If you know me, I'M SORRY! I SWEAR IT'S NOT MY FAULT THAT I PROCRASTINATE EVEN MORE NOW THAT I ACTUALLY WANT TO DO SOMETHING. I'm pretty sure some of you are willing to throttle me. Whoops. Anyway, this is the story that most of you have not read because of my wonderful handwriting, that only one person in my life liked and he was an intern, so he is now gone. But, have at it. Hope you like as much as the previous one.

My head throbbed. Actually, my whole body throbbed. But my head throbbed the most.

Just once, I would like to be taken somewhere in this stupid world with out- first, being knocked unconscious, and second, having my head stuffed into a sack.

No such luck. Plus, the sack was pushing my glasses into my face way too hard and (bonus! Yay me!) my hands were tied behind my back; so no adjusting from the ridiculously painful position I was in. Painful, because my hands were tied together until my elbows were touching. And since I've never put my hands in this position before, goodbye, comfort and hi, pain.

One of the guards behind me shoved me into a seat then yanked off the bag, then the gag and began untying my arms. Big mistake. The gag not the rope. I didn't know how to fight and no matter how much I wanted to learn, I couldn't just wish the skills into existence.

"Alright, start explaining."

The guy who sat at the desk in front of me raised an eyebrows. I had a fleeting thought about how a kid felt in front of his principal. Black haired with purple eyes, even though he didn't look like someone who practiced with weapons a lot, he was fit enough- and tall enough- to take me down in less than a second, at most. But I was too annoyed to care much at this point.

"Explain what?"

"Why I'm here seems like a good place to start, don't you think?" I snapped at him.

"You're here because for some unexplainable reason, you seem to piss everyone you meet. So we-"

"Who's we?" I got up and wandered over to one of the guards standing at attention at one side of the doors. The room was made of stone- not smooth stone but like an old castle or something, especially with the way the rocks were stacked on top of each other. There was a window behind the desk with the pale, sheer curtains drawn and dimming the light a bit. I began poking at the guard's face. he ignored me. So, naturally I kept at it.

"Excuse me?"

"Who's this 'we'?" I tweaked the guards' nose then pinched his cheek. Was it just me or did his eyes fill with a flash of irritation? Probably just me.

"Does that really matter?" Impatience crept into his voice. Impatience that in my opinion, didn't belong there after what I've been through. I wouldn't call it a traumatic experience but I could certainly play the part. I turned around and stared at him.

"Listen up buddy," he bristled," I've been captured so many times this month that it's getting on the nerve people tap dance on if they want o get a fulfilled death wish. I've been dragged to practically every dungeon in every blasted kingdom and I don't even know why! And this is my summer break and it's turning out worse than what it's like when I stay at home and let my mom-heck my whole darned family- yell at me 24/7. So, yes, I think that's important and it matters."

He glared at me. Clearly, he didn't expect me and prepared more for one of the bimbos that littered the courts I've been to. Though, saying I've been to every dungeon might be a bit of an exaggeration, but the way I'm going? Bound to happen soon.

I turned back around, walked to the other guard and began giving him the same treatment. What the heck do these guys go through for training?

"We're the ones that don't want harm to come to your brother." I kept my eyebrows from shooting up. Barely. What in the world did my brother (of all people) do? I mean sure, it's not like he's a saint when it comes to being nice (to me anyway. But the feeling's mutual so we get along. Confusing isn't it? I'm pretty sure neither of us knows how exactly it works either.) but he doesn't usually piss people off other than the people he's related to. That's my job. Always has been and since I've been captured my true spirit showed more and more. The idiot's actually pretty darned good; the opposite of me. So what could've my charming (ish; to me it's torture-to everyone else, he's much nicer. Or so he says.) have done to anger people enough to have them want to hurt him?

"So, uh, why would anyone but his own sister want to harm him?"

"Because you insolent brat-"

I raised an eyebrow at him over my shoulder before hitching a thumb over my shoulder and turning to the guards before I told them, "Now he figures." I swear I saw involuntary smiles flicker over their faces.

"-of his royal status!" He yelled at me.

I laughed. "That kingdom is going to be in ruins in less than an hour. At most." My brother. A royal. A) We're doomed. (We being the world) and B) What's going on? I've known this guy since he was born and other than being as demanding as a prince and a royal pain in the butt, I had never thought of him in the role of a ruler. And my parents definitely aren't the ruling type. Oh, god no. But.. who in the world would want Ritvik to be a king? Or prince. Or princess. Pffft. And no way in hell are my parent the king or queen. So what story was this guy spinning? And why in high heaven, this story? It being the truth is already out, so I'm left clueless.

He frowned at me. Well, anymore than he already did.

"Yes, well he is still a royal, so his safety is our number one priority at all times and at all costs."

"Oh. Well then, OFF WITH YOUR HEAD."


"That's the price. Not willing to pay it, are you?"

He gritted his teeth. Good god, this was going to be fun.

"So where do I fit into all of this?" I stopped teasing him only because I was pretty sure that a person's face isn't supposed to turn that color. I shall have to conduct more experiments later, I announced to the blank space in my head. Yeah, I'm weird. Get over it.

"So far, you've been the only one at all between your brother and the ones that want him gone. So we thought to bring you here. It's the one place no one would try to break into no matter what they think of it."

He was avoiding something .He wouldn't meet my eyes. So it's something bad. At least, he seems to think so.

"I'm in a prison, amn't I?"

His eyes shot to me then back down. He hesitated. "Not exactly." He continued studying the grain in his desk.

"Can't be that bad."

"Some of the most dangerous people live here. They lure you in and then break you to pieces."

"Is that what happened to you?" His eyes flashed in anger but I didn't give him time to speak as I walked toward him and braced myself on his desk. When's the last time you even thought about these people? Guilt flashed over his face as I continued. "What's to say they're not the ones who've been misunderstood? Hmm? Who's to say that you're not the one making the mista-"

"Enough!" He roared at me. "Grab her and hold her away."

"But, sir, the contract-"

"I know, Rey. God, I know. I'll get it taken care of later."

"What's wrong, you big baby, did I hit a nerve?" I taunted him, even as the guards grabbed an arm each and proceeded to drag me out of the room. The third guard was outside and looked at me with a flicker of surprise before he got his face back under control and an impassive look fixed itself on his face. At least the fourth guard wasn't here. Bastard. slave-mongering butthead. He probably was. I let drag me into a hallway out of sight of Guard #3 and the door. I briefly wondered why most of the doors in this place weren't the extravagant French doors that you couldn't take one step without seeing before shaking the thought away. I waited a bit longer before attacking. I straightened and stopped their movement, before twisting and punching the one to my left and then elbowing the one behind me in the face. I punched the first one in the stomach before taking his knife and knocking him hard enough that he dropped like a stone. The second one put up more of a fight. He clocked my head and then, as I whirled around to face him, punched me in the gut. That's karma for you, I thought dimly, wheezing. He grabbed my neck and shoved me against the wall. I looked up at him, eyes wide, and he... faltered. My eyes narrowed and I kneed him where it counts and he sank to his knees. I slammed the hilt of the knife into his bowed head and he toppled over my feet. I stared down at him with a queasy look. I hated when they went easy on me. Made me feel so damn guilty that they could hold back because they didn't want to hurt me while I couldn't afford to. I understood that they didn't want to hurt me since I'm a girl and I loved to shove it in their face, but still made guilt twist my stomach. I shook the guys'-Rey- body off my feet before running away from the guards. I couldn't fight. But that didn't mean I couldn't defend myself.

After three corridors, I was hopelessly lost and was seriously thinking about going back into ropes. I slowed down and began turning around when I filtered voices. Voices that were-of course- coming towards me. I stiffened before yanking open the door I had stopped next to and stepping inside. I tried to close the door silently and winced when it made a noise that seemed too loud in the stifling silence.

Laughter rang around.

"... Couldn't even control his own element. And then he went up in flames!" More laughter.

"Would you stop with that already?"

"Says the prankster." A third voice chimed in.

"About time we got something to hold against him." Peals of laughter floated to me again.

"I'm go-" he cut off abruptly and I froze, half-heartedly hoping that he had a silence spell casted on him. No such luck. Someone took a deep sniff and I cursed the fact that Fae had such a strong sense of smell.

"Must be the new staff members." That was the second voice. The one that was being teased. Except without the light tone that was there less than 2 seconds ago.

"Probably." The first voice.

"Shouldn't be a problem." The third. Unholy moly. This was starting to seriously creep me out.

"Of course, there's always the off chance that-" The first guy.

"Maybe, just maybe-" The third person.

"We have a stowaway." The 2nd male. Then the same person said, "Really would be bad form of us if we let him get away." So they thought me a boy. This was followed by;

"Really bad form."

"Truly." Holy effin'- I ran through all the curses I knew in my head. I knew where this was headed. I scrambled around for a light and the second my fingers hit a switch I flipped it. Huh. They usually have lanterns or torches. I didn't have time to dwell on it, before I turned around. And gawked.

How much stuff is in here? It looked like everything ever invented has a spot here. And at least 3 copies each.

I began hopping and jumping over what I can and skirting the bigger objects, ignoring the crunch beneath my feet. This whole exercise-High heavens, is that a car?!- was giving a new meaning to the phrase "A hop, skip, and jump away".

Thankfully by the time that the men after me opened the door, I was already hidden by the junk behind me. I quickly stepped behind the tall bookcases and sent a quick Thank you to the gods as I found a door waiting for me. I yanked it open to find five more doors facing me in a small-now I wouldn't call it a room exactly, considering it's way too small- opening. It looked like a choose one in which you would die a painless death and if you choose wrong, you rot in Tartarus for the rest of your miserable life, kind of thing. I chose the fourth one and ran through. Into a wall. I shook it off and caught a glimpse of the door closing behind me on its own before I was off, again. As I neared the end of the hallway, it took a sharp right turn- but there was also a entryway just inside the turn, in the outer wall without any doors that looked like it should fit a French door. I reached out to grab the edge and helped swing myself around it. I got maybe half a step forward before slamming into a brick wall.

A living, breathing brick wall.

Pain flooded my nose. I covered my nose with both hands.

"Ow! What the heck are you made o-" I looked up. And lost my breath, my whole body sagging, hands flopping down to my side. I openly gawked at him, staring. And I was staring at possibly the most gorgeous man in the world.

"You're really pretty, Mister." He glared down at me through black hair that fell into his eyes. I snapped out of it and met the glare with one of my own. "Wait, what?"

I heard a commotion behind me and I shoved the guy in front of me to the side before taking off down the corridor. Bless whoever made the Fae such light creatures. Just bless. I turned right and came face-to-face with the fourth guard. Conrir Brycir. Well, Lady Luck truly hates me. Just like this guy does. From him, there was no hesitation. He punched me in the face and I felt my lip split before he picked me up and threw me into the farthest wall. I slammed to a stop at someone's feet. I had a glimpse of red hair, shockingly bright, and two shadows behind the front figure. It was the men after me. I saw white spots as I dragged myself off of the ground and launched myself at Conrir. All this smashing a crashing I felt a small twinge at my left shoulder blade.

"What-" I blacked out thinking that Purple Eyes has come to save me after all.

Alright. First, I am sorry that I am not a fast writer. I'm absolutely terrible. Second- The main character is thirteen- no matter what she says, she's not doing anything, ANYTIME soon so there's no ship happening- she's just saying the truth; get over it. Thanks for reading! Bye.