Great Powers

United Kingdom: Civil Unrest, Dominion Nationalism (in Canada, India, and South Africa), Negative Combat Boost (Low Morale), Naval Superiority, Boost for Naval Combat, Monarchy Boost.

France: Negative Combat Roll, Political Turmoil, Civil Unrest, United under the French Flag,

Italy: Poor Military leadership, Political Disarray, Communist Within their Country, Mountain Fighting Bonus.

Germany: Poor Military Leadership, United under the Germany Flag, Civil Unrest

USSR: High Nationalism, Polish Support for Independence, Clashing Ideologies, Man power Bonus, Armor and Infantry Combat Boost, Negative for Quantity over Quality

USA: Negative for Intervention (Specifically Trade and Military Intervention), National Unity at is Highest. The Hunt for Pancho Villa (Extreme Negative Relations with Mexico), Panama Canal, Good Relations with French, British and Canadians.

Secondary Powers

Spain: High National Unity, Combat Bonus for fighting on French Border, High Nationalism,

Belgium: Defending Belgian Borders

Netherlands: Trade Bonus (Specifically the Dutch East Indies)

Ottoman Empire: Negative Combat Bonus (Not Modernized), Extreme Political Turmoil, Massive Amount of Calls for Independence. Young Turks Negative Bonus (Political and Military Turmoil)

Bulgarians: Good Military leadership, Combat Bonus (Good Leadership), National Unity above average

Canada: Negative Bonus for Political Power, Calls for Independence

Brazil: Competent Military Leadership, Experienced Jungle Fighters, United under the Brazilian Flag, Depleted Population

Japan: N/A