It was a cold rainy day in Aufkirchen, Germany. Young Fritz was walking down the sidewalk with his brother Jack, both on their way to attend their daily classes at Wargenburg College.
"Hey, I just downloaded a new Beethoven remix on my Ipod!" said Fritz.
"Cool," said Jack. "I'm listening to thunder and rain sounds myself" said Jack.
"Jack, no need to have an Ipod for that. It IS thundering and raining" replied Fritz.
"Ahem, well, good point, you got me there Fritz" said Jack, taking off his earbuds.
"Want a pastry?" asked Fritz.
"No thanks to you, doofus!" replied Jack.
"Saurkraut? Want some of that?" asked Fritz.
"YES!" replied Jack. Fritz handed Jack a container of saurkraut.
"So get this, everyone in my Botany class is going to have to consume Fathomite seeds today" said Fritz.
"Fathomite seeds are an old German wives tale!" said Jack.
"No, I'm telling you, this stuff is true!" said Fritz.
"Right," said Jack, skeptically. "Kind of like how there's a secret Rosicrusion fraternity that lives under the campus and influences the minds of the faculties and program managers" he added, winking.
"THERE IS!" yelled Fritz.
"Of course there is Fritz, with you, all things are possible. I gotta go now!" said Jack, running off to the Education Resources building. Fritz followed recklessly, dropping his backpack on the way in. An insanely cute young girl with long shimmering blonde hair in an unusually fancy sparkling green victorian corset confronted him. Something about her looked otherworldly and mischevious. However, she had a helpful disposition, and radiated positive vibes.
"Well well well, you dropped your book thingies" said the girl. Fritz looked at the ground and saw that all of his books had fallen out.
"No problem, it's my mess, I'll clean it up" said Fritz.
"You've got a lot of books" said the girl.
"Yes," said Fritz. He looked muddled. "More than I initially thought"
"More than you thought?" asked the girl.
"Yes, a lot more" said Fritz, noticing that as he picked up his books, more seemed to appear out of nowhere as if by magic.

"Eat them," said the girl.

"What?" asked Fritz. He looked confused but took a small bite out of one and it became as a delicacy.

"Thou hast eaten from the book! Good" replied Kamilla.

"What are you doing here?" asked Fritz.
"Guten tag! Listen, I don't mean to be rude, but my name is Kamilla, and I'm actually a saleswoman," said the girl. Would you like
some Bavarian smoked cheeses and Ceaser salad?" she asked, biting into a delicious looking beef and cheese sandwich.
"You know, I gotta go to class soon," said Fritz. He looked at his watch, and noticed that the hands were behaving erratically. He observed his surroundings, taking note of the fact that everyone seemed motionless. Kamilla beamed at Fritz, grinning. She suddenly could be seen wearing a witch hat, and carrying a dark blue umbrella.
"Now I think we understand each other," said Kamilla. "Quite well I might add"
"Not really," said Fritz. "Can you please tell me what the heck is happening?" he asked.
"I can explain," said Kamilla. "I'm from Austria!" she added.
"That explains nothing" said Fritz.
"Heehee, I thought it might have explained a LOT!" said Kamilla.
"Uhh, not really," said Fritz. "Are girls from Austria all skilled in magic, are they all sorceresses, or necromancers or something?" Kamilla dodged the question, giggling.
"Well, maybe I'm just gifted" said Kamilla.
"PLEASE...please explain what's happening and how you altered the flow of time" said Fritz.
"Well, it might just be the weather! Want a cookie? Only two euros!" said Kamilla, pulling out a cookie with rainbow
frosting from her knapsack.
"Stop beating around the bush, what's going on?" asked Fritz.
"Fritz, what you want out of life is this tempting tantalizing not so costly two euro cookie,
the capital power of the captivating cookie with crimson frosting compels you, just two euros" said Kamilla,
slowly approaching Fritz. Fritz felt that he was falling into a trance.
Seconds later, he felt a cookie being stuck in his mouth.
He took one bite, viciously.
It was the most delicious cookie he had ever tasted.
He felt renewed, restored, and full of cheer and vitality.
Words could not describe adequately how fun it was for Fritz to taste the cookie.
He felt as if he was being blessed by the angels of Heaven. Soon he fell asleep.

Ten minutes later...

Botany class had ended. Fritz woke up. He found himself in class. A classmate, Frederick, approached him.
"You were asleep the entire class," said Frederick. "How very astute of you," he said in a sarcastic tone.
"THE COOKIE! IT WAS DELICIOUS! GLORLIOUS! To think it only cost me two euros" yelled Fritz, pounding his desk fiercely.
"Mints are good too Fritz. And they go for less than your magical cookie. For relaxation, that is. I'd consider trying one" said Frederick.
"Life is good! The universe is good! Evil has been completely destroyed!" said Fritz, with a look of pride.
"I don't know about that," said Frederick. Frederick dropped a small purple seed on Fritz's desk. Frederick noticed a half eaten cookie on the desk. He snatched it before Fritz could eat it. Then he commanded Fritz to eat the purple seed.
"You didn't finish your cookie," said Frederick. "And now, you won't be able to! You missed something important Fritz. Something painful, but important" he added. Frederick poured a bucket of water all over Fritz, washing him.
"Jesus Christ!" yelled Fritz.
"Don't swear you moron, it doesn't make you cool. Now see, Fritz, that's really all you are," said Frederick. "A plant in need of water. And you just got some water. Now eat the Fathomite seed. I ate mine"
"Those things cause people to hallucinate" said Fritz. Something deep within Fritz was urging him not to eat the seed.
"The hallucinations wear off after seconds for most people" said Frederick. Suddenly, Kamilla ran into the classroom.
"FRITZ! You DID eat the cookie!" yelled Kamilla. Fritz was eerily and unusually happy to see her, and felt as if she were an old friend. He ran up and hugged her. "Well, this is awkward" thought Frederick. He knew Fritz had only eaten half the cookie, and being the naughty person he was, spilled the beans.
"He only ate half. Because I stole the other half from him" said Frederick. Kamilla looked horrified.
"That cookie was for Fritz!" yelled Kamilla. "GIVE IT BACK TO HIM NOW!" Kamilla tackled Frederick to the ground, and yanked the cookie from his clutches, tossing it towards Fritz. But it landed smack on the floor, in crumbles. Kamilla began crying.
"Both of you, get out of here, I'm having a moment" said Kamilla. So Frederick and Fritz left the classroom, gasping for air. They both felt as if they had been suffocating. Frederick felt a moral conviction come over him, and suddenly he felt guilty for his harshness towards Fritz.
"That girl was so strange" said Frederick, panting.
"Something is wrong with this school" said Fritz.
"Could be, Fritz," said Frederick. "But something was definitely wrong with me. I'm sorry I tried to make you eat that seed"
"It's okay," said Fritz.
"If you want to know the truth, I didn't eat mine, either" said Frederick. Then a blinding light came over the two young boys.
"What about me?" asked Frederick.
"You...stay where you are. You haven't bathed in weeks, I ain't touchin' you!" said the voice.

Fritz was then transported to another dimension.