A Song of Farewell

Long ago, a great and mighty beast was born from the core of the Earth. Crying pitifully, it looked around to see nothing but a barren wasteland. The Earth was still young, and had yet to evolve any living beings other than just the one.

Therefore, the creature was born into a very lonely existence.

It cried for days, hoping that someone would hear its voice. But as the days turned to weeks, and the weeks turned to months, and the months turned to years, the poor creature, ever so slowly, gave up.

It peered towards the endless expanse of the universe, and spotted the moon, which sat, as lonely as itself, amongst the distant stars. And at that moment, the creature felt a sense of companionship.

So it sang.

A lovely serenade to the beautiful moon with which it admired.

All those years of crying had, surprisingly, made the creature's voice resilient and strong, instead of broken and weak.

The song was lovely and held such sorrows that made it so hauntingly blissful, that any who heard it would have surely wept with both joy and sadness.

And this is how the creature stayed. Singing every night to a lonely, barren moon, and sleeping every day under the blazing hot sun, for the next thousand years.

And then, a God was born.

He lived on the Sun, and, like the creature of Earth, he was completely alone. But the God had powers that could shape the universe around him to his will, and so, he was not lonely for long.

He created a people that could withstand the heat of the sun, so that he could live as a king among them.

When his people wished for a Queen, he created a Goddess. She was not as powerful as he was, but she held the attention of all and was vastly more beautiful than he.

He did not love her.

So he sent her away to live on the Moon, and he created a people for her to rule over.

After that, the days became monotonous. He found himself bored with the everyday entertainment of his Sun, and found no interest in the people he had made. They were as boring as he felt.

He became lonely.

And then, he looked down to the Earth.

Never before had he looked at the Earth. It bored him, just as every other planet did. It was not a Sun, which was perfect for someone as amazing as himself, nor was it a Moon, which was perfect for exiling a Goddess he did not care for.

It was just an average, round rock. Just like all of the other trillions upon trillions of round rocks that he could find in the universe. It had nothing on it, and should have been completely boring.

Except, it wasn't entirely empty as he had once believed.

There, sleeping peacefully below him, was the most beautiful creature he had ever laid his eyes upon.

It shone bright, like his Sun, and was unlike any of his own imaginings.

He found himself unable to look away. And when the Earth began to turn away from him, taking the beautiful creature with it, the God did something he never thought he would ever do.

He left the Sun.

He ran to the Moon, and met with the Goddess.

"Have you seen that beautiful creature? Down on the Earth?" he asked her hastily.

"Yes. I have." The Goddess answered with a bit of annoyance. "It serenades my Moon every night."

Now, when the Goddess found herself exiled to the Moon, she had been unhappy. The moon was small and cold. Compared to the Sun, it was akin to a lump of coal next to gold. It was nothing special and she hated it.

It only reminded her that she herself was insignificant when compared to her creator.

And then, on her very first night, she heard a beautiful voice.

She instantly fell in love with the song and searched for the singer. When she saw the creature down on Earth, shining as brightly as the Sun, instead of the happiness and love she had felt moments before, she now felt anger and jealousy.

This thing that resembled the brilliance of the Sun, was mocking her.

But for all her anger, she couldn't bring herself to destroy it.

As much as she hated it, the creature's song was the only comforting thing she had left in her life. So she held onto it with great reluctance.

And now, here was her King, asking for the thing she hated and loved most in the universe.

Sadly, she had no choice but to tell him exactly what he wanted to know, else she risk being destroyed herself.

"It sings to you?" The God asked, somewhat upset at this news.

"Not to me, but to my Moon. I wager it has done so since before I came here." The Queen was happy with the annoyance this caused her God.

"What is it?" the God demanded to know. The Queen shrugged her shoulders.

"How am I to know? The Earth is not my domain." And then, without thinking, she continued. "Why don't you ask it yourself?"

In the moment she clasped her hand to her mouth to keep more words from spilling forth, the God had left.

Before either of them could blink, he found himself on Earth.

Meanwhile, completely oblivious to the fact that two higher beings were pining after it, the creature sat and sang in its eternal loneliness.

What was it to do? Another thousand years like this, and it might go insane. If it weren't already.

Ceasing its song, it looked up at the moon and its many stars.

"Perhaps," it spoke to itself, for to only think its words was very lonely indeed. "Perhaps I should fly to the moon. Surely it will be no more or less lonely there than it already is here, yes?"

It pondered whether to do this or not for a few minutes, before turning away.

"No. If I do that, I will never be able to sing to it. I'll be even more lonely, for the moon will no longer be a companion that I can see, but rather another rock beneath my feet..."

The creature, finding itself straying into dark thoughts like it had many times before, began to cry.

The tears made not thinking easier. The creature could just cry and cry, and let all of its emotions out, without having to think about what it was that hurt so much.

It was such a pitiful existence.

And then, just like that, the eternal loneliness was broken.

"Why do you cry, beautiful thing?" The creature spun around quickly, to see a God standing before it. The idea that this man was a God, and the meaning behind it, was instant and almost instinctual. Like magic, the creature knew exactly what the being before it was. And with that knowledge, it answered without hesitation.

"I am lonely, sire. I have never before known the presence of another living being. You are the first."

"I see." The God was clearly appraising the creature before him, which made the creature nervous. Was it supposed to do something? How was he supposed to interact with a God?

"How long have you lived?" the God asked so suddenly it made the creature jump.

"I... I'm not sure. A few thousand years, perhaps?"

The exact number, the creature would later learn, was five-thousand years to the day.

"And you have been completely alone for all that time?" the God asked, amazed. The creature nodded sadly, with tears threatening to escape once again, and the God immediately decided that this expression was one he never again wished to see upon this beautiful creature.

"No tears, lovely creature. There is no more need for such a sad face." He cupped the creature's cheeks in his hands and kissed the being's forehead.

"I promise you, that from henceforth, until the end of time, you will never again be alone, unless you wish to be." And with that, Life began on the little, boring, round rock that was Earth.

"From here on out, you will find Life wherever you go. Be patient, and soon you will have so many friends, you will not know what to do with them all."

At that very moment, three, pure yellow, Columbine Flowers sprouted up between the two of them.

The God picked the tallest one and handed it to the creature who merely looked at it.

"I can't hold it." it said as it held up its two flaming wings. The God simply smiled.

"Yes, you can. If I say so, it shall be." And just like that, the creature's form changed into that of a man. The man looked at himself, and then he looked to the God.

"What have you done to me?" he asked with a strong hint of worry in his melodious voice.

"Do not fret. You can change back whenever you like, and you can take this form whenever you deem it necessary. Now," he once again handed the creature-now-man the Columbine. "I believe you can hold this now, yes."

The man looked at the flower for a moment, as though it were a cactus he was being told to hold. But finally, he came to a conclusion and reached for the flower.

"Thank you." he said as he grasped a hold of it.

"You're welcome." the God answered as he leaned into the other, his breath nicking the top of the man's ear. Said man shivered, but remained where he was.

"Now," the God began as he leaned back. He stared intently at the man before him. "I actually do have one favor to ask of you."

"And what might that be?" the man asked worriedly.

"I want you to sing to me, and only me, every day."

"I sleep during the day."

"Not anymore. From now on, you sleep at night and sing during the day, when I can see you. Do this for me, would you not?"

The man looked down at the Combine in his hands, and twirled it about.

The moon had been his one and only companion for many, many lonely years. To abandon it, just like that, felt like a betrayal.

'No more of this.' the man thought to himself harshly. 'The moon is just a barren rock. This God offers true companionship. A happiness I could never hope to gain on my own.'

He looked up to the moon that shone brightly above. So beautiful, and lonely.

He made his decision.

"May I sing to it, one last time? To say my goodbye." The God nodded, silently wishing to say no, but unwilling to upset the man before him with his own selfishness.

The man smiled, relieved. "Thank you."

That night, the creature sang a song of a different sort of sorrow. A song of farewell, and it was heard across the many oceans and mountains, and throughout the vastness of stars above him. All the way to the moon, and beyond, he sang his goodbye.

It was a song that spoke of many pains, but hidden deep within the sorrow, there was a joy, such of which had never been sung before.

He was finally free from his isolation. It was a freedom that, sadly, the moon could not give.

The creature then rested, and in the new light of the next day, he awoke and sang to the sun. It was a bright and strong song. A reawakening; A rebirth.

He marked that day as one to be remembered. And when night came once again, he fell into a deep and peaceful sleep. He was content, and the night became silent.

Save for a goddess, who wept far, far above. And with her tears and the little amount of power she had, rain fell upon the earth, and crickets emerged from the ground to attempt a recreation of the lost voice from nights passed.

It was her own song of farewell. And it was sung every night, without fail.

But never for the one who was meant to hear it.

Thank you for reading this. It's an old story of mine that I found randomly the other day, and I decided to clean it up and upload it for others to read. I had my sister read it before putting it up, and she hated it, because it made her so sad. XD Therefore, to assure anyone who might be left feeling a bit downtrodden after reading this, just know that, while I have it down as "Completed" this story is actually a prologue for a much bigger world and a much bigger adventure. I just haven't gotten around to writing all that, and I likely won't be writing it for a long time coming.

But just know that, while this is indeed a very depressing story (as it was meant to be) the creature and the Goddess do find happiness eventually. (Just not with each other.)

Again, thank you for reading this. Leave a comment and tell me what you liked about it, or what you disliked. Follow it if you want, but I probably won't be adding a second part for quite a while, if ever.