I was having a sleepover at Di Thuy's house. My cousin and I were playing videogames in the basement and I needed to use the bathroom so I went upstairs and I was passing by Di Thuy's room, I saw her naked since she just came out of her bath. She was so sexy with her long, beautiful, black hair which was still wet and I saw her sexy round size B-cup tits. And then my curiosity made me look down, she still hadn't seen me yet, and I saw a clean shaven pussy that was still dripping and I could feel my cock turning hard. I stared and gazed at her for almost a minute until I realized that I still needed to use the bathroom.

Later that day, I kept finding myself looking at Di Thuy and getting hard, despite my efforts to resist and my mind telling me,

Dude, she is your freaking aunt!

Yeah, but she is still sexy as hell!

Whatever, you weirdo...

When I was about to go to sleep all tucked up in my blanket, when my aunt walked in wearing her pajamas, but the weird thing was that I could imagine her naked body behind her clothes and my dick started getting hard once again. I tried as hard as I could to cover it with my blanket. Di Thuy said goodnight to her son, my cousin, and after about 30 seconds we already heard him snoring. After she turned towards me and got down to say goodnight and I also got down to kiss me on my cheek. At that point, my dick was starting to hurt against my pants and it rose almost making the blanket rise a little. She must have felt it against her arm or something because when she was going to kiss me on the cheek, she kinda stuck her tongue out and lightly licked my cheek and half kissed me on my lips. Then she whispered in my ear sexily,

"Oh, what is this that I feel..."

I was at a loss for words, "Uhh.. Ummm.. I-"

And then my cousins snoring grew louder for a moment and my aunt whispered in my ear again,

" Looks like we'll have to take care of this in my room..." And she got up and gestured for me to follow her. I looked at her for a second in disbelief and eventually got up quietly and we walked almost silently to her room and she started walking towards her Queen sized bed. She said,

"Come here" And almost like a robot I obliged and then she playfully pushed me on the bed onto my back. Then she did what I had been dreaming of the whole day and kissed me full on my lips. The kiss got more passionate and her tongue started exploring my mouth. My dick rose even higher and it poked her near her crotch. I started blushing, but that seemed to get her even hornier. Finally, she ended the kiss and stood up. My aunt eyed the tent in my pants and started unbuttoning her shirt. I stared at her while she took off her pants revealing a thin lacy bra and a soaked thong. I couldn't believe what was happening, but then she said,

"I thought I saw you staring at me when I got out of the shower." I blushed even more and she took off her bra and thong and I saw the beautiful B-cup tits and her shaven, pink pussy.

She got down and slowly started taking off my pants and underwear revealing my fully erect 5 and a half inch long dick. When she took my my underwear my dick lightly smacked her face and she giggled.

"Wow, your dick is so long and hard!" Suddenly I remembered something,

"What about your husband?" I asked, but she just waved it away,

"He fell asleep on the couch downstairs. Now enough talk, I wanna taste this thing!" I thought I didn't hear her right, but then she started licking the tip of my dick.

"Tasty" Then she engulfed my whole dick in her mouth and started bobbing her head up and down. I felt her tongue going around the head of my dick and I was like in pure bliss. I was moaning and my eyes rolled in the back of my head. She started deepthroating me and my dick felt the walls of her throat and her nose touched my stomach.

"Ohh... Di Thuy! I'm going to cum!" That just made her suck even harder and faster. I felt my balls tighten and I shot my whole load in her mouth. I heard her moan and swallow all of it. She took my dick out of her mouth with a pop! And gave it one last kiss.

" Fuck! That tasted so fucking good! Hearing that made me shoot another string of cum on her face and her tits, making her look even sluttier. She wiped some of it with her finger and put in her mouth.

"Now, it's time for you to fuck me and make me feel good!" She said seductively. Di Thuy got on the bed and started getting on top of me, placing her pussy right above my hard dick. Then she went down and started bouncing on my dick up and down, riding me like a cowgirl.

"Fuck! Fuck! That feels so fucking good! YES!" She yelled and moaned. It felt so good for me too like I was in heaven. She grabbed my hands and placed them on her round tits and made me squeeze and massage them. They were so soft and felt so good.

"Oh Yeah! Just like that! Yes Baby!" She rode for another half an hour until I announced,

"Ohh... I'm about to cum!"

" Me too! Let's cum together at the same time!" I felt her pussy walls tighten around my dick and then I came inside her, shooting my whole load inside her pussy and I felt her cum on my dick.

She bent down and kissed me while I massaged her tits.

"Damn, that felt so good! We need to do that again!" She said. The thought of doing it again excited me and I shot another string of cum into her.

"Yeah, definitely!" Then we fell asleep with my dick still in her and cum everywhere.