Chapter 8: Fritz Enters the Dark Hallway

Fritz found himself in a hallway, back in his physical form. He ran down the hallway, attempting to find a way out of it, but it kept going for what seemed like forever. He heard screams behind him. He looked behind him, and there was Kamilla, continuously flying through the hallway in what seemed like a loop.
"Hahaha, Fritz, though you are in your physical form, look around you. Look at what we've done to reality, all
thanks to the influence of people like you" said the voice.
"What the hell are you talking about?" asked Fritz.
"We can use your own powers against you. We can send your friends into endless spirals, all for justice Fritz.
For justice!" replied the voice.
"What? Explain!" said Fritz, covering his face with his protective sword.
"Souls who disobey the current natural order of things do not deserve compassion. These souls proved worthless to our
plans" said the voice.
"How has Kamilla disobeyed any natural order?" asked Fritz.

"As long as more souls keep coming into this jailcell planet of yours we have an infinite supply of slaves-brought through during a dreaded act you humans have come to know. However, if you two were to make children their light would destroy our grip and incoming souls would fail to be our slaves" said the entitity.

"Let her go!" said Fritz. He continued, "Let me wife go!"

"She is not with us. But soon we will make her ours. We too tried to get out of this, but our master
knows no boundaries. He is the true ruler of Agartha, not us, not you and Kamilla, not anyone else!" said the , two familiar faces appeared. Melody, and her husband, but this time they looked stranger, more sinister, white glowing bodies with piercing red eyes.
"Who are you two?" asked Fritz.
"We are from the core of Antarctica. We are the original King and Queen of Agartha. You will meet the same fate
as us if you join Kamilla" said Melody.
"No, I don't believe you" said Fritz.
"Just ask our boss, Mr. Heinrich Glomindort" replied Melody. The hallway shifted into a large room with red carpeting.
There, on a table was Kamilla, who was all tied up and about to be sliced in two by an axe hanging down from the ceiling.
"Let her go!" said Fritz. A tall robed man could be seen. He finally turned to reveal his face. He almost seemed unreal, as if he was an artificial creation.
"I am Heinrich. I am the heir to the oldest secret society in existence. For years I helped in many rituals such
as this, all to serve the master of Agartha and establish justice and peace" said Heinrich.
"You're a liar. Justice and peace is murdering this girl?" asked Fritz.
"Murder is such a strong word, you make me shiver with fright just saying it, you know that don't you?" said Heinrich.
"No, I don't" said Fritz. Bartholomew the Bat could be seen whispering in Heinrich's ears, coaching him on what to tell Fritz.
"I see you escaped from Archazia, the land of the eternal struggle of the astral bodies. By the way, I am proud to say I was indeed Mengele
in a past life, the angel of death, I tried hard to eliminate everything inferior in the world but failed. Now here is my
new body in the midst of all this. I prefer my old one, but never the twain shall meet. You are not inferior, you are quite strong, so it is pity you won't join me.
Anyway, the problem isn't what I'm doing to Kamilla, Fritz. The problem is people finding out about what we do. We have been
orchestrating world events from behind the scenes for years, helping to establish justice so things don't get out of hand"
said Heinrich.
"I don't know who or what you really are, but you're a liar! We are ALL God's creation, none inferior, and that is why we all must at least try to save ourselves using our own power! And THIS is the natural order of things!" said Fritz. He cut Kamilla's ropes, setting her free. Kamilla ran up and began strangling the robed man. Fritz walked over and realized who the man was starting to shift into. The same demon he tangled with in hell.
He now knew how to get his revenge. He stomped on Heinrich's crotch, and then thrust his sword directly into his heart,
killing him. Kamilla ran up, crying, and embraced Fritz.
"Fritz, you may never live a normal life again, but all that matters is that we're together, in the
real world! We can write books, become famous!" said Kamilla, sobbing with tears of joy.
"I love you Kamilla" said Fritz.
"I love you Fritz. I'm so sorry I got kidnapped" said Kamilla.

"Our world is collapsing around us. The demons are closing in on us. But like others before us, we'll escape!" said Fritz.

"We will?" asked Kamilly.
"Yes, it's not your fault. No one is perfect, not even angels such as yourself. We are locked in an eternal struggle against an enemy unlike any other-the demonic realm!" said Fritz.

"How will we get out of here? It's so dangerous. I don't want us to have to kill ourselves" said Kamilla.

"We'll will it to be so!" replied Fritz, whose index finger was shining brightly.
With Satan's forces defeated, Fritz and Kamilla left the castle of Bavaria, and set off to tell all
of Germany their story, even if no one would believe them.


"Now I'm stuck here, bored" said Eliza, kicking a pebble.
"You still have me, toots" said Bartholomew the bat.
"I wanted Fritz, you fricking fricktard!" said Eliza, kicking Bartholomew.

"You'll still get Fritz. When he dies, he'll come here, he's gonna marry an angel that breaks every rule ever" said Bartholomew.

"Fritz marrying an angel won't bring him to THIS part of Hell!" yelled Eliza, attempting to slice off Bartholomew's wings with an axe.
"Please don't cut my wings off! NO!" yelled Bartholomew. A devious smile could be seen echoing from Eliza's face.
"You may have failed to get me Fritz so I could have him in the sheets. But rest assured, I will steal Fritz from
Kamilla and I won't rest until I reign Agartha with him forver!" said Eliza.
"Don't take any showers anytime soon!" said Bartholomew.
"Why?" asked Eliza.
"I summoned Alan Fretwater. He strikes anyone dead who bathes in Hell. Bathing gets rid of sin!" said Bartholomew.
"What nonsense. What poppycock!" said Eliza, going into the shower room.
"Aieee!" screamed Eliza. She became a celestial spirit.

Eliza's ghost. Though the sins of the flesh were cleansed, her spirit was anything but pure.

After selling a book, Fritz and Kamilla attempt to find anyone who believes their story, Kamilla searches on her laptop:

"Um, here's someone who believes us, oh wait...UFO cult that thinks purple elephants control the captains of industry. Here's someone, oh, wait they're some obscure almost neo nazi thing minus the actual ideology, looks like they fetishize the uniforms though," said Kamilla, reading off a list of reviews.

"It doesn't matter if no one believes us" said Fritz.

"There's anime fan art of us! Ooh, I look good in that, this makes me wanna go perma-blonde, love my legs, okay that one's a bit risque" said Kamilla.

Many lifetimes later:

"Fritz, I'm an angel now. We can't be together anymore, or you'd get the Curse of Belcove" said Kamilla.

"What if I became an angel?" asked Fritz, kissing Kamilla, who turned red as a beat.

More lifetimes later:

Foreshadowing to sequels tossed aside, we join Kamilla and Fritz thousands of lifetimes later,
happily enjoying a life as husband and wife in the crystal cities
under the earth.
"And a special thanks to the Rhonkazanoids and the Lyrans!" said Kamilla, toasting with Fritz as hundreds
of celestial creatures, elves, fairies, aliens and angels alike.
"Praise be to the true force of creation" said Kamilla.
"No, praise be to those cookies you make. They really taste good!" said Fritz.

The End

What became of Fritz and Kamilla? Did they end up damned to Hell? Or did they remain good and wise rulers? No one knows for sure, but some
say there still exists an ancient civilization of otherworldly beings under the cold unforgiving ice of Antarctica.
To be continued...

Possible meaning? Both the worst and the best of us go through trials of the spirit and flesh. We can end up good or bad. We sometimes have to go through

Hell to get to Heaven. The best of us suffered, including the greats. If you read between the lines in this story, you'll see the real message, it's hidden.

Don't be so hard on yourself Kamilla.