Graduating Earth

April 29th, 5027

Dear Diary:

It's finally the day! After the over 10 years of struggling through the capitalistic and propagandist system called school I get to move on and do what every child wants.

I get to be a part of NASA! Graduates of this year are participating in this giant program to ditch this sad dying planet that we call earth.

Ms. Diary, since I assume you don't have eyes, I'm going to describe what earth used to be like and what its like now. Back 3000 years ago, the world was covered in this beautiful blue thing called water. People used to put it in them! They would just drink it! Can you believe that!? In fact, there used to be so much water on the earth that it reflected and turned the sky blue! Nowadays, the sky is a dirty brownish yellow. Back then, trees were all over the land, and they created oxygen on their own! Like what nice things trees were! Now, because all the machines cut all the trees, we have machines to make oxygen for us.

All these changes have made NASA and a lot of other powerful companies say "hey, earth sucks now. We need better than this." So they decided that everyone in the world that graduates from high school this year gets to launch into space and find new planets to settle! How cool is that!?

In total, 50 buses that have been modified into cool space ships with missiles and thrusters and lasers are going to be launching off to explore the solar system next week, and I'm going to be on one! For some reason, the buses aren't labeled 1-50, but they're labeled 51-100. I'll be on bus 93 acting as captain! I get to call the shots and order everyone around because I did so well in school! I'm so excited!

Well its time to go, I'll be writing again later!

See You Soon!

~Your Author, Hemi

The final day of school went like normal, we teleported into the classroom, put our helmets on and waited for the beep, and teleported back home to enjoy the rest of our day. The day after, instead of teleporting into our classroom we were placed in our seats, and the ceremony began.

"I am so proud of the class of 5027, as I am for every class that I have seen pass through my gates."

The principal took a drink of her bottled air.

"But this year, more than any year, I am greatly proud, because I get to see all my younger students move on to continue their lives in space!"

Everyone screamed and threw their hats. As she called up sections of school members, showing the captains of the bus their crewmembers. This ceremony was the longest thing I ever had to sit through and by the time my bus number had been called, my butt fell asleep and it was difficult to walk, but I did so anyway. I could see mom in the back near tears knowing this was going to be the last time she saw me.

The principal took my hand and placed a strange metal rod in it. "Welcome, Captain Hemi of NASA's "Future of Bus's ship 92!" Loud cheering and crying came from the area where my mom was sitting. The principal looked at her papers, "And also in command working with this young lady are" the students stood as they were called and came up to shake my hand "Mechanic Coral, Weapon Master Dixon, and Pilot Gum!" More cheering and crying followed the four of us as we walked off stage.

As we walked I noticed Gum watching my butt move as I tried to wake it up, and I turned to him.

"Boy, keep your cool. We have to reach our planet first before attempting to populate it."

His face flushed and the other 2 laughed.

"Yes sorry I know." He looked away from me, blushing.

"Good. Now all you get in your positions on the bus!"

"Yes Captain!" They all shouted and sprinted up the stairs into the bus. I could get used to this boss thing. I stayed nearly the front of the bus as the rest of my non-important position members loaded into the bus, and greeted them as nicely as I could, but at this point my butt was even more asleep.

"Gum, its time to get moving."

He flicked a bunch of levers and hit a few buttons and slammed on the gas pedal, and off we went into hyper drive.

We had spent about 6 days in hyper drive, and everyone was getting extremely bored when suddenly a red light appeared on our communications system.

Gum shouted from the wheel "Hemi we have a message!"

I jumped from my seat and ran to the front of the bus with literally everyone but Coral, who was fast asleep under 9 blankets, right behind me.

"Well, answer it." I told him.

He hit the button.

"Play recording. A feminine but robotic voice responded."

"Attention all members of Future of Bus! This is Craft 64, and extra terrestrials upon reaching our planet have attacked us! Requesting help immediately!"

"End of message." The voice said again.

I checked the map with everyone looking at me. "There are over 20 buses closer to bus 64 than us. Continue to our objective."

Then another red dot appeared on the communication system.

"See look someone's already responding."

I returned to my seat, and most of everyone did the same. I feel asleep, and woke up to Dixon shaking me.

"What?! I was sleeping!"

"Sorry captain but you need to hear this!"

Gum hit the button on the communication system.

"Attention, this is bus 73. Aliens have attacked every bus! None remain alive besides 90 through 100. I heavily advise returning to earth immediately!"

I fainted and awoke to Gum standing over me, one again staring at places he shouldn't be.

"You need to get your mind out of your pants."

"Sorry again ma'am but I need to know your decision. Do we return to earth? I checked the map and I don't think it's a coincidence that the buses that were sent in the positive x coordinate are the ones still in tact when all the ones send to the negative x coordinate are destroyed.

I sat up. "We continue to our objective."

"Good, because we are almost there. About 3 earth hours to be exact."

-=End Chapter 1/Prologue=-