Hello readers.

This is a poem I just thought up. This is my first poem on this sight so please review I would like to know what you think of it and if a lot of people like it I might do more like this but if you don't I'll try to improve. I am not an orphan and have never been in a war so this is me imagining myself as a child who has been through war and is an orphan and a lady is trying to give me something like a dress or a sweet but I'm too scarred by war. Oh with the spit out and saliva that was only a figure of speech.

Note: Words written like this belong to the child while words written like this belong to the lady.

Hello dear child,

would you like some sweet milk and honey?

How about a pretty dress?

No dear lady,

I do not wish for any of these things;

I wish for something else.

Then dear child,

what do you wish for?

I know a pet shop with a beautiful bird.

No dear lady,

I do not wish for the poor bird;

I wish for something else.

Why dear child,

you have such a sad look.

Is there anything to put a smile on your face?

No dear lady,

there is nothing to put a smile on my face.

You put this look on my face.

Sad dear child,

what do you mean?

I have wished nothing harmful on you.

No dear lady,

say this to my parents,

who lie dead on the battlefield.

Say this to the men,

who lie in their blood.

Who fought without will.

Say this to orphans,

who grovel at your feet.

Who do not desire dresses or pets.

Say this to me,

not the child you see before you.

I only desire love.

Say this to the houses,

broken windows flooding water and

crooked doors unable to open.

No dear lady,

do not say this to war.

War is its own pleasure.

War seeks only itself.

It consumes those who love it.

Seek those who spit you out.

They give you their saliva.