Chapter 55 Wrapping It up and Final Report

We eventually arrived back at the Cassylia with nothing to show for almost two cycles of work and effort,

Charka and the others were not in any mood to stick around, the Samoon's left the ship in a huff, and we were gone, as well. It had to have been the fastest turn around we ever did. Charka "folded" space back to Fallaria, where we spent almost a full mourn writing reports, answering questions, turning in gear and generally wrapping things up. We said goodbye to the Chief, and Donna who was going to be staying with Hoven Arylis. As for Jerann, we said a tearful goodbye although we would be meeting again soon for the party Cha'Nara and I would be throwing to celebrate our intended joining. Everybody was tired, and just wanted time to decompress, and prepare for the next stage in their respective lives. The rest of us caught a Navy ship that was heading to Vaga IV, where we split up, promising to meet again soon. Prax however stuck around awhile and helped me finish up re-programming the supply pod I was planning on sending back to earth. Cha'Nara and I stayed at her parent's house, while we made engagement and wedding plans.

During this time, we traveled to Ransar II to make formal application for the medic, and maintenance positions we sought earlier. About one mourn later, we received word that our applications had been approved, and we had two mourns to show up and start work. Cha'Nara and I announced our intention to join a mourn later, it was a very emotional time, Charka Janu and Prax had been accepted at the academy as instructors, Ijale had taken a position on the Cassylia in their security department. Jerann brought Targal to the party, both Cha'Nara and I couldn't believe how much he had grown, he certainly was the hit of the party, Jerann had accepted the position she had told us of earlier. Jason and Cha'Raffa sent their regrets as they were still out on Calyptia. Jaralt Varla Frank and Bra'Nala couldn't make it either but promised to be at our wedding. As for Donna and Hoven, this was the best part.

Charka and Janu were leasing the Melori to a corporation of which Donna and Hoven formed. Donna described to Charka and Janu a business dealing that was quite common in her old line of work back on earth truck leasing, or in this case transport leasing. Charka's old friend Mi'Ra Shon and Metana Nune from the Arcana III jumped at the opportunity to captain and take charge of security, Donna and Hoven handled maintenance, a young Vagan male who Cha'Nara recommended became their medical technician, and one of Prax's bright young students became navigator. All they did was run supplies and cargo between the Cassylia, Ganubria V and Calyptia.

Our Joining

Cha'Nara and I were joined in a very private ceremony conducted by a Vagan priest, attended only by her parents. The party afterwards was something that brought tears to us both. Everybody was there, Cha'Nara's folks, Charka's folks, Charka and Janu, Ijale, Prax, Donna and Hoven, Jaralt and his whole crew. Jason and Cha'Raffa the crew of the Vagan Dawn, Don and Patti from the Cassylia, Nerri Garsal as well as all of Cha'Nara's friends. In many ways it was a very bittersweet affair, for in many cases, we knew we would probably never see our friends again. We danced, we sang, we drank like there was no tomorrow. Through it all, I kept thinking of you Deak as well as you Emily, I would have given anything if you two could have been here. The pictures I will be sending you won't even begin to do justice to the actual event. In looking back, all I can say is that it's sure been one hellva ride, my mind kept returning to that crawl space I slept in shortly after arriving here, and where I'm at now, it really humbles a man.

Soon Cha'Nara and I will move into our new positions on Ransar II, not the most exciting but certainly a whole lot safer, both of us want to grow old together and raise a family. Our life aboard the Melori and later the Galaxia will always remain in our minds, I would think of these things many times to come, of the Chief, of Charka, Prax and Ijale, Gerrith Darl, and Ha'rok. I've got to stop for awhile, I feel a large lump forming in my throat.


This is the final report I will be making to you Deak before I pack everything into the supply pod and send it on it's way. You will have no doubt already watched my Hologram, and have seen your namesake crawling on the floor. Little Deak is our life now; he's his mother's world, and a joy to behold. Life on Ransar II is dull, but we like it that way, I maintain the equipment, Cha'Nara maintains the people. As for the others, we stay in contact on the "babcom" a rather advanced internet, there's no such thing as "Face book" but we converse with "real time" Holograms. Charka, Janu and Prax enjoy teaching, the Chief has sent us an invitation to her joining in a couple of mourns, Jason and Cha'Raffa will be joining next mourn, so we'll be traveling to Fallaria very shortly.

Donna sends word from time to time on their shipping operation running supplies and freight out to Calyptia. Business has really begun to grow, the organization she and Hoven formed with Charka and Janu is really picking up, they will be adding another transport soon, making them the only regularly scheduled service between the "world" and Altair. Donna tells us that the Vaga IV and Fallaria alternate protection duty out there, so there's always a Navy ship sitting above the planet. Calyptia has even started attracting new settlers. I've finally finished the pod , very shortly I'll take it up and out past Ransar's atmosphere and send it on it's way, we've packed it with a lot of nice things we hope you will enjoy. Well, there isn't much more to say that I haven't already said, other than there are a few of us "earthling's" out here making a name for ourselves, spreading a little earth culture wherever we can. Take care Deak, Emily, Annie, and you too Abbie, we think of you guys often.

This is the end of the story beginning with Cha'Nara's Gift a story that has covered a lot of…space. Originally, I was just going to go with Cha'Nara, but I just couldn't split her and Ben up, so this was the result. I hoped you liked both stories as much as I enjoyed writing them. Rumors of War