(3 years later, Kren's P.O.V)

I've been through so much in these past 21 years of my life. So much pain and torture. And in one moment that all changed: the moment I met someone who took all that pain away.

He saved me.

Zale and I have both been working really hard. I managed to get a job, believe it or not, at Betty's bakery! It's nothing special, but it pays rent. Zale actually did something way more impressive. He's been working at Tokyopop Manga Industries. Right now he's just an assistant but he's giving it his all, slowly climbing up that social ladder. Most of our money goes towards paying off the debt from the immense hospital bills I've stacked up. Little by little. I'm pretty sure we're making a dent in it.

Speaking of money, Zale and I rented a sizable apartment overlooking the ocean. It's funny because I've always wanted to live by the sea. Sometimes we spend the day there, swimming or attempting to fish. We never catch anything, but it's still fun. The breeze we get in the summer is nice too…

"I'm home!"

I walk through the door into the tiny apartment as I hang my apron up, the brown muffin logo rocking back and forth on the hook. I smell something; Zale's cooking again.

"Oh hey! How was work?" He eyes me from the greasy frying pan he's cooking in as I sit down.

"Good. What're you making?"

Zale's hand turns the knob on the stove, extinguishing the flames. "Curry!" The wooden spoon slides the cooked rice, meat, and vegetables onto a plate. He takes off his ridiculous "Kiss the cook" apron and sets two platters of food down on the table.

I apprehensively glare at the curry. Zale is already shoveling the ingredients into his mouth when he says, "What's the matter, small fries? Not hungry?"

I shake my head. "No, that's not it…" I scoop up the curry and place the spoonful into my mouth. My taste buds ignite on fire; it's so freaking spicy. "Hot! Hot! Water!" I fan my tongue rapidly with my hands, begging for the thirst quenching liquid. Zale just laughs at me.

"Ha ha ha! Oh, man, you're killing me small fries."

This isn't a joke!

I dash to the sink and run the faucet over my open mouth for a good five minutes until the spiciness dies down.

Later on, Zale treats me to some watermelon as we sit out on our little back porch. Eyes gazing off at the round, orange ball of fire as it sets slowly on the blue water. I pet the full grown Omelet as he purrs on my lap. The peaceful scenery causes me to reflect…


It's an incredible and magical sensation, like placing a hand to your chest and feeling your own heartbeat. It's exhilarating. It reminds you that your human and life is full of magical moments that take your breath away.

I guess, all I have left to say, is that Zale has done just that; he's captivated my attention numerous times. Heck, he has my full attention anytime he's near me. He's won me over and earned my love.

He has truly stolen my heart.

The end.