There Was this Girl


There was this girl

Who was locked up in her own soul

Chained by sorrows and gripped by pain

She was nothing more but a figment of a picture frame

There was this girl whose smile could brighten anyone's day

But because of all of the hatred in the world,

There was never a smile on the girl's face again

You could not even hear her laughter anymore from her mouth

There was this girl who's creative and passion was full of heart

Her dreams could even lift you off your feet and put you up in the clouds

You would always feel the positive aura around her

But as time passed you could start feeling the darkness that surrounded her

There was this girl who cried everyday

She even hated the world around her

She couldn't even see the light that tried to shine on her

All that escape from her conscious was her unbearable anger

There was this girl whose family shunned her,

Since they could not tolerate her bad behavior any longer, even when they did not ask how she was

She wanted to end her life so bad, but kept thinking she was made for something even more

A lot more

I could not believe how I found all of this funny

Because there was this girl and that girl was me