeshifter Zachary's had an idea. Take the essence of a spithre and infuse in non shifter Zacharys. Known as the eight spithre as there were eight of. Symbolic as the spithre has eight eyes and legs.

The eight were devastating on the battle. They could crawl up walls and see in the dark. Their legs could puncher even the toughest armor. Their acid dissolved through bodies, armor, and doors. Indeed during battle they just sent in the eight. Soon every Zachary wanted to be a spithre. Seasoned warriors volunteered. Eight turned in dozens. Dozens turned into hundreds.

Like all thing with Zachary's the noble cause would crumble. Zachary's were using their power to settle old scores. Become Zachanvits kings and even in some cases kill the Zachary gods. As such they were hunted down and given no quarter. No one knows how many are left some Zachary's say only the original eight are left. Fighting to amend the wrongs their brothers did. Other say they are in caves rallying the common giant spithres for an invasion. More disturbing others say they met non Zachary's (women) and mated producing foul shapeshifting spawns.

No one truly knows now it's a story we tell disobedient kin. If you don't behave a Zachary spithre will wrap you up and eat you.