She cries silently

She cries silently in her room,

hugging her purplish-pink teddy bear

as her hand clings desperately to a key

hanging from the bear's neck.

She cries silently to herself,

as she's bombarded with happy memories

that presented to her a hope and longing

and passion and love.

She cries alone,

with no one to see her

and no one to bother her

and no one to hear as she wept.

She cries silently,

wishing for the day she can be with her love,

wishing for the day she can see him

and be the woman he finally calls "his wife".

She cries desperately,

with the skeleton key clasped in her hand,

her teddy bear in her arms

to un-break her broken heart.

She cries to herself

with no one to listen but her bear,

she clings to the key and the hope it represents:

a life with the man she loves.

Oh, how she cries and clings,

longing for him and his touch,

how she misses him,

but he set her free.

So this girl cries,

and she clings to a teddy bear

and a key he dubbed "to my heart"

he once gave her.

This girl cries silently in her room,

but when the night is over and she wakes,

she puts on a show and smiles to the world,

hiding the fact she had ever cried at all.

She cried one last time,

with the key in her hand,

and smiled for real,

because she knew it wasn't over,

she'll be with him again.

Her true love.

So she cried one last time,

because tomorrow awaits

a brand new day

with brand new options.

So she'll cry tonight,

think of him and their future together,

and then close her eyes,

relaxed and smiling;

she'll hug her bear to her,

and fall asleep with the key in her hand

as she awaits their promised day.