It was Saturday morning, I was laying in bed still, not wanting to wake up. I thought about yesterday and how crazy it was, when my door opened and I saw Di Thuy standing there. I was a bit surprised because I hadn't heard anyone, she probably tiptoed trying to be quiet.

" Hi, good morning. Why are you here?" I asked her.

"Well… Your mom had to go run some errands with Mimi and won't be home until 3 so she asked me to babysit you guys."

"Why did she take Mimi?" I asked, puzzled.

"Because it was a bunch of boring shopping errands that she knew that you wouldn't like."

"But-" I was interrupted before I could finish.

"Who cares? Do you want to have sex with me or not?!" My aunt exclaimed, clearly frustrated which kinda made her look more cute.

"Uhh… yea.. I kinda do." I said, excitedly. I could already feel my dick getting hard. My aunt walked towards me and took off her shirt and pants revealing, no bra or panties.

"Wow. What a slut. No bra or underwear?" She chuckled and said,

"I am a slut and those are just too restricting anyway." She climbed on my bed and pulled my pants down, letting my hard dick pop out. I took off my shirt while my aunt stroked and licked my dick. She had just started blowing me when I heard my sister say,

"Hey, Mommy and Mimi are gone so do you want to-" She paused when she entered my room and saw Di Thuy sucking my dick. Then I noticed that she was also fully naked and I couldn't help but stare at the two sexy naked woman in my room, one who was sucking my dick.

"What the fuck? When did you get here?" My sister asked.

"I got here around 5 minutes ago and you better watch your language. " My aunt replied.

"Well, might as well have a threesome with my aunt and my brother." My sister said resignedly with a shrug. She walked over to me and climbed on top of me, crashing her lips on mine. My aunt resumed her amazing blowjob while I made out with my sister. Then I inserted 3 fingers into her wet pussy, moving them in and out. Suddenly, my aunt stopped sucking my dick and said,

"I have the best idea ever. What if we have our little threesome in your mom's room?"

"Oh, she is going to be so pissed." My sister warned.

"I know, that's what makes it so good. Imagine the look on her face when she finds out that her son, daughter, and sister all fucked on her bed." My aunt said, mischievously. My sister smiled, so did I.

"Let's do it." So we all got up, still naked and walked over to my mom's bedroom. I admired my sister's and my aunt's sexy bodies as they walked, if someone were to open the door right now, they would be confused as hell. I laughed a little at the thought.

When we got to the room, I jumped onto the bed and both girls followed. They started giving me a double blowjob to get my dick hard again. My aunt moved her body so that her pussy was right on top of my face, I got the message and licked and sucked it, trying to find her sweet spots. I heard and felt my aunt moan with my dick in her mouth which caused it to jump. My hands roamed my aunt's body, feeling her back and massaging her ass.

"Spank me like the naughty girl that I am!" My aunt yelled. So I slapped her ass a couple of times, enough to make it turn pink. My sister opened her mouth and let saliva drool onto my dick, covering it and making it wet. My aunt then devoured my dick, swirling her tongue while deepthroating and gagging for a couple of seconds. I finally found her sweet spot or G-spot, I stuck my tongue in their and rapidly flicked it around making my aunt moan loudly and suck my dick faster.

Finally, I felt my dick twitch and came all over my aunt's face and tits. My sister quickly went to lick some cum off Di Thuy's tits, while my aunt was cleaning her face with her finger and putting the cum in her mouth. While my sister was playing with my aunt's tits, my aunt came all over my face and I did my best to take all of it in my mouth. It strangely tasted like a delicious apple juice.

"Don't swallow all of it. I wanna taste myself and let your sister get some." My aunt moaned, so I held it all in my mouth and kissed her, pushing some of her juices into her mouth with my tongue.

"Hey, let me get some too." My sister said and I went over to her and did the same, letting her taste my aunt's juices.

"Now, I want you to fuck me in the ass since I heard you've analed your sister." My aunt got on all fours and placed her ass in front of my hard erection, so I thrusted into her tight asshole, causing her to yelp in surprise.

"Oh shit! Fuck! That feels so fucking good… " My aunt moaned, while eating out my sister. I put my hands on my aunt's sides, feeling her perfect and smooth skin, while going in and out at a pretty fast rate. My sister was moaning, with her back arched, and squeezing her tits.

After a while of a steady rhythm, I felt my dick about to come. "Just cum and fill up my ass! Yes!" I released my load into my aunt's ass, making her moan real loud.

"Aw man! You didn't finish making me cum!" My sister whined so I grabbed her and pushed flat against the bed and whispered in her ear,

"Let me fix that for you…" She smiled sexily as I plunged my dick into my sister's wet pussy making her moan my name. I went in and out, while using my hands to work her tits carefully. My aunt sat on my sister's face making her eat her out. My aunt then bent down and spit some saliva onto my shaft, making it slide in and out smoother. She stroked the part of my shaft that wasn't in my sister's pussy and talked naughty,

"Oh yeah… Fuck your sister's little pussy… You like that don't you? That feeling of your dick inside of her?" At that moment I couldn't hold it anymore, and neither could my sister. We both came hard, our juices mixing and we both groaned. I pulled out and my aunt immediately started sucking all the cum off my dick. My dick was still a little sensitive after the coming, but I let her do it anyway. Then she licked the leaking cum from my sister's pussy and with it all in her mouth, she turned to my sister and kissed her, letting her get and taste some of our juices. Then they turned to me and both opened her mouth showing all the white and sticky cum inside her mouth. They giggled and used their tongues to swish it all around a little. The scene was just too sexy with my sister and my aunt's mouth full of our cum.

All three of us laid there, covered in cum, panting. After a while, Di Thuy sighed and said,

"Well, looks like you two are all good for today. I'm just gonna take a quick bath." She went to our bathroom and we heard the bath water running. I looked over to my sister and said,

"I'll clean up after her." She nodded and we laid there while my sister slowly rubbed her pussy.