I remember every person I have guided, every life I have taken,
They all say they would not follow me, the fools,
But they always relent.
I am hidden, never to show my face until the end,
And I descend, from my throne in the Aether,
To claim my next soul,
And they always leave with lingering regrets,
dragged, kicking and screaming,
into the mouth of Hell.

I am a king, a
ruler of my domain,
Archangel of the fifth heaven,
Lord of restless souls,
I am the mate
of Lilith, father
of a thousand demons,
hundred winged, hundred eyed Eldritch Abomination,
Charcoal Ash wings of Seraph shaded ebony grey,
kept in place by chains of fire and magma,
like a rabid dog, only released when my master sees fit,
but Metatron told Abraham to not fear me,
for I am under thy divine Lord's command.

I am omnipresent, everywhere,
and I, in my long life, have encountered
my fools who, in their minds, thought
they could best me, but I came to them;
brought ruin and sorrow
to the hearts of men.

I remembered the Egyptians,
with their pyramids and their kings,

I remembered the Aztecs,
oh, what a feast they gave me,

I remembered the Confederates,
With their slaves and their trades,

But it is this age, the age of revolution, that I
lend my compliments; my thanks, of wars
that reeled in nations,
of new ways of embracing the passing,
of a continuous stream of souls,

And I wait, until the day of Revelation;
I descend, from my throne in the Aether,
Along with my kin:
Pestilence; War; Famine,
to claim all of the sinful, all those who
are not decreed,
worthy of salvation, all of
those who are not decreed,
in the scriptures of the celestial.

And then I retreat into the stars,
My brethren along with me,
And wait, silently, until
the ultimate day, when the stars are
right, and we shall invite
the Dark Gods - the Old Ones:
Cthulhu; Yj'sothorot; K'n-jan;
From their house
In Mighty R'lyeh,

And then I ascend, to my throne in the Aether,
And along with my kin,
revel in the star-eaten void of sable,
snuffing out the light of the cosmic souls.

We will reign free, until the time of a new
dawn of man, wreathes of flames flickering
in the starlight, until the Divine Lord commands
for my return to his service,
once again.

Just a poem I made for GCSE English. I thought I'd share it here, just so it was documented in case of future reference.