The warm wind rustling through the dark pines tickles his nose. With it comes the scent of his brethren, running with the breeze. He longs to be with them, obeying the pull of the moon, but, alas, he us a lonely outcast.

He shakes his head and focuses. The family has gathered on the small porch. The man is talking, but the stranger makes no attempt to listen in. The female is kneeling, looking at the little face in the makeshift bassinet.

Only the stranger in the forest knows what is really in the basket. He sighs, his heart heavy. One more look revealed the big man taking the basket in the family's modest home. A minute later, the porch light snaps off, cloaking everything in calming shadows.

Knowing his work here is done, he lopes into the night. He does not look back. If he looked back, he knew he would lose himself. Instead, he ran from the world that would never accept him. He ran, shunned once more.

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