During the events of where Kanisha's family secret powers are revealed, the family looks at Kanisha wondering what to do, then it hit her.

"Why should we have to worry?". Kanisha wonders in confusion.

Kanisha takes a deep breath, and walks out the door, but everybody was gone, no cars, no people.

"They're gone, all of them". Dumbra said, surprised.

"But, how, I mean nobody leaves that fast". Kisa asks curiously.

"Something probably spooked them and I know what". Kanisha figures out, as she looks out the window.

Which gets the whole family's attention, where they see a fifty-foot male gray wolf sitting down, and looks at Kanisha.

Kanisha looks back at the wolf and runs outside, where the wolf and Kanisha gaze at each other, and soon the wolf shrinks to the size of a normal wolf.

"Is he safe?". Kisa asks in fear.

"Yes, ahh!" Kanisha said calmly, but starts to feel pain.

Which causes the earth to shake, icicles surround the house, and fire to surround her.

"Kanisha, remember calm". Dumbra calls to her friend.

Kanisha closes her eyes, that helps her focus, which stops the mess.

"Does that always happen?". asked The gray wolf.

"No, I don't know why, that happened". Kanisha replied.

"Then, let's find out, today or tomorrow". Sciencia said in excitement.

"Well, it's only 7:00, we still have plenty of time". Kanisha observed from off her watch.

"Well, what are waiting for". Kisa feeled with joy.

Kanisha,Sciencia,Kisa,Dena,Sana, and Dumbra go into an empty room, where pratice their magic.

Sciencia causes experiments from test tubes, which surrounds her, like energy.

Kisa works on her agility, while singing.

Sana uses her fire powers in the form of a bow and arrow, that hits a target.

Dena figures out, that her powers is from the supernatural, like vampire, witch, and fairy.

Dumbra's powers is super strength, super fast,and a sonic scream.

Last, Kanisha calmly uses her powers, that shows her, She has elemental powers, that are controlled by her emotions.

Kanisha also has a snake tail, which can turn into multiple tools.

"It seems out of all of us, Kanisha is the most powerful, I wonder why". Sciencia observed.

"Maybe because of her vivid imagination, and mutated chemicals combined, it's giving some kind of boost". Kisa guessed.

"Are you trying to say that her imagination is helping her, unlock infinite amount of powers like she always wanted?". Sciencia wondered.

"I guess, to be honest, i'm not sure what I just said". Kisa replies.

"Well, I didn't get it either, I mean my imagination isn't that strong". Kanisha said in disbelief.

"Never doubt yourself,kanisha, wait I just remember something". Sciencia said kindly.

"What?" asked Kanisha.

"If we're alive, does that mean, the other imaginary friends alive too". Sciencia wonders.

In Africa, a ten-year-old blonde with long hair, wearing an safrai outfit with red shoes, and no hat named Sally, is helping a baby tiger recover.

"See your leg is better already". Sally said.

The baby tiger smiles, which is when her mom shows up, and takes her home.

"Bye baby tiger, and tiger mom". Sally says goodbye.

Just as Sally is walking away, a nine-year-old brunette wearing a red shirt, blue jeans, and pink sneakers named Nika with her mom and dad.

"See I told you, the girl is real". Nika blurted.

Sally spreads her angel wings, which makes her outfit change into a white dress.

"She is real". said Nika's mother, a Twenty-seven-year-old with long brown hair, wearing a white shirt, red skirt, and blue heels, amazed.

"Hi, names Sally, it's nice to meet you". Sally said in a friendly way,flying in the air.

Then, Sally comes down slowly, which is when Nika hugs her.

"My dream did come true, would you like to come to my house?". asked Nika.

"If you don't mind". replied Nika's father, a twenty-nine-year-old with short blond hair, wearing a red shirt, a watch on his left hand, white pants, and brown shoes.

"Really, you know I haven't made many human friends, sure I love to come". Sally agreed.

The other imaginary friend is revealed to be underground Kanisha's house, where there is a secret meremaid school.

That shows a eleven-year-old girl with long black hair, white skin, wearing a purple shirt and pants, looking like cloth, and black shoes named Eva, with three meremaids:

Barbie with short blond hair, red bikini and a orange tail.

Teressa has long brown hair, pink bikini, and a purple tail.

Nita has long blue hair, with a yellow bikini and a red tail and many others with different patterns like the rainbow.

"Alright, everybody line up, it's racing time". Eva calling the meremaids.

The meremaids swim to the starting line with Eva holding a red flag.

"Alright,ready, set, wait". Eva said when the phone start ringing.

"Hello, Sally, my Australian friend, what's up". Eva answered the phone.

"Friend, I discovered the most wonderful thing ever". Sally said, filled in excitement and in an Australian accent.

"Okay, what's the news, What!" Eva said,surprised.

"What's the matter, Eva". Barbie asked, concerned.

"Sally somehow became real, now she's hanging out with an austrailian family, which makes me wonder". Eva explained.

"Okay, ready, set, go". Eva said quickly, still on the pone.

"Already told them to go, you sure about this". Eva worried.

"Yes, you taught them well". said Sally, certained.

Through the water, Barbie, Nita, and Teressa find a line of fishing poles, and the finishing line on the other side.

"Ready girls". Barbie asked

"Ready". Teressa and Nita said in unison.

Heading towards the finshing line, Barbie helps her friends avoid the fishing poles, Teressa helps some fish escape, and Nita goes up to the surface.

Where a three-year-old boy with blue hair, wearing blue shirt, black jeans, and red sneakers.

"Look, the meremaid, I spoke about". the boy said.

"Whoa!" Exclaimed the adult.

Back with Kanisha's family in Springfield, where Sciencia looks thrugh the map of all of Kanisha's previous imaginary friends and calls one friend.

"Please, hope she's nowhere public". Sciencia whispered.

"Not going to happen". Kanisha whispered back.

(The screen switches to South Taylor Ave, where a sixteen-year-old girl with black and pink highlights, a black biker outfit, and black boots, when she notice her phone is ringing.)

"Yes, i'm heading for Subway to meet my friends, why, what". Lola answered her phone, while she appeared on grass and turn her motorcycle into a key chain.

"A sonic wave has caused all of the imaginary friends to become real". Sciencia told the girl.

"Uh oh, I got my get my friends". Lola reacted, and rushed away from the car wash and heads to subway, by shooting her graphling hook to the tip of the roof.

Since there cars and Lola needs to hur bry, she rides hewasr z ipline and enters through the

Lola got there at just the right time for her biker gang is surrounded by people with guns, but Lola gets in the way.

"Whoa! what do you think your doing". Lola interfered.

"These friends of yours trying to pick a fight with us". said one of the employees.

"And you trying to shoot them, so how is that making things any better". Lola pointed out.

"You're right, that's not helping at all". The employee put his gun down.

"Now, friends what really happened". asked Lola.

"I was trying to pay, but they thought we're ghosts". the biker answered.

"Okay, that makes much more sense, listen we're just going to leave our money here and take our food to go". said Lola.

"Okay,here you go, have a nice day". said the employee, giving lola the food.

After they get out the subway, Lola explained that she must go.

"Your going over Kanisha's to figure this whole mess". said The biker.

"Yeah, and try to stay out of trouble, okay". said Lola, while on her motorcycle and drives away to Kanisha's house and lands in the basement.

"Lola, you made it".said Sally, feeling happy.

"It's good to see you too". Lola replied, hugging Sally.

"Alright, girls we need to figure out what we going to do". Kanisha announced.

"I have an idea, so everything invisible became real right". Lola pointed out.

"Yeah, mostly anything imagined by me, which means the secret labratory is here". Kanisha remembered.

So, they get to the tree at the park, which is a secret entrance to a special lab, that's where the imaginary friends decide to settle until this situation is over.