Erika walked out of the clinic with shades over her eyes and hoodie over her head. There was a reason she crossed the Utah/Colorado boarder and booked the earliest possible morning appointment for this shit. She would be damned if she let someone recognized her which was also why she went by the name Riley Carson for this visit instead of her usual Jane Smith.

Putting her head down as she walked away from the door she felt sudden overwhelming amount of shame in herself. And it wasn't even because she couldn't figure out whose it would have been. It was because she couldn't remember what number this procedure was.

Small sacrifices right. Once day she would make it all worth it and she'd make up for all the lost little ones with a family full of Andrews' spawn, which Andrews tbd.

She wiped at her eyes grateful for the sunglasses on her face hiding the tears she would never allow anyone to ever see.

That was when she noticed the poster.

Taking a few steps closer Erika saw a face she had been seeing a lot of lately. Ripping the poster from the post pushed her shades to her hair and came face to face with a missing girl name Leah Flynn. According to the missing persons poster Leah had been missing for a little over a month, she was an avid hiker who was last seen in Utah at the same address as the MC gun supplies. How would Erika know this you ask. Erika was smart, she listened when she was fucked by drunk men that spoke to much.

"Isn't it interesting how this missing girl look just like Mac's niece." She said to herself. Of course it didn't take a stupid whore to figure this out, Riley was Leah.

It was really the who, why and what that she needed to get answers to. Who was in on the lie? Why were they lying about it? What would they do to keep the secret quiet?

It was time she paid a visit to the man who could give her all the answers she was looking for. Lucky for him his "not" wife kicked him out last night and she knew exactly where to find the VP.


Mac walked into the kitchen and bee lined it for his wife who was busy at the kitchen table with her laptop.

"Morning Baby." Stella leaned her cheek into his kiss.

"What are you doing?" He looked over her shoulder at the website for the Rockies merch. He might have gotten a little excited.

"Christmas shopping." She added a girls t-shirt to the cart and away went his excitement.

"Christmas shopping Christ Stella it's only Sept." He went to the coffee maker fully prepared to make his own cup of joe. It's not that Stella wouldn't have done it for him, he just wanted to show her that he could.

"I just want to be ready for Christmas."

"I get that but we don't even know." Mac cut himself off and looked back at his wife who was shooting daggers over her screen.

"Don't know what? If Riley will be here? Where else will she be?" Stella snapped. From her anger he could sense that she had wondered the same things. He wasn't the only one having a hard time with remembering that Riley wasn't Nix. That Riley was just going to up and leave one day only to return when she ran out of money. What they had to worry about wasn't drugs stealing their little girl. It was Riley's future and Leah's past. Sure they never talked about it but just because they never discussed it didn't mean it wasn't there. There was always the chance that Riley would follow her heart in whatever direction Ryan took or someone from her past finding her.

"What I mean is..." He began to think up a lie on the spot but his wife saved him from that.

"Riley will be here for Christmas." Stella said matter of factly as though by her saying it, it made it so.

"Okay." Mac said taking his freshly brewed cup of coffee to the kitchen table where his morning smoke and morning paper waited. He sat down and they returned to their comfortable silence. "Oh and if you are looking for a gift for me this Christmas I've got two words for you, season tickets." He told his wife while flipping through the paper without reading the pages.

She couldn't look up from her screen right at the moment other wise her smile would ruin Mac's Christmas morning surprise. "Don't you guys have a game tonight?"

"That's the plan." He lit his smoke and looked towards the clock, there were still to many hours till game time. "So I guess all is forgiven." He looked towards the closed bedroom door.

"With Riley and Ryan?"

"He buys her something shiny and she hopes on his cock."

"Really Mac do you have to talk like that?" Stella sign not needing a play by play of what they had no business in know. "And good I'm glad she forgave him. They love each other Mac why wouldn't we want them to be together." She wasn't looking for Mac's answer which was perfect because he didn't want to give one.

He didn't want to talk anymore, he wanted to pout. "Well I'm not buying him a Christmas gift."

Stella smiled behind her screen. Her husband might not be buying Ryan and gift but she was. And guess what she was signing Mac's name on it.

"Maybe I should wake them up." Mac butted out his smoke.

"Mac it's 9 in the morning. If anything you should go back to bed."

Debating on if he could catch another few hours of shut eye his cell phone started to go off, now he had an excuse to wake up Ryan. "Yeah."

"Guess crime never sleeps." His wife mumbled as she logged into another site, this time one for herself.


Killian found her. It was actually surprisingly easy especially for someone that was suppose to be dead. All he did was follow the MC Facebook likes and tags and followers and eventually the trail led to her.

Riley Carson.

Jesus Christ of all the names she could pick she had to go with Riley. She had left her Uncle a fucking bread crumb thankfully he was the one to intercept it. Where her first name screamed of her Irish roots he wasn't sure where the last name came from. But he was interested in finding out why she shared the last name of the MC President.

Killian traced his finger over the scar on her face against the screen of his iPad. How the hell did his plan go this far off course. How had she gone from this compound to living with some strangers and a butchered face. Okay he will admit the "get rid of her" instructions that he gave to dumb and dumber were vague and could be left for interpretation, he really didn't mean kill her. However originally when he thought she was dead he did appreciate the morons initiatives, now not so much.

"Fuck!" His voice echoed in the empty dining room. He was beginning to suspect that those living at the compound had been warned to avoid him. And that was perfectly fine by him, he had been alone most of his life anyways. He didn't complain then and he wouldn't complain now.

Picking up the iPad again he scrolled through the pictures posted to her Facebook page. There weren't many as the account was only just created but there were enough to show she had a life as Riley Carson. Once again he asked himself who exactly was she to Mac Carson that she adopted his last name. Whatever they were to each other they sure seemed to spend a lot of time together and had Leah, no Riley not also posted pictures of herself with Mac's wife Killian would have assumed that Leah, no Riley was a girlfriend or old lady as those bikers like to call their women.

Killian also noticed that Leah, no Riley just within the last couple days changed her status from single to in a relationship not linking it to anyone because the man she was in a relationship with didn't bother with Facebook. From what he had gathered of Ryan in their brief time together he didn't picture the serious biker finding much interest in Facebook or really technology in general.

Either way her man didn't need to have Facebook because his scarred face was all over Riley's page. She had a surprising amount of pictures posted for someone who just started Facebook and the majority of her photos were added yesterday.

"What happened yesterday?" He asked himself. "Why did you suddenly need to prove your life?" He thought back to yesterday which for him was a very interesting day. He discovered her to be alive but did he still have the upper hand? Had she heard him in the book store?

Leah could, no, Leah would destroy everything he had been working for. He wouldn't give her the chance. He'd have to kill her, again.

The dining hall door opened and he nodded to Liam as the man attempted to walk back out. To bad for Liam eye contact was made so he had no choice but to come and join him.

"Morning." Liam mumbled as he sat down with a plate full of food. Killian was getting really sick of eating buffet style like these American hicks so loved to do. "Any idea when you will be heading back home?"

Killian gave his most charming smile. "Actually I was planning on talking to you about that."

Liam looked up from his bacon waiting for the idiot to go on.

"Business calls and since you don't really need me here anymore I was going to actually head out today." He looked down at his obnoxiously large watch. "Actually within the next hour."

"So soon." Liam could barely hide his happiness.

"As always your hospitality has been most appreciated and I'm sorry that you couldn't have had a better outcome." He hit the confirmation on his hotel reservation in the heart of Denver before powering off the iPad and standing up.

Liam continued to eat waiting for the other shoe to drop.

Killian had made it almost to the door before he turned back around. "Remind me again why you broke Leah and myself up."

Liam cut his eyes at the man remembering the exact words he said as he chewed his bacon. "You would have killed her."

Killian nodded taking his time to construct his words leaving Liam with a lasting impact. "And yet she was in your care when she died."


Mac knocked once before walking in. Sure he could have waited for a invitation into the room but this was his house and he waited for no one. Lucky for him they weren't having an early morning making out session. He could barely see Ryan under Riley's body. She quite literally covered him with not only with her flailed limbs but mostly with her wild hair, which was almost entirely over his face almost like a ghillie suit. How the poor bastard slept was able to sleep beyond Mac. Riley literally had a whole bed on one side yet she was on Ryan who slept on a sliver just barely big enough for his body. Mac wondered how long Ryan wouldn't have lasted before she forced him to fall into the floor.

For as uncomfortable as Ryan looked he was pretty sound asleep, that was until Mac tripped Ryan's protective boyfriend senses and the Nomad raised up a 9mm in the President's direction.

"Hey it's just me." Mac whispered holding his hands up.

"What's wrong?" For a man who was just snoring he was sure alert as she pushed Riley's hair from his face.

"Need to talk to you about last night." Mac watched him gently move Riley away from him. Gentle or not she woke up with the movement.

"What's wrong?" Her voice was still heavily laced with sleep.

"Nothing little girl go back to sleep." Ryan whispered as he placed a kiss on her forehead. He didn't want her to get cold so he reached towards the end of the bed and pulled up the blankets she had kicked off of them.

"Okay." She yawned and was out before Ryan could climb out of the bed.

"Have you talked to Topher yet?" Ryan asked quickly dressing himself throwing on a shirt and jeans. He wasn't able to talk business in his boxers.

"Yes I talked to Topher. Now I want to talk to you and get your side." Mac followed him to the door giving one last look at a sleeping Riley. She seemed impossible small and pathetically breakable for a woman even though he knew she was anything but.

His stomach dropped. This is how she would have looked the night she was abducted by those assholes. With her lying there he could put himself back to that night based on what she had told him. From the scratches to the fat bastard's hands Mac knew that he was the that put the chloroform to her mouth. Her body would have gone into the defence knowing it was under attack but she wouldn't understand why or by who. She would had swung out connecting with the face of the skinny one. He must not have waited long enough for the chloroform to kick in before getting close. Or maybe he got to eager. What part of the damage to Riley's body was he responsible for? What about the fat asshole, did he take from Riley what he would never be able to get if she was able to say no.

Father replaced President. Why were those two men still breathing? By doing nothing Mac was allowing it to happen every single day over and over again, all they had to do was think about it.

She rolled on her back and turned her face towards him. The bruises were long gone but the scar would always remain. It wouldn't be easy to justify without giving away her identity but Mac would get her the justice she deserved.

As though she could read his mind in her sleep a small smile formed on Riley's face.


Taking their meeting outside Ryan lit a morning smoke as he wished he were back in their warm bed with her warm body against his. Mornings in Denver were getting colder than his body was use. Might as well start getting use to this weather, he also reminded himself that he needed to start looking for a truck when the snow started and then bikes needed to be parked.

Bikers don't take snow days, they just change their vehicles.

"So." Mac asked inhaling his smoke. He was dressed more appropriately in a hoodie.

"So Killian is a fucking douche." Ryan rubbed the sleep from his eyes surprised by how tired he still felt. Riley had read to his till she had fallen asleep in his arms. He had carried her to bed, got her ready for bed, and then passed out next to her.

You wouldn't know it unless you've experienced it but Riley was the absolute worst and he meant WORST to sleep with. At least 13 times her hand smacked down on his face and we are talking about hard enough to wake him up. Then the blankets were ripped off of him during what felt like the coldest part of the night only to be kicked to the bottom of the bed. Oh and then he choked at least 20 trillion times on her hair when inhaled the strands in.

And yet there was no where else Ryan wanted to be.

"Yeah I kinda figured from what Topher said. What I want to know is did he bring up her."

"You think he would be alive if he had." Ryan sat back in the chair crossing his legs at the ankle while inhaling a smoke. He was trying to appear causal and believable.

It worked.

"He was just feeling out the MC. Honestly Mac the meeting wasn't worth our time."

Mac nodded feeling deja vu as Topher has said the same thing. "Well lets keep an eye on him and if we have to we will put that puppy down if he sniffs to close to our girl."

There was no way he was about to tell Mac that Killian's death was happening, he was just waiting for Topher to pull the trigger.


Sleep came back to Riley easy but it didn't stay. The sound of vibrating tore her from a wonderful dream of Ryan and her in a private moment. She dropped her hand to the side and felt around for her phone. Which she found, but it was also not the one going vibrate crazy.

Someone was trying to get a hold of Ryan.

Crawling from the bed Riley made her way to the cut hanging on the chair. Her eyes were still half closed as she stuck her hand into his inside pocket. She felt the folded up papers and didn't bother reading them, she knew what they said. She honestly just meant to silence the phone but it slipped from her hands to the floor.

"Shit." Riley mumbled bending down to retrieve it a little bit more awake now than before. Blinking out the sleep she happened to glance down at the screen. "What the what?" After what she saw she was definitely wide awake now.

"If this is just a patch thing for you I'll give you SOA, hell I'll even give you VP. Just don't follow her pussy for Mac's patch."

"Patch?" Confused, Riley typed back.

"Oh he lives. Finally remember how to use your phone shit head?" The text came in quicker than she had expected. "Yeah a fucking patch you dick. I figured it out. The only reason you are interested in hooking up with Mac's little bitch is because you want something from him."

"Or it's because I actually love her." Riley felt her anger take over as she replied sounding more like an emotional woman then an emotionless biker.

"Yeah I'm sure. Says the guy that had a woman on his cock the moment he walked into my club house."

Her heart shattered, was this true?

"All I'm saying is whatever Mac can give you I can give better including pussy."

"I'll think about it." She texted back. She waited for a reply and when nothing came in she deleted the conversation and slid his phone back into his pocket.

"Son of a..." the bed room door opened and in walked the son of the insult she never got to complete.

"You're up." He ran a hand over his head noticing how long his hair had grown.

"Yeah hi good morning hi." Afraid she got caught with her hand in the cookie jar so to say, she became awkward, very very awkward. "Is that Stella calling me? I should go."

His lips where on hers before she could continue rambling. As much as she wanted to melt into his lips the text haunted her thoughts. How many women had he been with? How many women was he still with? Leah had always been a great actress when it came to hiding her disappointment. So channeling her Oscar worthy skills she faked the kiss and the glowing aftermath.

"Good morning." He said running his hands back through her wild bedhead hair.

Of course she forgot to breathe like an idiot as she looked up at his handsome face. He hadn't shaved for a while and his facial hair was beyond stumble and more beard like and she loved it. Honestly it made him look so manly and in Reilly's opinion so freaking hot. Riley could feel her body start to heat up as she continued to stare.

"Or we could just go back to bed." He pulled her towards him as he sat down on the edge of the mattress.

"I would love to but." Riley watched his brows knit together in the middle.

"What's going on right now with you?" He sounded more confused than anything.

"Nothings wrong with me right now." She didn't pull away from him.

"But?" He asked placing his hands to her butt.

Riley blushed as he squeezed. "I don't know anything about you."

"You know more than most." Which was true.

"Which that's hardly anything."

"Ask your questions then." He hadn't expected the bombardment of questions, he should have, knowing her she would have a million.

"Is your mom still alive? What is your moms name? Do you have any brothers or sisters? Where are you from? Are you still sleeping with other girls. How old are you? What is your favourite movie? What is your favourite colour? How many kids are we going to have? What's your favourite holiday?" Riley tried to hid the real question in a bunch of other questions but he caught it.

"You think I'm fucking around?" He sounded not offended or pissed off but surprised. "Riley there is no one else for me but you."

"Yeah but for how long?" Riley looked away feeling a sudden and sharp stab to her heart. "Everyone leaves at some point."

Hoisting her up he brought her onto his lap. "I don't leave."

"You did." She looked back at him.

"Riley I don't leave." Ryan kept his eyes on her as he spoke. "You and me are forever."

"And a day." She whispered.

"And a day." He leaned forward and whispered the words against her lips.

Once again just a reminder Riley was well trained with pretending shit was fine when it was anything but.


Different day different fight and once again he was in the dog house which meant club house.

Catcher sat on the edge of the bed lighting a smoke inhaling as he stretched his back. He hated this damn bed, it was nothing like the one in his house.

Apparently this time Josie was serious, unlike the last hundred when she was also serious. He thought back to the look on her face, it wasn't of anger but of disappointment. This fight was different and for the first time in forever he was worried that this time she was done with him for good.

"Knock knock." Erika walked inside the room shutting the door behind her.

"Bitch you're the last person I want to see right now." Catcher gave her barely a glance before he leaned back on his bed kicked his feet up crossing them at the ankle.

She pouted and unzipped her leather jacket opening it wide enough for him to see there was nothing underneath to cover her implants. "You mad at me big daddy?" Catcher was a tits guy, hell just look at the rack on his wife. "Maybe you'll let me show you how sorry I am. Where's your wife the way?" She slid a hand up her stomach and cupped her right breast pinching her nipple forcing it hard.

"Never mattered where she was before. How badly do you want me to forgive you?" He smirked.

"Real bad big daddy." Erika pouted as she walked to the bed and crawled on top, she didn't stop crawling till she was level to his zipper.

His eyes tracked her the whole way.

"But before that." Erika reached into her pants and pulled out the missing woman poster and held it against the one place on her body that he was looking.

"The fuck." Catcher reached forward and ripped the paper off her tits. "Where did you get this?" He pushed her off his legs and swung them to the floor.

"Doesn't matter because this was just one of hundred on one street."

"Bitch." Catcher lunged forward taking her down to the bed by her throat. He must have forgotten though that a little roughness didn't scare her.

"That's right big daddy harder." She pushed her throat into his hand. "Relax I'm not going to tell on anyone, I'm going to help you."

"Help me how?" Catcher squeezed and she pretend to claw at his hand, this wasn't her first time with him, she knew how he liked to play.

"I get why Mac won't bring her back he is balls deep in this lie. Plus Stella's playing family again he doesn't wanna fuck this up again for her. Topher is just a real nice guy who gets off on playing the hero and Ryan well your killer nomad is so hopelessly lost to her pussy it's pathetic. But you..." this time when Catcher squeezed he actually cut off the air for a second. "You..." Erika gasped. "You don't do anything for anyone unless it benefits you. You're doing this for Ash. His year is up and you know he's not getting the vote. Not after what he did to Austin. If you can get Mac on Ash's side then the others will follow. Get majority vote for yourself by having a table full of your boys, you'll be president in no time." The plan wasn't exactly what he had in mind but it was actually a surprisingly good idea. He had been thinking of the bigger picture for his sons when he should have been thinking about himself... No he squashed that thought, he was to old for this shit. "And the best way to secure that vote is through Riley."

"Bitch." He spat at her as he released her throat. No wonder they call women the smart sex. "What do you want?"

Erika leaned back on her elbows popping out her bare tits, distracting him for a moment. "What I've always wanted."

"Aiden." Catcher shook his head, all this over his idiot oldest son.

"Power." Erika corrected him coldly.

He licked his lips as she brought a hand to her breast again moaned as she massaged herself. "You help me and I'll get rid of Ryan so that way Ash can claim Riley's lying cunt as his."

"And if I don't." Catcher lit a smoke while she pulled another item from her pants.

"I think I can persuade you big daddy." Erika turned on the video filing the room with raspy moans and heavy breathing, instructions to go faster, harder, deeper. While Catcher watched the screen she watch the straining in the front of his pants. "You know the good thing about technology is I can take pictures from videos. So see this cut on the chair well one click and we can zoom in and see it's a Fallen Saint MC patch. Oh and right now with her head thrown back we can take that picture and do a side by side with this one." She nodded to the missing poster. "Or I could just skip the pictures and send the whole video. Bottom line is Catcher I am done being just a whore". She looked down at the video. "This video FYI is also uploaded into my iCloud account so just because it accidentally gets deleted from my phone doesn't mean shit. It's one computer hack away from being released." He had never heard her voice so serious.

Catcher exhaled through his nose remembering a time when things use to be much simpler. "You still mad at me big daddy?" She pouted. "Am I still a bad girl?" The seriousness was gone as she purred.

"The worst" Catcher smiled reaching for his zipper. "You wanna suck it or fuck it ladies choice"

"Suck it, cunts closed for a little maintenance today." Erika reached forward but stopped short. "We have a deal?" She asked before pulling him out.

"We have a deal but I need you to apologize to Josie at some point. I'm sick of sleeping in this shit hole."

Erika sighed but nodded her head. "What is it this time?" She asked before doing what she did best.

"No idea. Probably has to do with the fact that we are fucking again." Catcher laughed watching her suck him in deep. She moaned loudly while she looked up at him through hooded eyes.

"That's right asshole." Erika thought to herself, they had a fucking deal. She smiled the best that she could with a cock in her mouth as his head rolled back.

The real question now was who is actually fucking who?


Mac clapped his hands as the pitcher threw another perfect strike. When Riley didn't clap he gave her a doubt glance. "Serious are we having another one of these games?"

"How do you get your patch?" Riley asked with arms crossed over her Rockies jersey.

"My patch?" Yup apparently they were.

"Yes your president patch."

"Well I founded the club." He said sounding a little to condescending.

Riley thought about his answer for a second and purposely ignored his tone. "Yeah but so did Catcher and Topher so why aren't they president?"

"Riley I'm not getting into the politics of my club. What is it your really asking?" Mac now sounded annoyed, which she couldn't ignore.

"How do you get your patch. Do you vote, do you elect, do you just decide someone gets it and that's that?"

He popped a couple seeds in his mouth still waiting to hear the real question.

"Ryan got a text today from someone named Jonathan. He said he would give Ryan a SOA or VP patch if he comes back. He said that Ryan is just following my..." She leaned in close to Mac so no one else could hear. "Girl parts." She wasn't about to say pussy. "Because he wants a patch from you."

Mac nodded as he listened to what was being said. He had to add more seeds to his mouth to prevent him from saying something laced with swears and threats.

"Is Ryan only with me because he wants something from you or from me?" The way she said "me" told Mac she was speaking as Leah and not Riley.

"What do you think?"

"I have no idea." She uncrossed her arms and signed. "Everything feels like it's going way to fast almost like there is a time limit and he needed to do everything right now."

Mac nodded adding another handful of seeds to his already full mouth.

"Are you planning on using me?"

He scowled at her and surprised by her train of thought. "No." He said machine gun spitting out the seeds. "Riley you honestly think I would do that to you?"

She shrugged even though she wanted to say no.

"Ryan loves you. He volunteered to take care of you before he even knew who you were." He continued to spit out the sunflower shells. "There has to be a unanimous vote on placement however the charter president can veto the outcome." Riley was hanging on his every word. "I am not planning on replacing my VP or SOA with Ryan anytime soon. One day I'd like to see him in any of those positions but I'm not just going to hand it to him. Besides I know he is not interest in that right now."

She chewed on the bottom of her lip and turned her attention to the game. "What did he say when you brought this up to him?" Mac said with a seedless mouth.

"Nothing cause I didn't." Riley side glance Mac.

"Okay well what did he say about the text."

"Nothing because I deleted it." She took a breath. "After I texted back pretending to be Ryan." She grimaced, it was adorable.

Mac shook his head a tad impressed by her bad girl actions.

"You know that is the problem with you young couples. Nobody talks anymore. You just swipe shit under the rug and let it grow into something overwhelming and consuming. Eventually there will become a point where talking won't fix anything and your relationship will fail."

If she wasn't depressed before she was now.

"My advise is to talk to him. Yeah he will probably be pissed at the fact you snooped."

She went from chewing on her lip to gnawing on her nails.

"But it's will be out there and in this world were we have secrets upon fucking secrets this will be one last secret to consume you. How he handles it will tell you what his words don't."

Riley nodded he was right, he was so freaking right. "You want a pretzel?"

"You offering to buy me a pretzel?"

She nodded.

"I'd love a pretzel only making my pretzel a burger."

The only reason Mac let Riley go alone wasn't because he was giving her independence nor because they were surrounded by so many people nothing bad could go unnoticed. No the only reason he let Riley go alone was because he had a text to send.

"My niece is the prize you asshole." Mac typed.

He was about to slide his phone back into his leather jacket when a text came back.

"Prize with benefits I'm sure."

"Fuck you very much. Ryan has made his choice accept it." Mac shot back.

"Never." Jonathan returned.

Mac was thinking of a good comeback when Jonathan sent another one. "And give my best to Stella."

He had nothing so he just sent a classic fuck you and slide his phone into his pocket. He wouldn't waste anymore time on Jonathan.


Ash had given her the day to confess his crime to Ryan.

He had figured that within the day he would have been slaughtered if she told Ryan but so far he still had all his major organs and body parts.

Ryan always went after limbs first.

Ash's decision to kiss her was something he should have regretted, but he didn't. The fact that nothing had happened yet made him feel pretty invincible as though he had gotten away with something.

Maybe there was more to it though, clearly by not telling Ryan it meant that Riley was just as into it as he was. Maybe by not telling Ryan she was saying that he had a chance.

He stood next to the gate smoking or more so choking on his cigarette. Yup he was officially 100 percent convinced that him and Riley were pretty much a sure thing. That was until he heard the rumble of a Harley he knew belonged to Mac.

Ash slid the gate open standing back to watch Mac ride in with Riley hold on tightly behind. She turned her head towards Ash and gave by definition a friendly smile that one friend might give another friend when saying hi to a friend.

He wasn't the only one waiting on Mac's Harley. The clubhouse doors opened and out walked the beast. He didn't stop until he was toe to tire with the bike.

Ash watched her face lit up the moment Ryan approached, it was a very different reaction to what she had just give him. He watched Ryan scoop Riley up in his arms and lift her off the bike as though she wasn't capable in doing it on her own.

They were to far away for Ash to hear them talk, but by the look on her face Ryan had said something to make her smile, blush even.

Ryan seemed to reluctantly agree to put her down but eventually he did. Their height difference was almost comical. At least with Ash she didn't look like a child.

The worst moment by far for Ash, which had him cut his eyes, was when Ryan latched onto the front of her Rockies jersey and tugged her in for a kiss that Ash could describe as stomach turning, some might call it earth shaking or time stopping. "If she wanted to kiss you, she would." He hissed to himself.

"Jealous much?" Erika whispered, her lips brushing against the lobe of his ear.

"What the hell do you want?" He moved not only his head away from her but his body too. He wasn't interested in being near what most of the men in his family had shared at one point or another. Good thing there was a chain link fence between them.

"Oh Ash." She put a hand to her heart and pouted as though she were offended. "Are you going to open the gate or not."

"Not." He said walking away from the control panel, it's not that Erika wasn't allowed in, sure there was probably someone who wold be happy to see her, he just didnt want her around Riley.

He continued to watch Ryan and Riley. "Weren't you just here?" He hissed.

"Keeping tabs on me baby." Erika winked. "She is just so in love with him." She whispered again in Ash's ear. "Must be hard to love someone that much." He looked back at her a frown on his face. "Is it hard Ash to love someone that much?"

He didn't need to say anything it was clear from his slow nod.

"Open the gate and let's talk." She said twisting her fingers into the links of the fence. "Let me help you Ash."

Once again he didn't answer with words but with a slow nod.

Erika managed to slip away unnoticed as Mac approached the gates. "How many times has he circled?"

Ash looked at the rear end of the passing cop car. He hadn't seen it. He had been distracted first with Riley and then Erika. "Um."

"Four within the last hour." Catcher to the rescue again. "He fucking knows Mac."

"Calm the fuck down." Mac nodded a couple of time towards Catcher's youngest.

"I told you this was a bad fucking idea."

"Ash go on see if anyone needs anything." Mac instructed the prospect leaving the two men alone to talk. Once Ash was through the club house doors and the parking lot was empty Mac turned on his VP. "What the fuck is wrong with you?" His words had the same amount of impact as though he shove the man.

"We have fucking super cop Curtis circling the club house what do you think is wrong with me." Catcher hissed. "He knows about her and he is going to blow this club up."

"He doesn't "know" about her. He's a fucking publicity whore Catch. If he knew about her he would have "rescued" her in a very public and dramatic event the day he figured it out."

Catcher opened his mouth only to shut it again. Mac was right.

"Him circling us is something else." Queue the cop. Mac and Catcher stood at the gates watching the police chief slowly drive by. Catcher waved a middle finger as the cop stared the two man down while he passed.

"This feels personal." Mac said stepped out into the sidewalk as the cop suddenly picked up speed and drove away.

"Yeah and I'm telling you Mac it comes down to that girl. These lies have shaken up a damn hornets nest."

Mac looked back at his oldest friend. Maybe he was right. Maybe this was all a mistake.

And maybe it wasn't.


"You wanna help your man win back what all the money he just lost in a card game? He draped an arm over her shoulder and lead her towards the club house doors.

She was more than a little distracted with her thought and her conversation with Mac about her actions this morning. She was worried that if she opened the flood gates just only to let out some pressure all her secrets would come pouring out. But what Mac said about people reactions speaking louder than words was so true. She needed to see how Ryan would react to her horrible mistake.

And she would tell him. Honest. Just not now.

"Riley." He called her name and she blinked.

"Sorry." Riley shook her head. "What did you ask?"

"Where are you right now?"

Okay so maybe it was time to talk. "I have to talk to you about something."

He looked down at her and her serious expression. "Then talk." He lead her towards a picnic bench and leaned against the table top. She started to pace a little in front of him while chewing on her nails. "Riley you're making me fucking dizzy." She stopped pacing but kept chewing. "Talk." His voice boomed. Most would have jumped. She wasn't most.

"This morning when you were talking to Mac you got a message from someone named Jonathan." She took a breath. "I deleted it after I pretending to be you."

"What?" On his scale horrible to fucking devastating this didn't even place. It was almost laughable.

"I wasn't snooping I swear it's just your phone went off and I went to turn it off but it fell out of your pocket." Riley rushed the words from behind her fingers.

"Okay so exactly what did he say?"

She took a breath looking away from him.

Shit felt like it was about to get really real. Like within the next couple of minutes she would either have Ryan or she wouldn't. She would either live in Denver or she would. She would be happy or she wouldn't. Was a patch important to him? Would she be able to live with herself if she held him back? Would she be able to live without Mac and Stella if she didn't hold Ryan back.

"Riley what the fuck did he say?"

"That if you come back he will give you either VP or SOA." She looked back to face him finding like always expressionless. "He said that you were only with me because Mac was offering something to you."

After a few minutes of drawn out thought he knew he had to say something, say anything. She might be different from ever other girl he had ever fucked or known but she was human and his silence would be killing her.

"And what did I say?" He wasn't a praying man but right now he was praying to anyone who would listen. He didn't just pray he begged that Jonathan hadn't fucked this up for him. He prayed that Riley knew him well enough to know that he had zero interest in a patch. He hoped like all hell that Riley knew she was what kept him in Denver, her alone, not some bullshit status title.

"You said you were with me because you loved me." Ryan exhaled, she knew, she fucking knew.

Knowing Jonathan the conversation wouldn't have ended there. "And what did he say?"

For a moment Riley wasn't going to say it. In fact she was mid shaking her head when shards of her shattered heart stabbed her from within. If she didn't tell him then he wouldn't know she was hurt. She needed him to know she was hurt.

"That you had a woman on your cock the moment you walked into his club house." His fist came down on the concrete table top splitting his knuckles almost instantly. Most would have jumped but once again she wasn't most. Ryan had a past, a shitty past, a past he didn't want her to know about and if she were to find out this wasn't the way he wanted it to be. He felt so dirty.

"I get you have been with other people." Riley started.

"Riley listen." She shook her head, this was her time to talk.

"Our actions from our past are left in our past right?"

He nodded.

"Good I would really hate for you to look back on your life and only have me in your past."

The fuck did she just say to him? "Is that a threat?" His eyes seemed to get extra icy.

"No." Riley slightly smiled. "It's a promise." Her voice seemed to sound extra innocent.

Not before long Riley found herself on the receiving end of a psychopathic smile, weird because so did Ryan.

"How about we clean up this hand and I win back your money." She said reaching for his bloody hand.

Ryan stood to his full hight and looked down at the woman, his woman, who would be his past, but also his present and most importantly his future. "After you." He mostly just wanted to watch her walk away.

Riley stopped mid step and turned back to face him. "You know I would have gone with you right."

"Where?" Ryan said clearly his throat.

"To Santa Fe."

"Yeah I know." Of course she would follow him. And she would also hide how much so fucking hated it too. "That's not going to happen so no more fucking talking about it alright."

"Alright." Spinning back around she made sure to give him something to watch and enjoy as she walked away.