A Star Called Home

Notes from an Earthman Traveling a Strange New World By Ben Miller

To Deak and Emily;

It's been ten years (by my count) since we parted, a lot has happened to Cha'Nara and I, not all of it good, as you will soon discover. All I kept thinking was that you two were right but there was nothing I could do about it. I found myself in the same position my father did, when he uprooted us from Illinois on the pretense of not only finding gold but a "better life," when we were pinned down by those Indians, he finally admitted to my mother and I he had made a terrible mistake, well, thanks to you and Emily, complete disaster was averted, but he lost his life in the process. There were many time I felt as my father must have shortly before he died, "What have I gotten myself into?" There was a point that I felt I had reached the nadir of my life, feelings of complete desperation, I began to feel hatred and anger at Cha'Nara for bringing me here, "She had to have known this would happen," was all that kept going through my head. I found that I was beginning to loose faith in the only one that I loved, but I maintained a spark of devotion, never completely believing she would knowingly bring me to a situation such as this. Eventually through her efforts, I was "saved" by her friends who, on several occasions endangered not only themselves but also their families. It was only much later that Cha'Nara explained to me what was happening behind the scenes, and the great concern for me by others, she had not forsaken me, and in the end, chose me over her own family, and gave up a promising career to be with the one she loved, a bit melodramatic to be sure but nevertheless, the truth. From that point, and the decisions we made, life only got better, our time on the Melori was perhaps the best time of our lives to date, because of the things you instilled in me I was able to meet the challenges that came before us, I shall always be indebted to you two for everything you did for me, I've always tried to make the most of my situation wherever I was. In closing, let me say that Cha'Nara have settled down and are enjoying a peaceful life, we have a family now and new responsibilities, but if you were to ask me if it all was worth it, I couldn't really give you an honest answer…Ask me again in oh say, ten cycles hah! Oh one more thing, Cha'Nara would like to say something;

Deak, Emily, thoughts of you are always with me, the video's you made on my behalf convinced my parents I came to no ill, and you protected me, and even though they refused to completely accept Ben, they understood things for what they really were. In the end, it was I that made the final sacrifice, to leave. Not knowing my culture you can never know the pain my family and I went through, but in the end, things all became clear. I have contact with my mother and father again, they are not yet ready to welcome me home, but we talk now, always a good start. Recently my father has been asking more questions about you and the things I did while on earth, it is his way of working up to an apology. As for my mother, little Deak is slowly working his way into her heart, it is a long bridge we must cross but each of us is slowly working our way towards the middle, and hopefully soon we will meet and our hearts will be filled with joy. EMILY; The device I sent (a lopsind) will allow us to share our thoughts in More personal fashion, thoughts that words cannot express, touch it

To your forehead and think of me.