Our Dream

You dream of me, I dream of you.

We dream and we dream, not knowing

It'll turn to a nightmare into reality

And we still dream; dreaming we were

In a peaceful world; a world we were

In together, dreaming of a peaceful

world; yet you still dream of me,

And I still dream of you,

We dream and we dream, not knowing

It'll be our last dream we're dreaming

Together; a world we dream of

Peacefully, awaiting our nightmarish

Reality that will soon be in our wake;

We dream of a peaceful world that is

Ours and ours alone; and yet we dream

And dream, then we find ourselves

Trapped within our peaceful dream, the

Dream we soon realized was our reality

And a nightmarish dream that we cannot

Escape, so we dream and dream, awaiting

Our fate.