Sometimes, I have to do some pretty crazy things—like taking a bath with my clothes on!

I was hired by a man to find a CD-ROM. It had a software program he developed, and a rival of his allegedly stole it.

So after midnight, I went out to the rival's house. I went to the back of the house. Using a lock-pick, I opened the door and went in.

It was a large home—a mansion, really. After adjusting to the darkness, I walked from room to room. Being barefooted, as I usually am on jobs, I was as quiet as a mouse.

At last, I went into a computer room. Getting out a special pen flashlight, I looked through the room. The CD-ROM was hidden in a desk drawer; this was locked, but I opened it with my lock-pick.

At that moment, I heard sounds! I turned the flashlight off, and left the room. I started towards the back door, but saw a man looking at it!

Fortunately, there was another nearby room I had checked out—a hot tub room. I quickly darted into it. A cover was over the tub. I quickly pulled it up and got in. There was still water in the tub! The CD was fine; I put it in a special water-tight bag. I, however, got soaked!

I heard him walk around the house from room to room. Then I heard him come into this room. He pulled up the cover and waved a gun at me.

"How's the water?," he asked, with a smile.


I got out of the tub. He turned the room light on.

"OK, who are you, and why are you here?"

"I just came to check out your hot tub."

"With your clothes on?" I shrugged my shoulders. "The truth!"

I sighed. "My name is Barefoot Jenny, and I'm a private detective. I was hire to take back a CD-ROM that you had stolen."

"Is your client Peter Danton?"

"No comment."

"Suppose I told you that he first stole it from me?"

"Then you could've hired me first."

"Did you find it, yet?"

"No. If I did, the water would've ruined it, by now."

"I'll tell you what: Let's make a deal. Whatever amount he's charging you, I will pay you double. How about that?" I thought for a bit. "Let's go to my office-room and discuss it."

"Can I first have a towel, please?"

"There's one to your right."

I turned and picked it up. I dried myself off as best I could. Then I did a desperate move: I through the towel at him!

And then I ran out of the room and the house as quickly as my wet feet would allow me! I got in my car and sped off into the night.


I got a cool $2500 for this job.

Sadly, there was one casualty: My cellphone didn't survive getting wet, and I had to replace it! Oh well.