Chapter 5

Bosley hadn't slept.

After he and Meredith made love on (and at) High Point, they dressed and returned to his house. Meredith kissed him goodbye as the dawn began to break in the eastern sky and he watched his star angel walk to her car. She smiled and blew him a kiss before getting into her car and driving away.

And now it was just a few hours later and he was driving to her house to say their final goodbye. Meredith's Dad, Uncle, and brother were just finishing loading up the SUV (and small UHaul trailer hitched to the back) with the last of Meredith's college belongings and their own luggage for the cross country trip. Meredith's Mom and Terri were watching and offering some advice but all that was left were the goodbyes.

The moment felt surreal to Bosley as he watched the teary eyed Meredith hug both Terri and her mom goodbye.

Bosley stood a few feet apart from the others listening to Terri sob as Meredith hugged her.

"Try not to be so dramatic," Meredith groaned to her friend. "I'm the one who's leaving, not you!"

"I'm going to miss you so much," Terri whimpered.

"I know," Meredith said as she broke her hug and she gave Bosley a grin.

"Hey," She said warmly.

Bosley blinked as he stared into her beautiful eyes, still dazed from what took place at High Point and trying to accept the reality that she was about to leave. "You mean you're really going?" He joked.

Meredith threw herself into his chest and hugged him tightly. "I never want to let go."

"So don't," he said. "Keep looking at the stars."

Bosley hugged her tightly and they might have stayed that way forever if Meredith's Dad hadn't spoken up.

"We're burning daylight," He said.

Bosley gently let go of her but he kept staring at her, refusing to cry. "See you," he said quietly.

"In the stars," Meredith replied.

Bosley nodded and he watched as Meredith gave a final farewell wave before getting in the SUV.

"Well," Meredith said with a shrug from the passenger's window. "Goodbye to all that!"

She kept waving as her father drove away and Bosley stood with Meredith's mother and Terri for a long moment, almost as if they expected the SUV to return with Meredith announcing that she had changed her mind.

"Well," Meredith's mom finally said. "That's that."

"This sucks," Terri complained.

Bosley still had to get on with the rest of his day – his first day without Meredith. He resented everybody he saw who was going about their daily lives like nothing had changed when he knew that everything had changed for him.

"Soon the sun will set and the stars will come out," Bosley told himself as he worked his last shift bagging groceries at Fontaine's Family Grocery Store. In the morning, he'd be on his way to boot camp. He knew that Meredith would be staring up at the night sky as she and the others drove across the country.

"So Goodbye to all that," he told himself when he left Fontaine's for the final time at the end of his last shift.