My Old Friend

We have been friends for many years.

Numerous days were spent sharing each other's company.

We went through the helter skelter of life with all its fears.

To be able to face it together was the perfect remedy.

I would be there for you and you would be there for me.

We embarked on several quests, no paths were ever blocked.

Parties and adventures were experienced with a lot of glee.

Perhaps our best moments were when we just talked.

As roads come and go we would travel together.

Never did we think we would be in different lanes.

Ambition, education, promotion caused us to float like a windblown feather.

We explored our paths and decided to cross the Great Plains.

Distance made it difficult to see each other again and respond.

Years later we are still standing and our friendship adapted and evolved.

My old friend, I am glad that we still have our bond

Trust me, when I say that our friendship will never be dissolved.