Verse 1

It might take you an eternity, but you will realize what you've lost.

And it might take me a while, but I will get my fingers uncrossed.

There's no point in dwelling in what might have been.

Sentiments are futile, for me they've lost all meaning.


Time to move on, time to break through the pain.

Time to live now, time to survive again.

I will emerge victorious,

The day will be so glorious.

It's enough to make me fight

Through this maze that you designed.

Verse 2

How will I ever heal if you keep picking at my scabs?

Wasn't it enough to leave me bleeding when I was stabbed?

It's time I grew a new skin, and if you slip under it once more,

This time I'll bury you right there, and I'll cement all the doors.


Time to grow up, time to be a proper man.

Time to let go, stop hurting me just cause you can.

You know you'll be defeated,

The fire in me is deep seated,

And I'll never give up the fight

Through this maze that you designed.