"Oi!" shouted a panicked voice from behind the wooden door, the rusted hinges groaning in protest at the abuse it was serving from the hand banging on it.

You see, the one suffering the abuse laying in bed was Lewis Bell, but Lewis isn't like any other kid.

Instead of being 'afraid' of Pirates, he is intrigued by them.

You see this made him an outcast, a 'weirdo' as many kids liked to call him. Pirates were well known vigilantes, and were ruthless.

Lewis was aboard The Myrmidon, a Norwegian ship that was continuously on patrol around the Scandinavian areas, but Lewis blended into the Norwegian areas fairly well. He was nothing special.

He had long, blonde hair that went up to his shoulders, not bothering for a hair cut.

But you see, he lost his parents and from what he remembers, he was in a ship disaster that involved a lot of slime and his mother and father were gone while he went alone on his way to the Norwegian main-land.

Women in his time, the year was 1696 by the way, were treated unfairly, compared to men, who were classed as 'superiors' to the women. His mother died not long after, when he was around 7, and he was picked up from a sailing family in the south while he travelled, they were quite well-off too.

But apart from his blonde hair, Lewis had piercing grey eyes that conjured up a wave, and could make the most brave of bullies cower in fear, and make most storms curl in a ball and weep in envy.

Yesterday was Lewis's 15th Birthday. And he had started duelling with his foster-father, a few years ago, he had moved to England with his foster family to train for the British army.

But Lewis had no intention of his life being in the hands of others.

He wanted to mould himself into what Lewis would call 'adequate' he was a very independent lad that loved a good adventure and could take good care of himself.

But he was positively knackered when he retired to bed the night before, his baggy-white collar and black waist-coat clung to him with sweat like it was his second skin. He was too tired to argue when his adoptive-mother fussed over him like a puppy when he was slightly bleeding from his shoulders, so he let her do her thing, she had a knack for good healing when one of her family was involved. But that night he felt something weird just before he fell to bed, and he knew that feeling all to well, he just had a really good gut instinct.

The next day wasn't going to end very well.

He grudgingly opened his still-heavy eyes and opened the door slowly, the creaking suddenly reminding him that he was out at sea.

"What on earth do you want Miles, to wake me up at 6:00 in the morning?"

Miles Gribble was 16, a year older than him, and had black hair that he forbid going past his shoulders, so it was tied in a pony tail, with one long fringe at the front partially covering his right eye. He had an elegant pearly-white collar with a shiny golden waistcoat on him, fitting his muscular form nicely.

"Dad says their is an emergency, and that I need to escort you to the lifeboats immediately."

The thought of an emergency to Michael Gribble was like a 50-meter wide Maelstrom to a hardened veteran soldier. Yeah not a very pleasant situation, and to send him to a lifeboat was even worse. He also didn't miss the slight fear and panic behind the mask Miles was trying to put on.

But his thoughts suddenly froze as he remembered this situation perfectly almost 10 years ago.

Norweigan Seas, 10 Years Ago

It was 6:00 in the morning and it was pretty basic. His birthday was yesterday and he still felt the little bit of pride of turning 5 years old.

He was an only child but his mother was expecting a little brother for him to play with when they were off onto their work, with mother buying groceries and father going on emergency meetings with Commodore William Knightley, he was alone quite often.

So his mother had to be extremely careful and slow while she moved.

He was having his breakfast with him happy mother and father, on his fathers personal ship, The Iron Duke, when he heard it.

It was a deep roar, that shook all the pans hanging on pegs into each other, barging each other and creating an eerie atmosphere as the wooden table violently tapped onto the floor as it shook, the plates clattering to the floor. Smashed into pieces.

Back to the Present

He remembered what the creature said to him telepathically while he sat on the beach and immediately felt his blood run cold.

"Miles, forget the belongings we have to go-"

Then there was a deep roar.

10 Years Ago, Norweigan Sea

His mother was screaming, he didn't understand why, but he knew there must be something dangerous happening, he looked at his father and saw him immediately move to stand at the window and look outside, he saw him pale and his mouth, fall into a slight O as it quivered, yet he still found it quite warm.

He then looked down and found his toys moving around on the floor, he felt like he wasn't on water anymore, but in the air, confusion rose to his mind until he went into full-alert mode, looking around the walls and the ceiling, he never noticed the beam hitting his mother in the abdomen while he looked outside at the slimy tentacle that was wrapping itself around the captains cabin of the ship, where he was eating.

His father finally turned away from the window, looking at his mother he immediately saw tears run down his fathers face, confused he turned around, but soon fell into tears as well as he saw what happened.

His mother sat there, mouth agape slightly, while thick,crimson red liquid stained the large, wooden beam that impaled her stomach, right into her womb. her face was pale, and eyes were wide. Without the fire in them her mother used to possess, the light was long gone in her eyes and all that was left there was a grey, she looked almost zombie-like, he was too busy rushing to his mother and holding her hand, that he didn't feel his father grab him and rush out onto the deck, his warm tears wetting his hair.

They got to the life-boats, he could hear his fathers haggard breaths and his wet, expensive boots slapping the slippery floor as the rain drizzled his hair.

His father lowered the boat, rushing him and himself onto it, and he quickly took the paddle, rowing the boat north.

But the moment he started using the paddles, a large,thick tentacle grabbed him and strangled him, before pulling his deceased body into the water, he felt the need to throw up, and his body let him once he heard what the creature said to him.

"10 Years of Safety I give you, scion of Bell"